The Best Dog Shampoo For Shedding: Ultimate Guide

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If you ever despair over your pup’s shedding hair, have no fear: this guide to the best dog shampoo for shedding should be able save you from daily vacuuming!

Not only does dog hair find its way into all corners of your home, there’s nothing worse than arriving at work or a party to find that your previously clean, smart clothes are now covered in what looks like half of Fido’s coat.

anti shedding shampoo for dogs

If you’re starting to get sick of sending your clothes for dry cleaning and continually picking hair out of your sofa fibers, you need a solution.

Thankfully, it’s not too drastic…

Here’s our guide to the best shampoo for dogs that shed, and other ways to tackle shedding.

Why Does My Dog Shed Hair?

Firstly, let it be known that most shedding is normal. Dogs need to get rid of their old or damaged hair somehow.

It’s just when it’s all over your clothes and home that it becomes annoying!

Exactly how much your dog sheds will depend largely on their breed.

Poodles shed barely at all (lucky owners!), for instance, but breeds with thick double coats like Huskies and Labradors are serial shedders.

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The time of year will also dictate how much your pup will shed. Many dogs will grow in a new coat twice a year, and will shed their old one at the same time.

To stay warm in the winter, many pups will grow a heavier coat and then need to shed it when the weather starts warming up again in the Summer.

There are a few things that can increase shedding: allergies, for instance, are known to dry out the coat and skin and encourage more hair loss, and if you shampoo your dog too often, you can strip their hair of their natural oils for the same effect.

To see how much you should be bathing your dog, check out this guide for Huskies and other double coated canines. Also see: how much do huskies shed?

Parasites, poor diet and infections can also be the cause of shedding. If you think your dog is losing an excessive amount of hair, get him checked over by a vet — chances are he can be treated and his hair loss will reduce.

Dog Shed Control: What to Do

There’s no miracle cure to stop shedding, but there are certain things you can try to reduce the amount your dog sheds.


Don’t underestimate the power of grooming. Regular brushing gets rid of loose hairs before they fall on the floor, so a quick brush once a day will help keep your housework to a minimum.

Some dog owners like to go one step further and use a bladed brush tool called the FURminator to remove all the dead and loose hair. Here’s a guide to using the FURminator, and a how-to video:

Dog Shampoo for Shedding

Likewise, regular bathing with an anti shedding shampoo for dogs can be highly effective too.

There are a huge variety of these shampoos on the market and it can be difficult to choose the best one for your pup: here’s what you need to be looking out for…

What to Look for in a Good Dog Shedding Shampoo

First things first, it’s important to only use specially formulated canine shampoos on your pup: human shampoos are generally far too harsh for dogs.

Both humans and dogs have an acid mantle layer that covers your skin and acts as an acidic barrier to nasties like bacteria. The pH of this acid mantle layer in humans is somewhere between 5.2 and 6.2 — quite acidic.

But for dogs, it’s slightly more alkaline — 5.5 to 7.5.

Human shampoos and shower gels are designed to suit the acid mantle of human skin. If you use this on a dog, it will break down their acid mantle as it’s so acidic.

This can cause even more shedding, irritation and lesions — and can even upset the pH balance of your dog’s skin, allowing viruses and bacteria into their body.

Specially formulated dog shampoos have the correct pH balance to maintain the delicate balance of essential oils and moisture on the skin.

A good shampoo for shedding dogs will normally contain natural ingredients like aloe vera or tea tree oil which can gently cleanse the hair of dirt and debris, while also soothing irritated skin.

Vitamin E, oat protein and omega 6 fatty acids are other key ingredients to a good anti-shedding shampoo.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant essential for protecting tissues, organs and hair from damage. Oat proteins soften and smooth the hair to reduce breakages, and Omega 6 protects, nourishes and hydrates the hair.

We’ve reviewed a selection of products that dog owners love to help you choose the best dog shampoo for shedding for your four legged friend.

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The Best Dog Shampoo for Shedding Reviews

Wahl 100% Natural Pet Shampoo Shed Control

best dog shampoo for shedding

Wahl is one of the most popular all-natural dog shampoo manufacturers operating right now. We love this shampoo — it’s effective while also being safe and natural.

Their Shed Control Shampoo contains lemongrass, sage, oatmeal and aloe to soothe skin and reduce shedding. It’s made from an all natural plant derived ingredients with no harsh chemicals.


  • Gentle formula that’s good for sensitive skin
  • Has 5% more surfactants than other brands so creates a rich lather easily, and is no problem to wash out
  • Free from PEG-80
  • Leaves coats clean and shiny
  • Low cost
  • Concentrated formula — a little goes a long way


  • Some owners found the lemongrass sage scent to be a little strong

shampoo for shedding dogs

FURminator deShedding Ultra Premium Shampoo

furminator shampoo reviews

The FURminator brand have really tried to corner the market in shampoo for shedding dogs, and this deShedding Ultra Premium Shampoo is certainly popular among dog owners.

Just check out the sterling Furminator shampoo reviews on Amazon if you want to see whether it works or not.

It uses a unique blend of natural ingredients to help protect against excessive shedding, leaving skin healthy and hair conditioned and silky.


  • Cleans effectively
  • Promotes healthy skin and coat
  • Enriched with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, calendula extract, papaya leaf extract, aloe vera, blueberry, kava Vitamin E, cranberry, sunflower and safflower seed oils
  • Pleasant, light odor
  • Formula contains no parabens or chemical dyes


  • Slightly more expensive
  • Need to brush or use the FURminator tool afterwards to see the biggest difference in shedding

shampoo for shedding dogs

SynergyLabs SHED-X Dermaplex Shed Control Shampoo

shed x reviews

Shed-X Shed Control Shampoo for Dogs was formulated with vets to infuse the skin and coat with essential amino acids, Omega 3 & 6, vitamins A, D and E, and antioxidants.

This shampoo promises to eliminates excessive shedding while promoting healthy skin and coat, leaving your dog’s hair clean, soft and shiny. It also contains oat proteins and aloe vera.


  • Effectively removes dander, allergens and loose hair
  • Thoroughly conditions the coat and skin
  • Light and pleasant ginger and nectarine scent
  • Infuses skin with essential amino acids to strengthen and moisturize skin and hair
  • Leaves hair super soft and shiny


shampoo for shedding dogs

Oster Oatmeal Naturals Shampoo Shed Control

oster dog shampoo

The 100% natural oatmeal protein base of this Oster dog shampoo for shedding dogs is combined with other wholesome ingredients like safflower and Vitamin B5, and a pH balanced formulation.

As well as reducing shedding, the formula controls doggy odors with a delicious coconut verbena scent, while also alleviating the irritation of dry skin.

Its low price and natural formulation make this deshedding dog shampoo one of the most popular on the market.


  • 100% free of dyes, parabens, and alcohol
  • Active ingredients gently lift dirt from the hair
  • Long lasting coconut fragrance
  • Relieves dry, itchy skin
  • Leaves your pet’s coat soft, plush and looking great
  • Will not wash off topical flea applications
  • Also safe for use on cats
  • Made in the USA
  • Low cost


  • Not concentrated so you may need to use a lot on large or long-haired dogs
  • Some buyers have complained about leaky packaging

shampoo for shedding dogs

Pet Head De Shed Me!!

why does my dog shed so much hair

As well as coming in a cute package, the formula of this Pet Head dog shampoo reduces shedding by simultaneously removing excess hair and flattening down the hair follicles – resulting in your dog’s coat looking clean, soft and silky.

It also has a unique strawberry lemonade fragrance. Cool!


  • Flattens hair follicles and removes loose hair, effectively lessening shedding
  • Contains Vitamin E to smooth and nourish hair
  • Good for all types of coats – long, short or coarse
  • Manufactured in the USA to human quality standards
  • Free of petroleum derivatives, parabens, sulfate, propylene glycol and DEA
  • It will not harm your dog if licked or swallowed


  • The strawberry lemonade scent is divisive
  • Results are not as long-lasting as some other products

shampoo for shedding dogs


We all love our dogs, fur and all — we just prefer it when their hair stays where it should be (on our dogs) instead of clinging to our carpets and clothes!

Remember: a regular brushing routine, a good diet and investing in a suitable shampoo for shedding is the most effective way to keep our homes clean and hair-free.

What’s your pick for the best shampoo for dogs that shed?

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