Shelandy Pet Hair Force Dryer Review

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Pet hair dryers must be powerful, flexible for those weird angles, and, most importantly, affordable. Whether you’re after one for home use or for your business, each promises the moon.

How can you pick the right model? To help your buying decision, today we’re evaluating the Shelandy Pet Hair Force Dryer.

shelandy pet hair force dryer

It comes with four different nozzles, so it can adapt to different situations; it provides a quicker drying time, and it’s much less expensive than other pet dryers on the market.

With that said, not everyone had a great experience. Some testers found it operated at quite a loud volume. Was this an issue for the majority or just a few?

Let’s take a closer look at the Shelandy Pet Hair Force Dryer and find out

Shelandy Pet Hair Force Dryer: The Details


The Shelandy Pet Hair Force Dryer is 17.4 x 11.6 x 7.9 inches and weighs a little under ten pounds.

Output Power

The output power is 2400 W at the maximum power, gradually reducing with each turn of the adjustable wind speed dial.

Airflow Variable

The airflow can range from 56 to 135 miles per hour.

Hose Length

The hose on the dryer is 73 inches (approximately six feet) long when it’s fully expanded.

Nozzles Available

The Shelandy Pet Hair Force Dryer comes with four different nozzles, applicable for different scenarios:

  • Comb Nozzle: Allows you to comb through long hair and work through tangles while drying at the same time.
  • Round Nozzle: Blasts air to push out the undercoat, providing a quicker way to dry any short-haired dog.
  • Two Flat Nozzles: Decreases the sound and power of the dryer, which is useful for nervous dogs. However, this only mildly impacts the drying speed, and it’s good for pushing out the undercoat or tangles in long-haired dogs.

shelandy pet hair force dryer

Shelandy Pet Hair Force Dryer Review

The Positives

Easy to Use

Whether you’ve used a dog grooming vacuum before or are new to it, operating the Shelandy Pet Hair Force Dryer is rather simple.

Once it’s been fully unboxed, attach the hose and lock it into place. Then, attach whatever nozzle you need, adjust the airflow dial to your desired power level, and then turn on the vacuum.

Dry the pet’s hair and then flip the “Off” switch once you’re done. That’s it! It doesn’t take much fussing and fumbling about with the vacuum to get it up and running, and your dog dry.

Testers loved how simplistic the usability of this pet hair dryer is. They were able to get their dog dry in no time!


Based on tester feedback, with the addition of the four different nozzles, this vacuum is excellently versatile.

Firstly, there is the comb nozzle, which helps to comb through an animal’s hair while drying it. This ensures your pet’s hair isn’t left all tangled after the drying process.

Next, there’s the round tool, which is ideal for blasting under the coat of dogs like huskies and corgis or any dogs with longer hair. It is also the quickest way to dry long-haired pets.

Then there are the flat tools, which are great for skittish dogs or those new to grooming. They make the dryer quieter and less forceful. They also help with drying and pushing out undercoats, so a thorough job is still achieved.

Pushing out the undercoat helps longer-haired dogs look less bulky, helps with tangles, and allows them to stay cool in the warmer months.

If you have specific needs for specific pets, or you have multiple pets with different coats, this Hair Force Dryer certainly fits the bill.

best pet dryer

Quicker Drying Time

Washing and drying off your dog can be a long, daunting process – except if you have this tool. Many testers also really liked the quick drying time of this Pet Hair Force dryer.

Whether you’re grooming a small cat or a large dog, the time required to dry their coat with this product is far less when compared to other designs on the market.

It should only take about 30 minutes to dry a fully-grown golden retriever. A small dog or cat will take 10 minutes or less.

Thanks to this dryer’s huge air flow, it saves time and stress for both you and your pup, getting the task done in record time.


While pet dryers can be anywhere from $40 to hundreds of dollars, they are usually on the higher end of that price range. A good pet dryer can definitely put a hole in your wallet.

Since the Shelandy dryer is under $100 on Amazon, that makes it a great deal. Rather than investing a small fortune to own a quality pet hair dryer for your home or business, you can manage it on a budget.

The Shelandy works great and won’t break the bank! If you’re on a budget you won’t have to worry about this dryer setting you too far back. It comes with a number of accessories too, saving you the effort from hunting down and purchasing other attachments.

And with a 1-year limited warranty included with every purchase, you won’t have to worry about footing the bill for any manufacturing mistake. Simply contact the company and they’ll handle all of that for you.

Easy Temperature and Air Control

A highly unique and very helpful feature on the Shelandy Pet Hair Force Dryer is the heat protection function. If the air blowing from the hose ever becomes too hot, you can switch to cold air.

The same goes if the air is not warm enough; you can heat it up to a greater temperature to dry your pet more quickly.

To control it, you need only flip the heating switch on or off, depending on how hot or cold the air should be. It’s easy to use so you’ll be able to adjust your temperature right when you need to.

You can also adjust the airflow on the Shelandy Force Dryer to suit you and your pet. If the air is too strong, you can easily adjust the amount of air shooting out at your pet so they stay comfortable and calm throughout the process.

shelandy dryer review

Sturdy and Portable

Whether you need to take your pup outside, need to move the dryer from pet to pet, or are constantly travelling with this device as a groomer, you won’t have to worry about it weighing you down.

The Shelandy Pet Hair Dryer is lightweight, making it easily portable and a breeze to move from place to place. Weighing in at around five pounds, you won’t need any assistance to take this where you want to go.

But don’t let the weight of this pet dryer fool you, testers noted how durable and rugged this dryer is, which means the lifespan of this dryer is likely to be a long one.

The Negatives

Shrieking Noise

Quite a few testers did mention how loud the dryer is when turned to its highest setting.

Despite the product page announcing a new noise reducer with four different levels of noise reduction, along with the noise-reducing nozzles, testers were not happy with the level of sound they encountered.

Multiple testers described the sound as a whistling or shrieking noise, which either upset them or upset their pet. Certainly not pleasant!

Since this vacuum is for pets, which may already be uncomfortable with a whirring sound. A shrieking noise is certainly a cause for concern. You don’t want to scare your dog or cat when you’re just trying to take care of their coat.

Unfortunately, this could be a deal breaker for a lot of people who will need to rely on higher settings.

shelandy dryer review

Overall Verdict

After going over all the positives and negatives, we are recommending the Shelandy Pet Hair Force Dryer – but with one caveat.

The product seems to do a great job of drying pet hair in a short amount of time. It’s also user-friendly, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to afford one.

With that said, if you think the noise level will be too much for your pet, or you don’t want to bring an overly-loud dryer into your grooming business, this is not the dryer for you.

Not every tester mentioned the noise, but the vast majority did. As such, it’s up to you if this is a deal breaker. If so, there are plenty of other options you can look into.


If you’ve ever given your pet a bath or regularly groom pets professionally, you know how difficult it can be to get them dry. It often takes several minutes – even an hour or more – for standard hair dryers to tackle the job.

A pet dryer can be the perfect solution. You can dry their hair quickly and efficiently, so no one has to deal with a wet dog smell.

The Shelandy Pet Hair Force Dryer gives you an affordable way to handle this task quickly, efficiently, and without too much fuss. The noise is a factor, but otherwise, this dryer is definitely worth checking out.

Where to Buy the Shelandy Pet Hair Force Hair Dryer

This pet hair dryer has definitely been getting a lot of attention from pet owners and groomers. In fact, the Shelandy brand has a variety of pet beauty products available in its lineup, from pet bathtubs to grooming tables.

Even with a solid line of grooming products and great customer feedback, finding the Shelandy Pet Hair Dryer can be hard both in-store and online.

Shelandy seems to only offer their products through third-party retailers like Amazon, and while they may be offered elsewhere in the future, for now, that’s the best place to look.

shelandy dryer review

That’s the end of our Shelandy Pet Hair Force Hair Dryer review. Tempted to give this hair dryer a try?

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