How Fast Can A Husky Run?

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Wondering: how fast can a husky run?

We hope you’re not planning a foot race with your husky companion, because we’re gonna have to break it to you: there’s only going to be one winner.

Not even Usain Bolt could keep up with a Husky in full stride, and that’s because they have a top speed of an outrageous 30 miles per hour.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the tremendous endurance and phenomenal working capacity of the Siberian Husky. And we’ll explain why you need to give your husky plenty of regular exercise to keep him healthy…

How Fast Can A Husky Run?

How fast can a husky run

The top speed depends on what breed of husky we’re talking about.

Racing bred Siberian huskies are faster than show bred ones, reaching a maximum of 30 miles per hour. But even the ‘slower’ breeds are likely to reach 23-25 mph with little difficulty.

The good news it that there’s no need to race your Siberian husky.

He’ll happily settle for a gentle jog and steady, regular exercise.

Again, they’re naturally fond of going on jogs, but any husky can run at a very fast pace for a considerable distance – probably more than most breeds of the canine family.

And if it’s a dog that was bred to pull sleds, then… good luck keeping up with their stamina!

Which Is Faster: Alaskan vs Siberian?

Wondering who would win in a race of the husky cousins?

Alaskan or Siberian?

In a sled dog race, the Alaskan Husky is able to sprint slightly faster than his Siberian cousin. But it’s close.

Sled dogs have been bred for generations to run long distances at great speeds. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. Every so often, a Siberian Husky will beat an Alaskan Husky in a sled dog race.

Puppies of both breeds are also known to be hyperactive and can take part in authorized sprint matches with their musher (sled dog driver). At these sprint races, dogs not only run faster than average, they also run longer distances.

Why The Husky Is Born To Run

The Siberian husky is a medium-sized working dog. It’s ancestors come from Siberia, so it’s adapted to survive in a cold climate. This breed has an excellent sense of smell and hearing, as well as great stamina – that makes it perfect for sledding.

Siberian huskies are not demanding when it comes to food (they don’t eat much). They’re very loyal dogs too. The reason why they like long walks? Well, because their muscles need daily work out, or they’ll become overweight.

Huskies aren’t used to living indoors; they need both running and regular exercise on a daily basis to be healthy.

How Long Can A Husky Run Without Stopping?

Many people say that Siberian huskies are “born to run”. So, naturally, they need to run.

That’s why you never want to keep a husky on a leash for long periods of time – it’ll just stress the dog out and damage its muscles. Compare that with joggers who must go running every day or even more than once per day if they want to maintain good physical shape.

It’s the same thing with dogs.

And huskies are particularly fond of going on jogs together with their owners.

Huskies Have Fantastic Endurance

Huskies are naturally active dogs bred for endurance and long distance running, particularly the males.

They are built for traveling great distances, with thick coats to protect them from the harsh weather and strong limbs designed for pulling. They’re perfect dogs for sledding and other outdoor activities where they need to carry their own weight, but most huskies would love nothing more than just romping around in the open air or playing fetch.

Your typical husky will happily run 8-20 miles in a single exercise session with no trouble at all.

That’s significantly more than similar dog breeds of the same size (averaging 2-5 miles).

But that is just your typical husky.

As in, the husky that hasn’t been working on his cardio…

Challenge a husky at the peak of his condition and you’re in for a LONG race.

These dogs can be trained to run 40 miles in a single session. And the champion sled Huskies have been known to run over 150 miles in a single day, averaging a staggering 9-10 miles per hour.


As for recovery, a husky will typically need a good 12 hours rest between long sprints.

Is The Husky The Fastest Dog Breed?

While the Siberian Husky is no slouch, he’s not quite the fastest dog breed.

The fastest dog breeds are small and light dogs, built for speed and agility.

You might think that a sleek greyhound would be the world’s fastest dog breed but in fact they cannot match the short bursts of acceleration needed to win a race (although they can maintain speeds over long distances better than any other).

The award for sheer pace actually goes to…

The Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound world's fastest dog breed

Afghan Hounds are known for their long, slender bodies and deep eyes.

One of the most ancient dog breeds in existence, they come from Afghanistan where they were historically used to hunt gazelle. They can gallop at up to 40 miles an hour, although they cannot maintain their top speed for as long as a husky.

Whether an Afghan Hound could beat a Husky in a race would largely depend on the length of the race.

A short burst race? The Afghan Hound is your winner.

A battle of endurance? We know you we’re betting on!

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