What Can I Give My Dog For Pain?

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When a pet we love is in pain, it can be stressful on both the owner and the dog.

Many owners find themselves asking, what can you give a dog for pain?

what can you give a dog for pain

Our pets are not always able to share the fact that they are suffering, so it can be rather overwhelming when you discover that your furry friend is hurting.

But don’t worry, there are several ways to tell if your dog is under the weather; and if they are, you can explore the different pain medication for dogs on offer.

How Can I Tell if My Dog is in Pain?

If your dog’s behavior suddenly changes, it could be a warning sign, especially if you see changes in how they eat, drink, or sleep.

Panting can also be a behavior to watch out for, because that kind of rapid breathing can indicate stress or pain.

If your dog is suddenly more vocal than usual, often whimpering or whining, that is another warning sign.

Dogs can also lick injured areas excessively, and this kind of constant grooming can be their way of telling you about an open wound or an internal injury.

Most dog owners love when their pet gives them attention, but if your dog is acting overly affectionate, or perhaps overly aggressive, they may be trying to tell you that something is wrong.

The best thing to do in this situation is to take them to the vet, who will be able to diagnose them quickly if something is wrong.

What Causes My Dog Pain?

The sources of pain in dogs are very similar to what we experience as humans.

An injury, large or small, can cause pain. Dogs can also experience infections and diseases that lead them to experience intermittent or constant discomfort.

can i give my dog tylenol

If your dog is getting older, they might suffer from things like joint pain and arthritis.

Of course, no matter the cause, when your pup is hurting, it leads to one question: What can I give my dog for pain?

What Can You Give a Dog for Pain?

Can I Give My Dog Tylenol?

The short answer is: no.

A lot of dog owners find themselves asking questions like, “Can I give my dog Tylenol?” or, “Can you give dogs ibuprofen?”

Even though it may seem like no big deal to give your dog a smaller dose of the same pain medications you often use, it can actually be quite harmful to give your dog over-the-counter (OTC) pain meds.

Because OTC pain medications are made for humans, they can have very bad side effects for dogs.

Even very small doses have the potential to be lethal, so avoid human medications unless they are specifically recommended by your veterinarian.

Pain Medication for Dogs

There are very few medications that are easily available for acute pain treatment in canines, so if your dog is in need of pain relief, it’s definitely best to call or consult your veterinarian.

Vets have access to the most powerful pain meds for dogs and will be able to prescribe something appropriate for your pup’s ailments and at the right dosage.

If your dog suffers from long term or chronic pain, it may be helpful to look into a few alternatives for pain management that are more focused on prevention rather than cure. 

pain medication for dogs

Just like in humans, regular, light exercise can help your dog avoid painful issues later in life. If your pet is overweight, it can be hard on their joints, so it’s worth thinking about improving their diet too.

If they are not overweight, light exercise can help to strengthen the joints and muscles that support their body, which can help to improve their overall wellbeing.

Glucosamine and chondroitin are supplement that may help your dog’s joints too. There’s not a lot of definitive research on the subject, but it’s been found that this supplement may help overall swelling go down and improve cartilage health.

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There are many other pain management alternatives out there and many pet owners have reported success with treatments like hydrotherapy, acupuncture, and even massage.

If these techniques seem right for you and your furry friend, it is worth giving them a try.

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What if My Dog Needs Pain Meds Immediately?

If you have tried the above methods of pain relief and none seem to work, it’s time to visit your vet.

Your vet can provide you give you a prescription for your dog or sometimes they can actually provide the medication for you.

Generally, these are pain relievers safe for dogs, but you may want to double check with your vet that it is the best form of treatment, since they can cause kidney, liver, or digestive problems down the line, even though those side effects are quite rare.

You will be able to discuss with your vet if the risk of side effects are worth the pain relieving effects of these drugs.


All in all, dealing with a pet in pain can be a difficult experience, but if you know your options, that can help alleviate some of the stress on you and your dog.

If you are unable to find a way to help relieve your dog’s pain with supplements and natural pain prevention efforts, is it always best to consult your veterinarian, since they are experts in animals and have access to additional ways to treat pain.

What do you think — what can you give a dog for pain?

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