The Red Husky: A Complete Guide

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The Red Husky is a beautiful variation of the traditional Siberian Husky breed.

When most people think of huskies, they imagine strapping white and black patterned dogs racing through the snow with their piercing blue eyes.

While this is certainly a popular variation of the breed, there is huge diversity across the husky gene pool.

The Red Husky is one of the most popular variations.

In our guide to the Red Husky, we’ll look at what distinguishes this beautiful dog from other huskies, some photos of the breed, and a few of your questions (including what they cost!).

Introducing the Beautiful Red Husky

The Red Husky’s stunning coat is caused by a recessive gene for reddish coloring, which is inherited from both parents.

Some of them have the traditional husky markings, simply in red and white instead of black and white. Others are almost completely red/copper.

Even within the class of red husky, there are several variations:

  • Light red” — From pale yellow to a light orange cast with white underbelly
  • Copper” — Deep red or brown with white underbelly
  • Wolf Grey” — Mostly grey but with reddish cast around the ears and hocks

The Husky Colors website does a great job of showcasing the many shades of the husky.

They have over 600 photos, so be prepared to lose your afternoon!

From what we’ve seen, the most common red husky puppies (if you’re looking to buy one) tend to have the copper shade.

Those with traditional red and white markings around the face have longer adoption waiting lists than huskies without.

So if you want a red husky AND traditional markings, prepare to be waiting a while, or paying a very large premium.

Photos of the Red Husky

What does the red husky look like?

Well, since you asked!

Let’s take a look…

Red husky male
A red husky male, courtesy of Tamabako The Jaguar (via creative commons)
Red husky puppy, via Pinterest
Red husky puppy (note those beautiful markings), via Pinterest
Huskies of all colors
Proof that huskies of all colors can work together!
Red and white husky
An immaculate red and white husky, with a black white husky. Both with traditional markings, via Shoreline (creative commons).
Full-grown Red Siberian Husky

Above you can see the beautiful red husky rocking her natural environment.

In our opinion, one of the most beautiful doggy sights in the world!

How Rare Is The Red Husky?

Not very rare at all, in husky terms.

That may be surprising given the contemporary image of Siberian Huskies is, well, this:

traditional Siberian Husky vs. Red Husky
The traditional view of Siberian Huskies: white, black and blue eyed.

While the red husky is common relative to his breed, that doesn’t mean you’re going to see many of them walking down the street.

Siberian huskies are sought after dogs that tick the boxes of elusive to find and expensive to buy.

Are There Mini Red Huskies?

If you prefer your huskies teacup sized, but still want that beautiful reddish tinge, the good news is that red mini huskies are very much a thing — although, like all mini huskies, they can be incredibly difficult to find.

Note: Refer to our mini husky breeders page for more information on buying a mini red husky.

The Miniature Husky has the exact same pedigree as the full-sized Siberian Husky, so it comes in the same colors. The same colors being… pretty much any colors!

It’s estimated that around 25%+ of mini huskies are red; slightly less if we introduce the various mixes.

How Much Does a Red Husky cost?

This depends on a variety of factors:

  • Are you looking for a regular size red husky or a miniature red husky?
  • Are you going through an established breeder with the American Kennel Club, or a lesser known breeder?
  • Are you willing to adopt from a husky shelter?

Also see these basic requirements that every husky owner should consider before adopting.

If you are willing to adopt from a shelter or a husky rescue, then you can likely buy a red husky for less than $300.

If you go for purebred with a top kennel, you could be looking at $2000.

MiniHuskies has a list of miniature huskies for sale, some of which may be red.

Go ahead and drop them a message; they will provide information on their latest litters.

Their puppies cost around $950-$1450, with a waiting list of six months for the traditionally marked female huskies. The lower end of that pricing scale is for white puppies and agoutis, which are generally cheaper than the traditional red husky.

Note: The price premium (usually) comes from the markings, not the color itself.

Whether you choose to buy a red husky, or any other color of husky, this breed is one of the most striking and beautiful dogs in the world. You won’t be disappointed.

They make for excellent companions, and we highly recommend them!

Do you own a red husky? Where did you buy him/her?

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