Rescue Dogs: Everything You Need to Know


Nothing can beat the love of a dog.

They are the best addition to any family home, make great pets, and are definitely the most huggable companions you could have.

When it comes to finding one to call your own, rescue dogs have become a popular way of giving the neediest animals a warm and loving home.

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The term ‘rescue dog’ can vary from dog adoption to actual dog rescue, but this basically means a dog that has been saved from harmful experiences and kept in a safe shelter until they find a new suitable family.

Unquestionably, getting a dog is a very serious decision and should be considered carefully, especially when it comes to rescue dogs.

They have had very difficult beginnings and will need extra love and reassurance.

If you are considering adopting a rescue dog, here are some things you need to know before you do.

Benefits of Adopting a Rescue Dog

Every pooch deserves a loving owner and dog shelters are full of furry pets desperate for a ‘forever home,’ especially older dogs.

Why go find a new puppy when you can adopt a pet who is already grown, likely trained, and is currently wasting away in a cage?

All they ask for is affection and care.

They can arrive at shelters for various reasons, such as if their owner has died. Others might have behavioral issues, but most problems are owner-generated, so enough patience and love can reform them into loyal and caring companions.

You can enjoy the satisfaction of saving a disadvantaged dog, and bring them home to a safe and warm place to call their own.

As you have taken the time to understand them and made the effort to create a welcoming atmosphere, unlike their previous owners, you will get a dog who will love you truly, madly, and deeply forever.

adopt a dog

Potential Drawbacks of Dog Rescue

There are some things that should be kept in mind when adopting a dog. It is important to remember that rescue dogs can be very hard work and often more work than a puppy from a dog breeder.

They may have experienced years of torture and abuse, and can often take a long time, with plenty of patience and care, to heal from their experiences.

You may find that the process of adopting a dog can be long and costly.

With some shelters, they perform several vetting procedures to ensure that the dog is going to a safe home.

There are also some additional fees which are included the adoption process. However, all shelters are different and you will need to research your local options to find out their procedures and prices.

Adopt a Dog with Minimal Issues

If you are considering adopting a dog, then you need to decide which type of dog you want before visiting the rescue center.

It is important to think carefully about the size, type, temperament, and – most importantly – what would work best for your family and home.

For example, do you have the time and energy for a young, lively, big dog that needs lots of space and long walks?

Or do you have a noisy and crowded house that could potentially frighten a quiet and reserved dog?

Once you know what kind of dog would be best for you, you are ready to visit the dog shelter!

It will be beneficial to take the whole family so you can see how the dog reacts to everyone.

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Likewise, you need to guarantee that everyone is comfortable around the dog too. When you visit the dog shelter, remember to take some toys, treats, and a brush, so you can see how the dogs react to playing and being groomed.

This should help you figure out how easy they’ll be to train, or how trained they are already.

When you are deciding, take notice of how they react to other dogs.

Are they sociable or scared, aggressive or playful? You should be allowed to take your shortlisted dogs for short walks to experience them for yourself. There will always be things you won’t know until you try. Your new dog might hate car travel or be scared of loud noises, but these are all things you can work on together.

It is vital to gain as much information as possible about the dog of your choice. You should ask the dog shelter staff for all the details they have about the animal’s background. If you have kids, it may be useful to know whether the previous owner had children.

When you do find the right dog, it’s best to ensure that the dog has been at the rescue center for at least three days and has settled in properly.

This way you can be certain you are seeing their real personality and not a confused dog who may be under stress.

Have you tried rescue dog adoption yet?


Featured photo by Anoir Chafik on Unsplash

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