Male vs Female Husky: Which Should I Get?

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The Husky is a majestic bread and can be a very loyal furry companion. But like with every species, there is a vast difference between males and females.

Want to know more about the differences between a male vs female husky?

Both male and female huskies are highly intelligent and hard-working dogs, though. If you are thinking about acquiring a Husky for your home, be prepared for lots of playing, exercising, and howling. 

Male Huskies are more energetic, dominant, and playful. In comparison, female Huskies are more docile, protective, and mature than males.

Huskies are pack animals, and the males generally adopt the leader role. The female Huskies are slightly easier to train and a bit smaller in features.

You know you want to get a Husky, but which one is the better gender? Is there even a difference in how they look, how they act, and their personalities? To break it down for you, we have listed the main differences below.

Difference In Appearances

male vs female husky

Huskies might look like wolves, but their genetics show that they are far from it. The closest relative the Husky has is the Alaskan Malamute. Husky male dogs typically grow to weigh about 45 – 60 pounds, where the females are slightly smaller at 35 – 50 pounds.

The male Huskies also boast a larger head and sharper features than the females to make them look more imposing as the alpha of the pack and battle for his mate’s attention. The females are slightly smaller in stature with about 20 – 22 inches, whereas the males can become up to 21 – 24 inches high.  

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Male And Female Husky Temperament

Male and female Huskies are actually very different.

The males remain fairly playful for a while into adulthood; females are much more mature and acquiescent from an earlier age.

The female Huskies might be susceptible to mood swings and occasionally desire some alone time.

In contrast, the male huskies are very expressive. They like to play with their owner constantly, which usually results in a better relationship with them. The males have a propensity to be much more vocal. The playfulness of the males causes them to be less inclined to be taught than the females.

In general, Huskies are more of a challenge to train than other dogs because they are a very independent and slightly stubborn breed. However, you can start training your Huskies as early as eight weeks. With the male dogs, it’s better to start as early as possible.

Female Huskies are a bit more submissive and will be able to learn new commands even if they are a bit older already. 

Do Female Huskies Live Longer?

Huskies generally live about twelve to fifteen years, considering their health conditions, the quality of their diet, and how much exercise they get. Male huskies are more energetic and require more physical entertainment than females, who are calmer and gentler.

For this reason, the male Huskies are more prone to health-related issues like hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and eye problems like cataracts and retinal atrophy.

If a male and female Husky should grow up in the same conditions, the female would probably outlive the male by a few years. 

What Can You Do To Make Your Husky Live Longer?

For both the male and female Huskies, you can do a few things as pet owners to increase the life expectancy of your fur babies.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to escalate your exercise routine for the male dogs to keep them occupied.

Huskies, especially the males, do not like to be left alone and always demand your attention. If you neglect them, they might take out their frustration on your furniture or other parts of the house. But here are a few things you can do to maintain their good health and keep them living longer.

  • Take them for daily exercise to keep them lean. If your Husky becomes overweight, it affects the joints and causes serious health problems. 
  • Aim to have your puppy vaccinated against the most common serious diseases. Prevention of these illnesses might save their lives. 
  • Regular vet visits help avoid parasites in your Husky like the heartworm. This disease affects your dog’s lungs, heart, and other organs and is fatal if left untreated.
  • Spend time with your Huskies. Entertain them, so they don’t get bored. They are intelligent dogs that need mental stimulation. 

Should You Get Another Husky?

what a husky needs

Huskies are not solo animals; they prefer spending time with you, and they are naturally predisposed to a pack environment.

They are lovable and very loyal to their owners, but they require a considerable amount of affection. It is a great idea to get your fur baby a brother or a sister if you have the space. The playmate keeps them occupied and helps them expel copious amounts of that energy they need to get rid of.

However, you need to choose carefully, because the wrong match of personalities might make them fight.

Two dominant males might both fight to be the alpha. Male and female should be fine because the male will automatically revert to being the alpha where the female will take a more submissive role. Two females should also get along, granted that they don’t both have a dominant personality. 

How Do You Know Your Husky Loves You?

Like most dog breeds, Huskies are also partial to one person in the family and prefer to spend more time with that individual. You can notice in their behavior and their body language if they love you by just paying attention.

  • They will have animated eyebrow and ear movements when you speak to them.
  • They are fond of physical contact and will lean against you when you’re standing next to them. 
  • They will easily make eye contact and act excited to see you, especially when you’ve been away for a while. 
  • They will love your smell, and they will keep licking, nibbling, and sniffing at you.
  • They will want to play with you all the time, and they will fetch their toys for you. 
  • They will listen to you carefully and respond when you get excited about something.
  • When they are around you, they will have a calm, relaxed demeanor

What To Know When You Want Husky Puppies?

a husky puppy

If you are thinking about breeding with your male and female Husky pair, it’s most favorable to wait until both of them are around two or three years of age.

The male will only be mature enough around that age, and the female should be through her second heat cycle at least.

If your female Husky is somewhat aggressive, the chances are that the puppies will also have the same disposition. If you want to ensure that your dogs are of pure-bred descent, make sure they are both registered with a kennel club. Take your female for a checkup at the vet about four weeks before and shortly after you are sure she’s been impregnated. 

Final Thoughts on Male vs Female Huskies

Husky males and females are in most aspects similar.

However, there are slight differences that might appeal better to you and your personality.

The females are normally the calmer, gentler dog, where the males are the energetic, demanding animal always looking for attention. In most cases, the females are easier to train simply because they mature at an earlier age. Our male Huskies are the load, vocal individuals but no less intelligent.

Either way, a Husky is one of the most charming and gorgeous dog breeds that will be loyal to a fault. 

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