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This site contains everything you need to know about the gorgeous Miniature Siberian Husky.

We are one of the top husky resources on the web, with dozens of articles on caring for your best friend – whether it be the mini husky, or the full-grown Siberian!

The Complete Guide to Owning a Mini Husky

As you can probably guess, this blog started life as a collection of articles about our favorite teacup dog breed – the miniature husky

We get a lot of questions from new husky owners, as well as those considering whether a husky puppy would be right for them

You can head over to our dedicated husky blog for a selection of our best advice on looking after one of these majestic dogs.

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We publish regular tips for dog owners on a range of subjects — covering everything from good dog health and wellbeing, to behavior and training, to unique profiles of various dog breeds.

(As you’ll see, we have a particularly love for small mixes!!)

We have also reviewed over 60 of our favorite dog products. If you are looking for the best dog beds, pet cameras, healthy foods, chew toys, hair vacuums – or anything else a dog owner might need! – there’s a good chance we’ve got you covered. 🙂

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