Shernbao Professional Dog Grooming Force Dryer Review

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Whether you’re a professional dog groomer or an owner seeking to cut out the middleman (sorry, professionals!), you may benefit from purchasing the Shernbao Professional Dog Grooming Dryer.

Honestly, with the force that this dryer packs, it’s going to be invaluable for those who have to regularly bath their larger dogs. But why should you purchase a professional grade doggy dryer?

shernbao dog groomer review

In this Shernbao Professional Dog Grooming Dryer review, you’ll find all the pros and cons you’ll need to make an informed decision.

Not all people need a professional dog drying unit, but sometimes – and for some dogs – it can be a lifesaver.

Shernbao Professional Dog Grooming Force Dryer Review


Meant Precisely for Dogs

Imagine Bigfoot trying to dry themselves using a small handheld blow dryer. It would take absolutely forever to even dry up one patch using that thing, right?

Well, it’s the same with drying your dog. The more hair (or fur) you have, the longer it’s going to take, whether it’s done naturally or with an ill-fitted blow dryer.

Blow dryers for humans are meant for a smaller workload and fairer hair. You can angle it around and get the hair from all the different angles.

For dogs, it’s rarely going to get as long as human hair and doesn’t require a versatile nature. In fact, it’s going to be a little more burdensome to treat fur like it’s real hair.

With this almost industrial-looking professional grooming dryer, you can tackle drying your dog’s fur the way that it needs to be: with adjustable force and heat, to get through the layers of fur and dry your dog completely.

Adjustable Settings

It’s more powerful than handheld blow dryers for people, but it also has more range to it.

professional grooming dryer

Looking at the specs on this dryer, it might seem like a little too much, but it has the ability to select what amount of power and heat in the drying process is right for the job, rather than picking from low to high pre-made settings.

It also comes with a hose and three different nozzles in order to tailor the work to the job. The customizable settings also make it possible to vary your intensity for thick-fur (think Mastiffs) or more typical fur (think Retrievers).

Additionally, should your dog have sensitive skin or otherwise be delicate when exposed to heat, you can tailor the settings to fit their needs, no matter what the pre-made settings indicate.

Fast Dry

With the sheer amount of air (and force) the Shernbao Professional Dog Grooming Dryer provides, it cuts down on around 70% of the typical drying times you receive with handheld dryers.

It’s specifically meant to handle large dogs with thick fur, making that process straightforward and fluid; but should you own a smaller dog with short hair, the time-cut is multiplied.

You may need to adjust the heat settings, so as to not harm a pooch with less hair, but you can easily ramp it up again for your bigger dog.



Take a step back. How often do you bathe your dog? And how much trouble is a damp dog in your home?

Unless the need is great, purchasing a professional-level dyer made only for dogs may be a little much. Unlike a hand dryer for people, it’ll take up more space than a drawer in your bathroom.

So, if you’re a house owner with room to spare and you’re buying this to ensure your home doesn’t smell like wet dog for the next 24 hours, this will do exactly what’s needed.

If you live in an apartment, an absorbent towel and a waterproof dog bed liner may save you a great deal more time, space, and money.


Speaking of money, this is not a cheap hair dryer you buy from your local supermarket.

If you’re a professional, this may be the right product for you, but for amateur groomers or dog owners trying to get by without a monthly visit to the groomer, it’s too much.

A bath at the groomers itself isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg, but it will take over a year for this dryer to pay for itself.

Shernbao High Velocity Professional Dog Grooming Force Dryer

Final Verdict

There are cheaper dryers, which are just as useful, tailored to dogs out on the market. That means there is relatively little need to buy one this expensive (and expansive) unless you’re a professional groomer with an average- to large-sized business.

The Shernbao High-Velocity Professional Dog Grooming Force Dryer should appeal to those that can handle the initial cost and who have an every-week, if not every-day, use for something this industrial.

Overall, it’s a decent product, but unless you’re a pet owner that really hates the great amount of time it requires to properly dry your dog after a bath, it may not be worth the price tag.

For those with the funds or the business space to afford this, it may just be the time-saving solution you’re after.

Shernbao High Velocity Professional Dog Grooming Force Dryer

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