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Teacup Puppies are a rather recent phenomenon in the dog world, taking their origin from what was originally called a fad.

Their diminutive size makes them particularly popular to carry in purses and handbags. Despite how they are talked about, teacup pups are not a singular breed but rather a size variety.

teacup Pomeranian puppies

While teacup is not a universally recognized term, there are measurements put into place that help to identify what is a toy-sized dog and what is a teacup-sized dog.

These measurements can change slightly by breed but are normally as follows: 17 inches tall or less and a total of four pounds or lighter at a year old.

If you’re looking to buy or adopt one of these precious creatures yourself, what breeds are available in this size? Here are the cuties you can call your own.

Breeds of Teacup Puppies

Teacup Shih Tzu Puppies

Described as little lions, the Shih Tzu is already a very small breed. When looking at the teacup variety, expect alarmingly small results, especially with puppies.

The breed retains all of its classic characteristics, good and bad.

They are still loyal and affectionate dogs, but do have the stubborn streak that the breed overall is known for. Immediate training of your puppy is advised.

The Shih Tzu is known to be bred for companionship so you can expect the extra dependent teacup Shih Tzu to be quite the lapdog.

Teacup Yorkshire “Yorkie” Terrier Puppies

Originally bred as a ratter, or rat catcher, the Yorkie is a famous little dog that tends to have a big attitude.

Active and outgoing by nature, it’s important to make sure your teacup Yorkie gets an adequate amount of rest to offset the physical stress it might put its small body through.

These dogs are easier to train than some terriers but require a lot of mental and physical stimulation in order to keep interest in their tasks.

teacup puppies

Teacup Poodle Puppies

When you talk about poodles, the first things people think of are their adorable curly coats and their high intelligence. The teacup poodle is no exception to this!

Being only one of the many size variations that poodles come in, the teacup is also joined by the standard duck-hunting poodle and the miniature truffle-finding poodle.

Being bred for mostly vigorous outdoor activity, it’s important to take proper precautions when letting your teacup poodle outside.

During the day or the night, it is possible for them to be carried off by aerial hunters such as hawks or owls.

Here’s a video showing training for a teacup poodle puppy.

Teacup Maltese Puppies

The Maltese is not normally considered a beginner’s dog. They can be incredibly finicky and the amount of grooming required to keep a show standard for them can be gruelling and expensive.

Still, the Maltese is a fun dog and can be even cuter than normal when they’re shrunk down to teacup size!

It will be important to keep them groomed properly; their long flowing locks of hair might actually hinder your puppy’s quality of life.

Keeping it short and clipped is much better for the active lifestyle of this notorious “lapdog”.

Teacup Pug Puppies

The infamous pug. Well known among many people, the pug is sought after for its “So-Ugly-It’s-Cute” appeal.

As it goes for all pugs, it’s important to understand they are by no means accessory dogs  and even getting a standard pug is an expensive ordeal.

Teacup Pugs tend to suffer from the same medical issues but their small size can sometimes magnify the symptoms.

When caring for your teacup pug puppy, make sure to keep a close eye and ear out for any and all breathing problems.

With their collapsed snouts and small lungs, any issues with breathing can quickly turn deadly.

Those who have the time, money, and love for the teacup pug will be at no disadvantage and will likely still have a fulfilling life with their pug; less experienced or wealthy owners should take note to look into other breeds.

teacup puppies

Teacup Pomeranian Puppy

It’s said that the Pomeranian descends from a sledding dog, which might explain their can-do attitudes and astounding athleticism compared to other small breeds.

While thought to be a lapdog, the Pomeranian and the teacup Pomeranian can be expected to give their owners a run for their money in trying to keep up with their feisty little partner.

The Pomeranian is rivalled only in attitude by the even fiercer Chihuahua.

It’s important to remember to keep your teacup Pomeranian puppy’s coat trimmed and well hydrated when allowing them to exercise and get rid of their excess energy.

For those with an active lifestyle but still looking for a cute and fun companion, the teacup Pomeranian is a suitable choice.

Should You Get Teacup Puppies?

Overall, it is important to consider breed factors when purchasing any dog.

If you think the breed isn’t a good fit for you, it’s better to not purchase them, regardless of how small and cute they may be.

Adopting a dog is a big responsibility and the diminutive size of teacup puppies can be even more so than a toy dog.

Be smart when choosing your future pet!

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