The 7 Best Dogs For Outdoor Living

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One question we get asked a lot is, what’s the best dog for outdoor living?

Some people assume that big dogs love the outdoors while small ones prefer hanging out inside. It’s actually a little more complicated that that.

While certain dog breeds love the outdoors — regardless of their size — and will suit an adventurous and physical family, others are best suited to living and playing indoors.

best dog for outdoor family

Of course, every canine is different, and just because a dog may enjoy spending time in the open air, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they should be engaging in lots of outdoor activity.

However, some hounds are at their happiest and healthiest when venturing into the wild with their owners.

If you’re looking to bring home a new four-legged friend to keep you company in the outside world, you should start with our list of the 7 best outdoor dogs.

What Defines an ‘Outdoor Dog’

One of the best ways to define an outdoor dog is one that enjoys finding adventure outside just as much as you do.

Whether it be exercising, playing games, going on long walks or joining you on a hike or camping trip, outdoor dogs will make the perfect companions for a physically active owner or family.

In fact, most outdoor dogs like all sorts of physical pursuits, and tend to be highly energetic, agile and adventurous. With all the walking, playing, running and even swimming, keeping up with a pooch that’s bred for life outdoors can be a workout in itself.

As active dogs need lots of stimulation, you should always take into account how often you can actually devote to your sporty dog. When outdoor breeds experience too much downtime, they can develop behavioral problems and get into all sorts of trouble.

Best Dogs for Outdoor Living

If you live an active outdoor lifestyle or are looking for the best dog for an outdoor family, then you should definitely consider one of these pooches for your next pet.


husky exercise requirements

Siberian huskies are one of the most popular breeds of outdoor dogs and are well-known for their loyalty, love and strength.

Originally bred to pull sleds across the frozen terrain in Northeast Asia, these stunning canines are also known for their ability to respond to many different commands.

They need lots of exercise to stay mentally and physically stimulated, making them great life-long companions that are always willing and ready for constant outdoor activity.

Border Collie

outdoor dogs

When it comes to picking the best dog for outdoor living, you can’t ignore the possibility of adopting a Border Collie.

Typically thought of as a sheepdog, a border collie will want your active attention, and offer you many years of loyalty in return.

As an attentive breed, you’re guaranteed a great playmate, friend and energetic working partner, meaning you can teach your hound to join in with all your favorite outdoor sports and workouts.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

best dog for outdoor living

Outdoor dogs don’t come much more loyal and protective than Rhodesian ridgebacks.

They are great hunters with strong personalities and can be left frustrated when they don’t get enough exercise.

As quick learners, Rhodesian Ridgebacks can easily adapt to any outdoor exercise regime, or be kept happy when taken out for a daily hike, jog or run. It’s also worth noting that they are people-loving dogs that crave plenty of attention all day long.

Bernese Mountain Dog

best dog for outdoor family

From agility to speed and strength, Bernese mountain dogs have it all and more.

Another great thing about this breed is their devotion to their owners, as well as their easygoing nature and gentle temperament.

While they may appear calm indoors, Bernese Mountain Dogs still need outdoor exercise on a daily basis. They actually love getting out, especially when it involves playing and exercising with children — which is why they make such great family pets.

German Shorthaired Pointer

best dog for outdoor living

It has to be said that German shorthaired pointers are incredibly honest and good-natured dogs. However, a quick walk around the park is not going to satisfy their exercise requirements.

German shorthaired pointers have high energy levels and are best suited to athletic owners.

Whether it be biking, hiking or running, this adaptable breed of dog loves nothing more than releasing their bundles of intense energy with their human companions.


best outdoor dogs

Dependable and playful, dalmatians need a great deal of mental and physical stimulation to banish their boredom and hyperactivity.

Even though they are high-spirited, too much confinement and not enough companionship can lead to destructive behaviors.

Luckily, they’re pretty capable of learning just about any form of exercise and outdoor activity. Dalmatians are very athletic and enjoy anything from biking and jogging to hiking and obstacle courses.

Best Accessories for the Best Outdoor Dogs

Of course, the best dogs for outdoor living can’t simply be let outside and left to their own devices — owners should be prepared with all the tools and accessories your pup might need while you’re in the great outdoors.

Here’s a list of things that should be on your shopping list for your outdoor dog:

Shopping List

  • Long lead
  • Outdoor kennel
  • Portable water bowl/container
  • Frisbee/fetch toy
  • Waterproof dog bed
  • Insect repellant
  • Healthy Treats
  • Jacket for colder climates

And there you have it: the best outdoor dogs.

What’s your pick for the best dog for outdoor living?

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