There’s A Ranch In Bangkok Dedicated To Siberian Huskies (And You Can Visit!)


When you think of Siberian huskies, you usually think of them pulling sleds through the snow in someplace cold, like Canada or Siberia itself.

You probably don’t think of them chilling out in 90°F heat in the middle of Bangkok, Thailand.

And yet, right in the heart of the city in the Ari neighbourhood is the huge Neverland Ranch, home to dozens of Siberian huskies.

husky ranch bangkok

What’s best is that you can visit them too – there’s a cafe on site where you can enjoy coffee, cakes and traditional Thai snacks, then spend some time interacting and playing with the huskies up close and personal.

There are two ‘playtimes’ every day (three at the weekend) where around 20 huskies at a time are led out of their luxury air-conditioned rooms to come and play with the visiting humans for an hour or so.

These gorgeous huskies absolutely love interacting with humans — and the humans love it too, especially in an apartment city like Bangkok where big dogs aren’t allowed to live.

husky ranch bangkok

As well as the huskies, there are lots of other dogs who’ve made Neverland Ranch their home, including a blue merle Australian Shepherd, an Akita Inu and the beautiful MoMo – a Shitzu cross Japanese Spitz.

There’s a total of three husky packs at Neverland and each pack is allowed out to exercise five times a day. With a pool on-site too, you know that these huskies are getting plenty of exercise and cool-down time.

It’s super hygienic, so rest assured that neither you nor the dogs will be passing too much grime between you. Hand sanitizer is everywhere and shoes must be replaced with plastic bags before you enter the playground.

husky ranch bangkok

The dogs’ welfare always comes first and only a limited amount of customers are allowed in to play at each time slot.

Neverland ranch breeds the huskies themselves, and you’ll quickly be able to spot their pedigree and impeccable grooming! Thankfully, they’ve also got the temperaments to match.

The huskies are incredibly friendly and very used to playing and interacting with children, so this is a great place to take someone a little nervous around dogs if they want to build up their confidence. As you can imagine, children love hanging out at the Neverland ranch and are quick to make friends with the pups on duty.

husky ranch bangkok

Tickets to enter the ranch are 350 Thai Baht, which is the equivalent of around US$10. As well as some unrivalled husky playtime, you also get a coffee and cake in the value of your ticket.

Next time you’re in Bangkok…

husky ranch bangkok

Gorgeous MoMo

You can find the Neverland Siberians Ranch on Facebook (all photos via Facebook).

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