Husky Shedding: How Bad is it?


When you bring home your adorable ball of fur – better known as a Siberian husky – the extra fluff on your puppy is a major aesthetic selling point.

…Until you realize that husky shedding is real, and that gorgeous fluff is all over your carpet.

do huskies shed a lot

When you start seriously thinking about investing in a powerful pet hair specialist vacuum, you know you’ve got a shedding Siberian husky on your hands!

You heard the rumors before. But now you know the answer to, do huskies shed a lot – and is it really that bad?

The short answer: yes.

But here are the elements in play with your pet turning your home into Whoville, and here’s what you can do to reduce the shedding.

Do Huskies Shed?

In a word: yes.

They’re not the worse shedders in the dog world, but you’ll certainly notice your carpets getting extra hairy when you’ve got a husky wandering around.

Double Coat

This is thanks to their double coat — a short, dense undercoat designed to keep them warm in cold temperatures and a fluffy long-haired top coat to keep them waterproof and cool in warmer climates.

A double coat is a great thing for huskies: it allows them to regulate their body temperature against the heat, and as a huge advantage, they can self-clean their coat without requiring regular baths (though they’ll smell nicer with them).

Because of this, shaving your husky is never an option, as you can destroy their coat and their biological advantage against the elements and filth. However, this does mean they’re not shedding a few extra fluffs of fur – they’re shedding a full coat.


Huskies are strong creatures that experience fewer sensitivities than smaller breeds, but you may find yourself with one that possesses food allergies. This is usually from low-quality or cheap dog food.

Shedding can also be triggered by a sudden change in their diet, but will mellow out as they adjust.

husky shedding


There are few things that can stress a dog that lives in a good home, but it does happen.

If your husky has experienced medical issues, such as an injury or something more internal, not only is this extremely stressful for them, but frequent drives to the vet and the ordeal of a vet itself is stressful.

This may prompt the Siberian husky shedding process early and in excess.

When Do Huskies Shed?

Because of their double layer, huskies will shed their undercoat twice a year.

This happens before summer, where they thin out to deal with the heat, and then again before winter, when their coat will shed or “cleanse” itself in order to make room for their shiny, new, thicker coat in the cold weather.

Huskies are dogs built for extremely cold weather – the kind even native northerners find difficult to handle.

Because of this, even if they’ve been raised in warmer climates, they may experience continual shedding year round, where their coats try to cope with a lack of cold and an overabundance of heat.

While this is not overwhelmingly common, you can expect to encounter it if you own a woolly-coated husky which has thicker hair than most dogs.

How to Reduce Your Husky Shedding

While it’s impossible to totally stop your husky from shedding, there are methods for cutting down on the amount of hair that fills your home.

when do huskies shed


Unless you have a husky that continually sheds, your main solution will be identifying when your dog begins to shed and then taking them outside for a thorough brushing.

You may have to do this every few days for up to three weeks until their coat is shed and the new undercoat grows in.

Not only will this cut down on the mess at home, it will help your dog through the process faster and make them both look and feel better.

Generally we’d suggest brushing your husky every day to get rid of any dead hairs before they fall out onto the carpet. This should be a quick process if you do it daily and certainly less hassle than only tending to your dog and carpets when they’re at level full shed.

Here’s a great video on how to groom your husky to best reduce shedding:

Better Food

If you like spoiling your pup, then buying them natural, pure dog food is a surefire way to make them healthier and happier, which will reduce their shedding and improve the condition of their skin and hair.

Huskies will shed a lot when their hair is coarse and skin dry.

A simple upgrade to a better quality of dog food should be enough to cut out the stress to their system.

Check for brands that advertise reduced shedding effects, or speak with your vet to see if any food allergies can be identified and then avoided for your husky.

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Specialized Shampoo

Some huskies have sensitive skin that can easily be shocked into early shedding.

This is their body’s way of identifying an issue and trying to cleanse the area to heal it.

While it’s important to visit your vet if major bald spots or rashes appear on your husky, which can indicate a bigger health issue, your best solution is to pick up a specialized shampoo to help heal and strengthen their skin.

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When buying a husky, everyone’s first question is, “Do huskies shed a lot?”

A fair question of course, but there’s no need to reconsider owning a husky if the rumors are as bad as they seem.

Instead, with these solutions above, you can cut back on the hair and make both your vacuum and your pet feel better throughout the year.

Husky shedding — it’s not as bad as you think it is!

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