Why Does My Husky Stare At Me?

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Husky dogs are well-known for their unique eyes. Their eyes seem to tell a story and they can stare at their owners for hours! However, you might be wondering: why does my husky stare at me?

The answer to this burning question is usually rather simple: because he loves you!

Huskies have powerful emotions and express them through their eyes.

Many owners claim to have such a great bond with these dogs that they can ‘read the mind’ of their husky just by exchanging stares. Is that the case? Can you really tell what a dog is thinking through eye contact alone?

Well, you might be correct in some cases. But it’s not always clear.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the various reasons why a husky might stare at his owner – and the differences between various types of eye contact.

Why Might a Husky Stare at His Owner?

why does my husky stare at me?
The beautiful gaze of a Siberian husky

There are many reasons why a husky may stare, wag their tail or bark at their owner. This behavior can be displayed for a number of reasons that the dog is trying to signal.

In most cases this means that the dog needs something from their owner such as food, exercise or affection.

Here are some other possible explanations:

  • Need to go outside or need to use the bathroom
  • Excitement or happiness
  • Fear or anxiety due to not understanding what is going on around them. This may also be displayed when a dog is feeling overwhelmed with socialization among other dogs.
  • Attention-seeking behavior, they are trying to get your attention for some reason instead of being aggressive towards you.
  • The dog wants their owner’s attention but feels too shy or fearful about approaching them themselves so they resort to staring, barking and/or wagging tails as a way of signaling their needs without getting too close physically.
  • A resting dog will sometimes stare at his owner because he isn’t asleep enough yet and wants more

Should I Be Concerned?

No, in most cases this behavior is completely normal.

A dog may stare at their owner for no reason or because they are hungry, thirsty, frightened or excited. By staring at their owner a dog can make sure that he has his owner’s attention and to get the desired response if any action needs to take place.

Staring can also be an expression of dominance in some cases but generally it shows affection and trust which adds to the bond between dog and master.

How Eye Contact Produces Oxytocin For Dogs

The husky gaze produces oxytocin

Studies have shown that when your dog makes eye contact for a long period of time, it can produce higher levels of oxytocin in his brain.

Oxytocin is the hormone responsible for creating a feeling of trust and satisfaction. It’s also known as the “love hormone,” and when dogs and humans share this hormonal experience, it can lead to long-lasting bonds.

This connection between human and animal has been observed in studies conducted at the University of Helsinki in which researchers measured blood oxytocin levels for both dog owners playing with their dogs and dogs who were only exposed to their owners for a short amount of time.

The results showed that there was more oxytocin present when the animals were engaging in positive interactions with each other. When we feel safe with our companionship, our brains are flooded with this chemical, thus promoting lasting relationships.

The next time you lock eyes with your husky, and can’t shake his gaze, just think: he’s filling up his brain with the hormone of love!

Well, unless he’s after his next meal!

Of course, a husky staring at his owner is one thing… but what about when he locks eyes with a complete stranger?

Why Does My Husky Stare At Other People?

You’re not getting jealous, are you?!

Huskies are very intelligent and sensitive.

However, they will do whatever needs to be done in order to protect you. They love their owners unconditionally and if the dog feels that the owner is threatened by someone or something, then he/she will stare at that person until your return back into safe hands!

If your husky is staring at a stranger on his walk, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s concerned or worried.

He may just be curious.

Your husky may stare at strangers for a number of reasons. Some of them are cute, and some can be concerning.

One reason that he could be staring is just because he’s curious about the person. He wants to get to know this new face! Very often, when you meet someone for the first time, your pup stares up at you with his big beautiful eyes too–probably trying to figure out if you’re friends with the stranger or not. It’s common behavior for him, but it can still make us chuckle!

Another good reason your husky may be staring is because he is “testing” you. Dogs are always checking in with us humans to make sure they’re doing things correctly. It’s part of their nature.

Remember that all dogs fall in to pack behaviour, and a locked gaze is a way of the dog understanding his/her place in the pack.

The Loving Gaze of the Husky

Whatever your thoughts on piecing eye contact, there’s no doubt:

Huskies have a beautiful stare.

Their eyes are stunning and attention grabbing. But what is it about their gaze that is so alluring?

Many people believe huskies have mystical powers in their eyes, and some even believe they are portals to another world. Others think the stunning color of the blue-eyed Siberian husky holds a certain magic or miracle within them, giving its owner wishes of good luck. 

This is one of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world, and you’re lucky if you have a devoted husky staring back at you!

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