The Dog’s Bed Review


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The Dog’s Bed is a dog bed sold under a very accurate, very literal name. It is indeed a dog bed, and possibly your dog’s bed. But don’t let the name fool you; it is not a typical mattress for your pooch.

In fact, it’s a memory foam orthopedic dog bed meant to help canines with back or joint problems, pain from hip dysplasia, or for dogs that you want to help in avoiding the onset of those conditions.

dog's bed review

The Dog’s Bed review we provide here is meant to help you sort through all the reasons as to why or why not this should become your dog’s bed.

The Dog’s Bed Review


Sizes All the Way to XXL

From the smallest size at 28 x 19 x 4 inches to the largest at 54 x 36 x 6 inches, you’ll have no problem with finding a bed that suits your dog’s needs.

Not all orthopedic dog beds carry this range of sizes, making it a great option for large dog owners who have trouble finding items big enough.

Most memory foam dog beds don’t increase the thickness of the bed as it goes up in size, only making the surface area larger.

For heavier breeds of dogs (or for diet-proof dogs), keeping the same mattress thickness isn’t always going to work, but The Dog’s Bed provides a six-inch thick mattress for sizes large, extra-large, and extra-extra-large.

For reference, the extra-large size works well for Great Danes, German Shepherds, and Labradors.

Supportive Material

The memory foam in this bed is great at providing a solid surface with some give, so as to help hold up joints, keep a spine aligned, and ease weight-bearing pressure points at night.

For some pickier dogs, they may not find it as soft as they’d want and may not use it as often or at all, but this is still counted as a good feature, since as it works great for dogs that need it the most.

Some owners can get around the firmness of the bed by layering a soft blanket on top, in order to convince a picky dog to use it.

A memory foam dog bed acts like how most memory foam beds work for humans; it just happens to be cut into a size and shape perfect for a dog’s use.

Thankfully, the range of sizes matched to this support results in a very helpful experience for your pet.

Replacement Covers

No need to go out and try to find a new liner if yours happens to break, because you can purchase new waterproof covers from the same company.

In this way, you’re sure it’ll fit each and every time.

the dog's bed review

Great Customer Service

So long as you’re buying directly from the supplier, the rate at which they address concerns and replace broken parts is superb.

This isn’t a knock-off seller that you have to worry about. Considering the price of this bed and the reasons behind your buying it, this is a big factor.


Slides on Floors

The bottom cover for this bed is not made of a slip-resistant material, meaning it’s easy to slide around on smooth floors.

If you have carpeting, this shouldn’t be too much of a worry, but for those with hardwood or vinyl flooring, you may want to get comfortable repositioning the bed often.

Another option is buying a slip-proof cover, but this will be an added expense.

Cheap Covers

While you can get them easily replaced, you may not want to, as the covers tend to break rather easily.

It’s advised that you invest in a new cover immediately, rather than waiting for the existing one to break, as this in-between period will leave your dog’s bed open to the elements and at risk of being destroyed.

The fabric is also hard to clean without washing, but washing will accelerate the use of the cover.

Not Built for Rainstorms

While the covers promise a waterproof ability, the reality of it tends to be further from the truth.

If there’s even a single hole in the waterproof cover, you’ll find any spills or accidents on this bed soak into the foam, which is harder to wash than a cover and retains the smell.

You can always add a waterproof cover of your own, but if you’re looking for one that’s resistant to spills from the get-go, this may be something to consider.

the dog's bed review

Final Verdict

While slightly on the pricier side for mattresses, The Dog’s Bed is a great deal for owners with large dogs, who have trouble finding that right size of bed for their pooch.

For some, the cover works fine, but considering that the replacement is almost a third of the bed’s price, it may be a larger factor for others.

Otherwise, it’s an outstanding purchase in the line of orthopedic dog beds.

dog's bed review


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