About Us

Mini Husky Lovers is an online tribute to our favorite dog breed: the gorgeous Miniature Siberian Husky.

On this site you will find everything from a complete guide to owning a mini husky, to user submitted photo collections of their pups, to tips for training, tips for exercise and how to provide the best possible home for your new best friend.

‘Cause these pups deserve the best.

A Mini Husky Mega Resource

Why did we make this site?

Well, being such a new breed, there are very few resources dedicated to mini huskies.

In fact, we’ve often heard it asked if mini huskies are even real.

People assume that the Siberian husky was born to be a large working dog and stayed that way. They hear talk of cute ‘teacup huskies’ or the tiny ‘mini husky’… and they question whether such a dog actually exists. This seems bizarre when the Internet is littered in so many cute photos of said dog…

Alas, he is definitely real!

If you are looking to buy a mini husky, we have information on breeders and the various types of mix that are proving increasingly popular.

Pomsky, anybody?!

We’re doing our best to answer your questions about what it’s like to own a mini husky, how he differs from the larger Siberian full-size husky, the similarities to Alaskan Klee Kais, and what you can expect when you make the commitment to owning one of these beautiful dogs.

All of our information is available for free. No paid guides, no premium content.

We also welcome your submitted content, whether it be photos of a mini husky you own, tips for training, or information on litters of the breed being sold.

Feel free to drop us an email if you have anything to add to our guides, or if you have any questions about our existing content.

Please note: We do not sell mini huskies. As much as we’d love first-hand access to as many huskies as we could handle, we are not breeders. We ask you to please check this resource if you are interesting in buying or adopting a miniature husky.

Thanks for visiting our site!