Why Are Huskies So Dramatic?

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Originating in Siberia, Huskies are primarily sledding dogs in the Polar Regions. They are excellent working dogs but also make fantastic pets! They are also highly vocal dogs

A Husky’s dramatic behavior can be attributed to the following situations: stress, expression, training, surroundings, environment, or the owner might be causing their reactive behavior. For huskies, that is normal behavior; however, they can be trained to be less vocal. 

Huskies are very reactive and love attention. Their vocal nature makes them funny, adorable, and sometimes irritating. Let’s get to the bottom of it though – why are huskies so dramatic?

What Causes Dramatic Behavior in Huskies?

Why are huskies so dramatic

Huskies are loud and have prominent personalities. They are dramatic! The reason for this is their curiosity and reactive behavior. Their behavior also depends on how the owner raised them. Ultimately, huskies are just very expressive.

Let’s take a look at the main reasons huskies can be dramatic. 

Huskies Get Stressed

Huskies wear their hearts on their sleeves. They are very open dogs. They usually start getting dramatic when things aren’t going their way. If a husky does not like something, it will immediately tell its owners. It is best to calm a husky down when they are dramatic to prevent even more barking and howling.

Huskies React To Their Environment 

Huskies tend to be more reactive than other dogs. Sometimes they bark or howl because of sounds they hear, or they might just be communicating with other dogs. 

Huskies Express Themselves

Huskies like hearing the sounds they make; this means they would sometimes bark for no reason and make different noises. Usually, owners don’t have anything to worry about if this happens. However, if a husky is howling or barking more than usual, they might be trying to tell someone that they are hungry, thirsty, or want to play. So their behavior is just how they communicate. 

They might sound irritated and howl at their owners when they want attention. So owners should pet and cuddle their husky! Remember, they are stubborn dogs, so they will not stop until they get attention. 


Huskies Mimic Human Behavior

Huskies that have been with their owners for several years might take on some of their behavior. In other words, a husky might be mimicking its owner or replicating its personality. If it becomes unmanageable, owners should probably check up on themselves. The more excited or angry owners, the more excited and angry the husky will get. 

Huskies Are Stubborn

Huskies are known for their stubbornness. They are also brilliant and strong-minded but rarely aggressive. If a husky wants something, they want it now! So that might be the cause of their dramatic behavior. Simply put, huskies throw tantrums. Their tantrums will continue until they get what they want. 

Huskies Are Playful 

If their owner has been busy too long, the husky might get agitated. These dogs want a lot of attention and will usually chirp, bark, or howl to attention so they can play with someone. After all, they are very energetic. 

Physical activity is significant. Equally important is mental stimulation. They will have fewer tantrums and outbursts when stimulating them mentally and physically.

Huskies Can Get Separation Anxiety

As mentioned before, huskies love attention. If their owner goes to work or leaves them alone, they might howl, shiver, or cry when their owner leaves. So when they’re displaying this behavior when someone, for example, opens the door, they might have separation anxiety. 

A husky-owner must consult a vet if their pet displays signs of separation anxiety. Remember, the experience is traumatic to them. It might be best that owners address this problem as quickly as possible.

Sassy Behavior Displayed By Huskies

Besides barking, there are other behaviors huskies might display. These behaviors might include: 

  • Barking – All dogs bark, but huskies do it more than most. Barking is the most common way huskies display their likes or dislikes. 
  • Chirping – Huskies make other sounds as well, like chirping sounds. All these sounds are just ways to communicate with people. They might even be trying to train their owners to do what they want them to.
  • Howling – Huskies are descendants of the wolf. They howl like them too. If they howl softly and slowly, they might just be expressing their love and contentment. 
  • Whining – The whining sounds like a crying sound. Huskies are trying to communicate with their owners when whining.
  • Pacing. Dogs can experience anxiety which is why they might pace around. They also walk back and forth when they feel discomfort or in pain. The husky might also be impatient or irritated. 
  • Staring – Huskies may stare at their owners intently if they want to play or need attention.
  • Childlike behavior – Owners should always pay attention when their husky throws a tantrum like a child. They might want to relieve themselves, eat their food, play with their toys, or some cuddles. This is a way of getting their owner’s attention.  
  • Play dead – Huskies are intelligent creatures. They might get fed up over people not giving them what they want, leading them to play dead.

No One Can Stop The Husky’s Love For Drama

Huskies are naturally reactive, playful, and stubborn. That is their personality, and no one will be able to change that. However, owners can do a few things to control their huskies if it becomes unmanageable.

Uh oh... husky drama. Let the play fighting begin!

Do Not Encourage The Husky’s Dramatic Behavior

Owners should not encourage their husky’s behavior. It would help if owners did not reward their husky for their negative behavior. During the confrontation, owners should not give their husky a treat. They will mistake this for encouragement. Owners should also give their huskies serious recall training. 

Teach The Husky To Be Obedient

Obedience training is necessary to control a husky’s behavior over the top (but still adorable). Owners should get huskies accustomed to following their commands. This type of training will help limit adverse reactions.

How To Deal With A Dramatic Husky

Huskies are very dramatic and reactive.

This type of behavior is in their DNA and will never truly disappear. Huskies’ dramatic behavior can be caused by stress or their environment. They might also be craving attention from their owners. Also, remember that huskies are very playful and energetic, so they need a lot of physical and mental stimulation. 

Huskies need recall and obedience training not to encourage negative behavior. Obedience training will limit outbursts and tantrums from a husky.

Ultimately, if a husky is dramatic, its owner does not need to worry. Mostly they want good exercise, playtime, food, water, undivided love, and attention! Their love for drama is part of their personalities!

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