Regirock 2018 Upgrade Barking Control Collar Review


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The Regirock 2018 Upgrade Barking Control Collar is a shock-optional training collar, allowing for the user to choose non-shock alternatives like vibration and sound, while also keeping the shock function available for those that need it – or if a situation calls for it.

Some dog owners looking for a humane no-shock collar may feel uneasy buying a device with a shock-optional feature, but the price and multi-functionality of it may be a good trade-off.

regirock collar review

Due to its low cost, it’s also an appealing option for dog owners on a budget.

Here we break down all the good and the bad in our Regirock 2018 Upgrade Barking Control Collar review, so read on to see if it’s the perfect buy for you.

Regirock 2018 Upgrade Barking Control Collar Review



The Regirock 2018 Upgrade Barking Control Collar has seven settings you can pick from in order to help you train your dog.

While having the three different types of stimuli (sound, vibration, and shock) the collar also comes with a set of seven levels of sound and vibration combos.

With each level-up, the sound will last a little longer. At level three, the vibration function is introduced and will progressively get longer, according to how high the level is.

The lowest is at level one with 1.5 seconds of sound. The highest is seven with four seconds of sound and three seconds of vibration.

Sleep Mode

Stimuli can lower its chance of usefulness when continuously applied – and that’s even truer if the dog has decided to bark despite the stimuli. Either it’s not enough or the dog has deemed it a worthy trade-off for whatever they’re excited by.

The Regirock collar will activate a one-minute-long sleep-mode if the collar is activated seven times in a row within the time span of sixty seconds.


Though the collar comes with a shock function, it’s easily turned off. Unlike full feature shock collars, it only has one level of shock to it.

Test it on yourself before turning it on to see if the level of shock is appropriate for what you’re trying to accomplish when training your dog.

Still, when using the shock function, the collar will use the sound feature first and then the vibration, before using shock as a last resort.

Regirock barking control collar


Can’t Leave Overnight

The product itself warns users against leaving the training collar on overnight, noting that the training responses (sound, vibration, or shock, depending on how you’ve set it) can be set off by yawning.

This doesn’t lend any credibility to the product itself in only activating when your dog barks, though the product promises anti-false-triggering.

This could be frustrating for dog owners that want to leave something on at night in order to avoid being woken up.

Due to the accidental triggering of the collar, and the fact you should not leave it on overnight, this shouldn’t be used as an around-the-clock bark control collar.

If you’re looking for a collar you can leave on for dogs that need intensive training, you should look for other collars.

Unfortunately, this collar feels ineffective as a supplemental-training-only collar, as it does not come with a remote in order to manually activate it for other behaviors you want to work on.

No Walks with Training Collar

As this collar does have small prods in order for the vibration or shock function to actually touch the skin through fur, you shouldn’t put your dog on a leash or dog rope with this collar.

A workaround could be having two collars (no metal, if you’re using the shock function), should you be intent on taking your dog out on a walk with the training collar on or leaving them tied in the yard.

Sensitive Trigger

The device promises that it will not activate due to other dogs’ barking, but the collar seems extra sensitive to everything the dog wearing the collar does.

As mentioned before, yawning can trigger the collar, but so can shaking and scratching.

It likely avoids activating from other dogs by making the trigger a physical-based one rather than a sound-only trigger, but it has the unfortunate downside of seeing any physical vibration as a bark if it matches the frequency.

Regirock barking control collar

Final Verdict

The Regirock 2018 Upgrade Barking Control Collar would fit best for dogs that need minor adjustments in their training and have been resistant to change.

There are some limitations that need to be considered, especially for dog owners looking for a collar to train their dog around the clock. Those looking for a less sensitive collar may also want to keep their search going.

The best use of this collar would be for small bursts of training, on weekends when you can spend all day around your dog, or to hopefully keep a dog quiet while guests are over.

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