How To Use The FURminator

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If there’s one that we get asked time and again when it comes to huskies, it’s how to use the FURminator. This de-shedding tool is an incredibly popular and effective way to minimize your dog’s hair and stop them shedding all over your carpet and clothes. Let’s find out more…

What is the FURminator?

As you might be able to guess from it’s whacky name, the FURminator is a device that helps thin out your dog’s hair – effectively exterminating all of their dead hair.

It’s incredibly popular with owners of dogs with double coats who shed frequently throughout the year. As well as Siberian huskies and mini huskies, labs, retrievers and a host of equally furry dog breeds get a lot of use out of the FURminator. They claim to reduce shedding by up to 90%!

While you can never stop your husky from shedding, you can easily remove the hairs from your dog’s undercoat that have already been shed from their skin. Sure, you could choose to comb it out, but nothing is as quick and effective at doing this than the FURminator.

It will also dramatically reduce the opportunity for painful mats and tangles to form under the topcoat.


By Chika Watanabe (Creative Commons)

How does the FURminator work?

The FURminator looks like any other dog hair brush with a fine tooth comb and an ergonomic handle — but it’s much more effective at penetrating deep into the recesses of your husky’s coat and loosening up big chunks of hair.

Some buyers are surprised that the FURminator isn’t motorized, but the concept is just that it’s an incredibly effective brush.

If you’ve seen any promotional material for the FURminator, you’ll likely have seen a big pile of hair next to a newly groomed dog – hair that would have been destined to shed all over your home otherwise!

how to use a furminator

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How to use the FURminator

Now we know exactly what the FURminator is, let’s work out how to use it safely and effectively on your mini husky.

Firstly, you should decide on your FURminator schedule: ideally you should have no more than two sessions per week of between 10 and 20 minutes each. The time needed to thoroughly ‘FURminate’ your pup’s coat may increase during shedding seasons.

Grooming is probably not a time that your dog will naturally enjoy, so it’s up to you to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for them so they don’t shy away next time. Come armed with some treats, praise and plenty of love!

  • Make sure that your husky’s coat is totally dry and that there’s no mats or tangles to contend with in their hair
  • Brush the same way as the growth of the hair, from head to tail, using long strokes
  • Don’t brush over any cuts your dog may have on his skin
  • Be gentle with your strokes and don’t put too much pressure on – the FURminator is penetrative enough as it is
  • You can use the FURminator on the ears and tail although proceed with caution as those areas are sensitive
  • The same goes for the tummy and legs

It’s likely that you’ll be able to withdraw a lot of hair from your dog so you’ll have to remove it from the brush as you go. Clean the FURminator with warm water and mild soap after use, before drying it and storing it encased in the protective edge cover.

Here’s a video of a professional groomer giving a golden retriever a full FURminator treatment:

What are the risks of using the FURminator?

The FURminator is a sharp tool and can cut the skin of your husky if you don’t use it carefully.

It can be abrasive against the skin so only use it a maximum of twice per week. As you brush, remember to stroke it up and away from the skin, and not drag it across the skin. Also, don’t repeatedly go over the same patch of skin and hair – just one brush stroke will be fine.

Some owners neglect to brush their dog once they start using the FURminator which is a mistake — brushing your dog a couple of times a week will stop them developing mats and tangles in their coat. While the FURminator should eventually reduce the opportunity for these to form, only a normal brush will successfully be able to get these out.

Where can I buy the FURminator?

You can buy the FURminator on Amazon.

They also stock a variety of other FURminator products — including shampoos and rakes. Here’s the best of what they have on offer:

FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs

The original brush which comes in a variety of different sizes, for long or short hair, and for extra small to giant dogs.

FURminator FurVac Vacuum Accessory

This adds vacuum power to the FURminator, allowing for an easier clean-up.

FURminator deShedding Ultra Premium Shampoo

This reduces shedding, promotes a healthy coat and skin and is the best way to prep for a FURminator session.

FURminator deShedding Ultra Premium Conditioner

This releases the undercoat during your dog’s bath and preps them for the FURminator session.

FURminator Dog Rake

An all-purpose dog hair tool to separate and untangle fur while minimizing tugging.

FURminator Dog Slicker Brush

A brush that detangles, reduces mats and finishes coats.

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