PupJoy Review: Happiness In A Gift Box


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PupJoy founders Bill and Dustin are passionate about what they do. Being dog ‘parents’ themselves, they understand the profound relationship between dog and owner, and what makes our furry best friends tick. With the PupJoy box subscription service, they aim to provide happiness for your dog — delivered to you in a box.

The unique PupJoy phenomenon is taking the canine world by storm. Subscribers benefit from monthly delivery of a customized PupJoy box filled with premium artisanal treats and toys for their dog.

PupJoy pride themselves on giving the best experience possible for you and your pet. We decided to find out a little more about the service and whether it’s worth your time and money.

PupJoy Review

What Do You Get in a PupJoy Box?

A PupJoy box is completely personalized to suit your pup.

You simply select your custom options from the website and PupJoy will put together a selection of all-natural goods based on your dog’s individual needs. There are options for dogs with allergies or for those who prefer an organic diet.

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For dogs who like rough and tumble sturdy toys are selected, whereas if your pooch is a snuggler he will receive something warm to cuddle up with. There is also the option to send boxes as gifts to other doggy pals.

All treats, toys and products are made by US artisans and then conveniently delivered to your door.

Treats are natural and organic, and toys, accessories and apparel are beautiful, practical and well-crafted. This means top notch quality products from small businesses, rather than mass-produced inferior items from big label brands.

Prices range from $23 to $44 per box, based on selected options including box size, treat preference, and number of boxes.

Subscribing to multi-box plans gives bigger savings.

What’s the Subscription Model?

There are no contracts for subscription, and no fixed plan.

Instead, you choose a 1, 3, 6 or 12 box plans — with monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly delivery and the flexibility to skip, edit or cancel your subscription at any time without penalties.

PupJoy also give a 100% satisfaction guarantee — so if you’re not completely happy with the service you will receive a full refund, hassle-free.

Any Other Incentives?

PupJoy subscribers benefit from free U.S. shipping on all gift orders, subscription plans and purchases in the online Pup Shop, plus you have the chance to earn cash back with the Pup Points Loyalty Rewards scheme.

Every 10 Pup Points are worth $1. You get 20 points for purchasing a subscription, 20 each time you renew a subscription, and 20 points for each separate purchase in the Pup Shop. Plus every time you successfully refer a friend, you will receive $20 cash back.

The Positives of PupJoy

Customer relations

The customer service at PupJoy is second to none, with rave reviews from customers who positively glow with satisfaction.

PupJoy genuinely want to make their customers happy, and they really take note of the little details about your dog — it sets them apart from other subscription services.

If your dog (or you!) don’t like what they receive, they will send you a replacement product free of charge — they will just politely ask you to donate the unwanted item to a doggy in need.


Most of us lead pretty busy lives, and we often find that we don’t have the time to get everything done.

PupJoy’s highly customizable premium selection allows you to personalise your pet’s box quickly and easily — plus the option to send boxes as gifts saves you time trawling shopping centres for great gifts for dog lovers.

All this high value, high quality merchandise is then conveniently delivered straight to your door within 2 business days, for far less than you’d spend on a trip to the pet store. All it takes is a few clicks.

Giving Back

PupJoy’s ‘Helping Paws’ program donates a full 10% of every purchase to provide resources for animal shelters who care for less fortunate dogs.

In addition to this, the ‘Care Packs’ program also helps those in need by using $2 from each subscription fee to provide PupJoy boxes free of charge to dog owners undergoing treatments for breast cancer.


Every product in a PupJoy box is hand-picked for quality.

Artisan. Organic. Better.

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Treats and foodstuffs are natural and made without dangerous additives and chemicals. Toys and accessories are tried and tested.

The company only uses goods created by independent U.S. based artisans who are the best at what they do. By doing this, they are promoting small businesses and connecting the community — as well as providing only the finest products for their clients.

Where PupJoy Could Improve

To be honest it’s pretty tough to fault the PupJoy experience. However there are some minor downsides to the service:

  • Dogs are fickle – and box customisation is not foolproof – so at some point something is going to arrive in your box that your dog just doesn’t like. However, PupJoy will be more than happy to replace it with something more appealing free of charge.
  • Shipping is currently only available in Canada & the US, and whilst it’s free in the US, it costs $5 to deliver to Canada.
  • The price of a box is variable depending on the contents, and with new items arriving every time this means that you can’t always anticipate the exact amount you will be spending on each box.

Overall Verdict on PupJoy

This is a great company offering an excellent, unique service.

PupJoy standards are sky high, because they really do understand and care about what their clients want. Not only that but the fact that they work with independent artisan businesses, are environmentally conscious and support animals (and humans) in need, it is clear they have a strong sense of ethics.

A PupJoy box offers high quality, convenience and compassion at an affordable price — so it may well be happiness in a box — for both you and your dog!

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