Solvit PetSafe PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs Review


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Whether your dog is getting up there in age or you have a smaller canine that needs an extra boost to get up on the couch, pet stairs can be a great solution.

The Solvit PetSafe PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs could be your ideal choice. They are lightweight, require little to no assembly, and are great for small pets.

petsafe pupstep review

With that said, not everyone had such a good experience. Some pet owners thought they were very flimsy, were poorly made, or disliked how much they slid around despite Solveit saying they would stay in place.

Nevertheless, before you make your final decision, let’s take a closer look at the Solveit PetSafe PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs.

Solvit PetSafe PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs: The Details

Suitable for Which Dog Sizes?

Based on Solvit’s recommendation, their flagship pet stairs should only be used for small dogs. Bigger canines may have issues getting up and down, as their legs will be too long to maneuver the steps.

However, they are designed to hold additional weight; the large steps can hold up to 120 pounds, and the X-large steps can hold up to 200 pounds.


The dimensions for the large stairs (the ones available on Amazon) are 24 x 16 x 20 inches.

Solveit also offers X-large stairs on their website, and they are 28 x 18 x 25 inches.


The large steps weigh five pounds, and the X-large steps weigh nine pounds.

How to Store It?

Storing these pet stairs is relatively easy.

All that’s needed is to disconnect the back leg of the stairs and they will fold down to a flat board, making it effortless to store them away.

Solveit PetSafe PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs Review

The Positives


Several users noted how durable these pet steps are. There were no issues of them falling apart or being damaged by rowdy pets as they scaled them at various speeds.

petsafe pupstep review

Durable and sturdy items are a must when it comes to doggy equipment, especially for larger or younger pups. You won’t have to worry about any horseplay or rough behaviour shortening the lifespan of these stairs.

Customers have noted that these steps, in particular, are quite strong. Since they’re composed of an indoor/outdoor plastic with strips of carpet on each step for a bit of security, if you follow the weight and size descriptions, these stairs will last a long time.

Easy to Store

If, for whatever reason, you want to put the steps away (maybe you have company coming over, or you’re just short on overall space during the day), they are very easy to break down and store.

With a compact design, they’re simple to fold into a smaller size that can be stashed under your bed or in a closet.

Thanks to the portable and compact nature of these stairs, if you are travelling with your pet, folding these steps down is also a great way to ensure they’ll fit in your luggage.

Hotel beds can be very high, and if you want to give your pet an extra boost wherever you’re staying, this is an ideal option.

These stairs are super lightweight, only adding an extra six pounds to your luggage or your arms, so you there’s little chance of these stairs being a daunting addition to a room or a vacation.

No Assembly

Luckily, the PUPstep Plus steps come fully assembled. When putting them to use, simply unfold the stairs. After this, place the back leg of the stairs into its locked position, which simply involves swinging it out until you hear a click.

Next, attach the treads. This means taking the paper off the backs of the treads and sticking them on each step. Make sure to press them down for a few seconds to ensure they are properly secured.

Lastly, attach the non-slip feet onto the bottom of the steps. It’s as easy as the treads; unpeel the paper and stick each foot on one of the corners.

best pet stairs

So, while a few set-up elements are necessary, you won’t require any tools. The most difficult task is getting your pet actually use it.

When they want to cuddle up on the couch, they’ll need to learn how to use the stairs, rather than begging for your help or attempting the jump. With some time and patience, they should catch on quickly.

Good for Small Pets

Solvit and users both recommend that these steps only be used with small dogs. The tread on the stairs and the space between each step were designed with small to medium pets in mind.

A big or even a larger medium-sized dog will have issues going up and down, considering the length of their legs.

While Solvit says these stairs can hold up to 120 pounds, the space from step to step is not suitable for a larger dog.

For your smaller sized dogs however, these stairs will be the perfect thing to help them climb to higher heights without trouble. They even come with little side rails constructed to help your pup have more trust in these stairs, and feel more comfortable climbing them.


One of the best things going for these pet stairs is the price. Priced way under $100 on Amazon, the Solvit Pet Stairs are a good option for pet owners on a budget.

While most pet accessories can cost hundreds of dollars, you’ll be able to save your cash on other items (like treats!).

With reports and testers noting that these stairs are durable, you’ll be getting a good deal for the price too! And thanks to the addition of the carpeting on the stairs, that’s one less thing for you to add to get your pups used to their new item.

Customers loved how well these stairs were priced, and even allowed some users to afford multiple stairs for larger homes, or vacation homes.

dog stairs

The Negatives


While some users found the stairs to be durable, others thought they were flimsy. A few people had their steps break or collapse after only a few uses.

There were also testers who saw the steps wobble or tilt a little when their pet tried to climb them. Since this is supposed to help your pet avoid falls, it being supposedly flimsy or wobbly is a problem. You don’t want your pet to get hurt!

These could be cases where dogs were larger or heavier than the stairs can handle, and for this reason, pet owners should reserve these stairs for their smaller pets.

Poor Quality

Pet owners also noted that the plastic composition did not seem high quality. One user even talked about their dog being able to bite through the material.

Since this is made for pets, the material should be stronger. However, at its price point on Amazon, it may be a “you get what you pay for” situation.

Solvit appears to have cut corners so they could offer a better price, and for some owners, this was a disappointing find.

Only for VERY Small Dogs

While Solvit does say that both small and medium-sized dogs are fine using these PupSTEP Plus pet stairs, users thought differently.

Based on their experience, they found these steps could only be used for very small dogs. The stairs are not sturdy or big enough for a larger medium-sized dog – and definitely not for any dog bigger than that.

Testers also mentioned that these steps could not hold 120 pounds; some had the stairs break when their dog used them. If you have a dog any bigger than a very small canine, it’s wise to look at different options.

Slide Around

Users did not find these stairs to be slip-resistant either. If you have carpet where you plan on locating these steps, you may be fine. However, if you have wood or tile floors, these will slide easily.

The non-slip feet do not seem to work on hard surface floors. Multiple users noted the steps continuously slipping and moving around when their pet tried to use them.

One even mentioned that their dog had to quickly jump to the couch, because the steps were sliding out from underneath them. As such, the non-slip feet need to be far stronger or else risk safety issues.

You can work around this by getting crafty and adding extra cautionary measures to this staircase, but it should be as advertised nonetheless.

dog stairs

Overall Verdict

After going over all the positives and the negatives, we do recommend the Solvit PetSafe PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs. Just be wary of the cons.

Many users had stories of the stairs breaking or slipping out from under their pets, which makes us wary. Solveit needs to go back to the drawing board and make some upgrades with this product so it can safe enough for animals to use at any stage.


While the initial idea is a great concept, Solvit’s execution is just not up to snuff. Pet stairs are a great way to help your canine live a more independent life and ensure you don’t have to pick them up all the time.

Quality pet stairs can be incredibly convenient. Unfortunately, these Solveit ones may have too many problems to be deemed quality. If you are in the market for some pet stairs for bigger dogs or of more durable quality, you will need to keep looking at other options.

However, if you’re a pet owner on a budget with a smaller pet, these stairs may be worth the try.

Where to Buy the Solvit PetSafe PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs

Solvit is a brand possibly well-known on the pet market for its accessible line of modern dog products. They have a wide variety of items available, from pet stairs to pet baskets!

The Solvit PetSafe PupSTEP is just one example of their product line, and thanks to this company’s popularity, the Plus Pet Stairs won’t be hard to find both in-store and online.

While it’s usually best to check pet, home department and specialty stores, you can kick-start your search with the following online retailers.

And of course, you can also find these pet stairs on Amazon.

petsafe pupstep review

That’s the end of our PetSafe PupSTEP review. Willing to give it a try?

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