RV PetSafety Pet Environment Temperature Monitor Review


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With all the stories of pets being harmed after they’re left in hot cars, there is finally a way to ensure your car is at a safe temperature for your pet.

The RV PetSafety Pet Environment Temperature Monitor will let you know when the temperature in your car, RV, or even your house has grown too high for animal companion’s health.

rv petsafety monitor review

It’s easy to set up, provides alerts directly to your phone, and is pretty compact.

Unfortunately, some testers had issues with this monitor. A few disliked that it only monitored temperature levels, while others were unhappy with the ongoing cost of operating the device.

Is this a minor downside or a bigger issue? Let’s take a closer look at the RV PetSafety Pet Environment Temperature Monitor and find out.

RV PetSafety Pet Environment Temperature Monitor: The Details

Real-Time Monitoring?

Yes, this RV PetSafety monitor gives you real-time readings of the temperatures inside your car, RV, or home.

You can watch the thermometer on your phone and receive consistent, accurate updates on the conditions your pets are living in. There is no lag time!

Wi-Fi Required?

Surprisingly, no – you don’t need Wi-Fi for this monitor to work. The device relies on the Verizon 4G network to send readings, alerts, and any other information right to your phone.

So long as you have a signal, the monitor will work. No need to rely on Wi-Fi being available and no need to worry about a stable connection.

Is a Subscription Necessary?

Since the monitor works using the Verizon network, you do need to subscribe to one of two different plans.

There is the Occasional Traveler plan that is $19.99 a month, which can be paused or cancelled at any time, allowing you to only pay for the months the device is used.

If you’re not taking your pet with you to numerous locations, this is the best plan for your needs.

The other option is the Nomad Plan, which is $175 per year. If you are travelling with your pet often, this is the plan for you.

It keeps the network connected all year round so you can access the features whenever you need them.

dog temperature monitor


This device measures in at 3 x 3 x 1 inches, making it not much larger than a deck of cards.

It can easily fit on the dashboard of your car or be placed anywhere in an RV.


You don’t have to worry about plugging in this monitor; it runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

When it’s not in use, you can charge it to full power using your car’s cigarette lighter or your RV’s outlets.

RV PetSafety Pet Environment Temperature Monitor Review

The Positives

Easy to Set Up

Setting up this temperature monitor could not be easier. You can effortlessly attach the sensor to your RV or car using the adhesive strip that comes with the device.

Once you have it arranged in your preferred location, you need to download the RV PetSafety app, which will guide you through syncing your phone with the device. That’s it.

When it’s connected, you can then monitor the temperature in your car, RV, or even your home from your smartphone. If the temperature grows too severe, you can be notified right away and move your pet to a cooler area.

You won’t have to have any expertise on tech devices or pet products to get the PetSafety monitor up and going. And less fumbling around with a device means you can keep better track of your pet’s well-being sooner.


When leaving your pet behind, you won’t be worrisome and forced to check the temperature in your car or RV over and over.

rv petsafety monitor review

With the RV PetSafety Pet Environment Temperature Monitor, you can see if the environment has become dangerous for your pet by simply looking at your phone.

With the app delivering up-to-date alerts, there’s no danger of your pet becoming overheated while you’re left unaware.

As a bonus, these notifications aren’t limited to a single phone. You can have the alert sent to as many as five different mobile numbers. As such, if you can’t reach your pet’s location, someone else can. This ensures your life as a pet parent is far less risky.


Testers enjoyed this monitor’s small design. While the device provides a great service, no one wants an item that takes up a great deal of space in their car or RV.

At only 3 x 3 x 1 inches, you can fit the monitor almost anywhere. The small footprint also ensures it’s easy to carry with you.

If you plan on moving it from one vehicle to the next, the device is only 8 ounces in weight – so, no lugging a big item from your RV to your car. If you’re accustomed to borrowing or renting cars with your pet, you can just as easily bring this along.

The size of this monitor makes this product much more convenient since you won’t have to worry about your monitor being locked into one location.

Good App

While a smart product can sound great, things can get frustrating if the coinciding app doesn’t keep up. Fortunately, that’s not the case with RV PetSafety Monitor.

According to many testers, the RV Safety app works very well. The interface is easy to use and they didn’t experience issues with bugs or the app crashing.

Once you have the monitor synced to your phone, you can open the app, check the temp, and either go to rescue your pet or verify their safety and get on with your day.

Users were able to get notified whenever an alert was needed without issue, and the app proves to be a reliable counterpart with the device.

When you’re monitoring something like your pet’s safety, a reliable app is a necessity; you won’t have to worry here.

pet temperature monitor

Customer Service

Speaking of reliable, the customer service team behind the RV PetSafety monitor are certainly dependable. Customers were able to get in contact with them without much fuss, and when they did they were able to answer questions and concerns efficiently.

If you come across an issue or just a question or concern that needs addressing, you can expect the customer service department to be ready and willing to answer.

RV PetSafety also offers a 10-day return policy. If you purchase the product and you’re not happy with it, you’ll have 10 days to return it for a full refund.

After that, customers will have a 1-year warranty protecting them against any damages from manufacturing that may occur. Should you find an issue, you’ll simply need to contact RV Pet Safety’s trusty customer service department.

This company seems to make sure that their customers are happy and rest-assured when it comes to this product, giving you even less to worry about.

The Negatives

Only Measures Temperature

One complaint a few testers had was the lack of versatility. The monitor can only measure temperature; it can’t detect humidity or anything else that may affect the health of your pet.

Humidity can be just as great an issue as temperature. However, if you’re really worried, it’s best to keep your pet in a cool and comfortable place or provide them with enough water to combat the effects of humidity.

Ongoing Cost

Many testers had an issue with the ongoing cost of using the monitor. Once you buy the device, you’re not done paying for this system. You must pay a monthly fee.

Some testers wanted there to be one payment when they purchased the monitor and were upset they had to keep paying for a service.

Since the monitor uses the Verizon 4G network, it requires a monthly fee, just like when you pay for your cellphone plan. For those on a budget, an additional commitment like this monitor may not be the ideal solution.

The fee to Start/Stop Subscription

Another complaint involved the fee you must pay to start and stop the service subscription. It isn’t very costly, but they felt it was ridiculous to pay more money when they wanted to discontinue the plan.

This is only for the Nomads subscription though, not the month to month one. Nonetheless, testers aren’t exactly wrong.

Just keep these additional fees in mind before you sign up for the yearly plan, as changing your mind later will affect your bank account.

rv petsafety monitor review

Overall Verdict

After combing through all the positives and negatives, we highly recommend the RV PetSafety Pet Environment Temperature Monitor.

It provides you with a great way to ensure your pets’ safety as you take them on the road. Long car rides are fun, and sometimes it’s wise to leave Fido in the back as you go for supply runs or explore an area unsuited to pets.

This device ensures such an action won’t compromise their health. As long as you’re aware of the limitations of the monitor and the cost, you shouldn’t have any issues at all.


Nothing is more frightening to owners than leaving their pet in danger. Temperature spikes – especially during the summer – are a massive risk to contend with.

Nonetheless, if you wanted to travel with your pet, it’s a risk that may present itself to you often. Now, with this monitor, you can know the exact temperature no matter your location, receiving alerts on your phone and rescuing them from an unsafe area as soon as possible.

Where to Buy the RV PetSafety Pet Environment Temperature Monitor

The RV PetSafety Pet Environment Monitor has been garnering attention from pet owners, and both pet and tech enthusiasts. They’ve managed to satisfy a great number of customers with their innovative design.

Even with their current success and rising popularity though, this brand seems to still be building things up, which means access to this monitor may be limited.

It could prove hard to find the RV PetSafety Pet Environment Temperature Monitor both in-store and online.

While it’s usually best to check pet and tech stores, you can kick-start your search by checking out their website.

And thankfully, you’ll also be able to find this pet temperature monitor on Amazon.

RV PetSafety Pet Environment Temperature Monitor

That’s the end of our RV PetSafety Monitor review. Excited to give this product a try?

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