Precision Pet Petmate Log Cabin Review


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If your dog enjoys staying outside most of the day, or you can’t always keep them indoors when company is around, then a dog house can be a great option.

The Precision Petmate Log Cabin Dog House may be exactly what you’re looking for, as a sturdy, easy to assemble, and inexpensive option.

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Unfortunately, not every user (and their dog) had a good experience with this dog house. Some people found that it leaked, that couldn’t take on rougher dogs, and that the walls and floor were thinner than expected.

Nonetheless, before you make your final decision, let’s take a closer look at the Precision Petmate Log Cabin Dog House.

Precision Petmate Log Cabin Dog House: The Details


  • Small: 34L x 25W x 22H inches.
  • Medium: 45.5L x 26.5W x 27.5H inches.
  • Large: 45.5L x 33W x 32.8H inches.
  • Extra Large: 48L x 34.5W x 40.5H inches.


The overall exterior is made of solid wood, and the roof is covered with water-resistant asphalt shingles. There is also stainless steel hardware that keeps the structure together, making the house strong, durable, and safe even in the rain.

There are plastic feet on the house to help lift it up off the ground; these are self-leveling, so you can put the house just about anywhere.

Weather Resistant Features

The Precision Petmate Log Cabin Dog House is sealed with a weather-resistant coating and features a rain-resistant roof that has a durable weather liner.

So, no matter whether the sun is shining right down on it or it’s pouring rain, the house and your dog inside will be protected from the elements.

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This dog house is made with the appearance of a log cabin, so it has wooden slats going horizontally across each side, transforming it into the perfect image of a cabin you might stay at in the woods.

It also has a slanted flattop roof with asphalt shingles, making it resemble a little house even more.

Precision Petmate Log Cabin Dog House Review

The Positives

Easy to Assemble

Whether you’re particularly handy or not, there’s no worry of getting confused with the Precision Petmate Log Cabin Dog House.

It’s very easy to assemble, requiring only three steps and taking only 30 minutes to set it all up. The instructions are effortless to follow, and the dog house comes with all the screws and tools you need.

The pieces fit together smoothly, making it nearly intuitive. You really can’t mess this up.

This is great for first time owners who are just getting used to putting together products like this, or busy owners who rather not spend the time fumbling with a new item.


You want your dog house to be sturdy since your pup will be sleeping in it every day and night (and throughout the day). In order for it to stand up to the motions of dogs, it needs to be built strong.

Most users noted how sturdy this dog house is. While some mentioned that the wood was thinner than expected, most testers stated that it held up to their dog walking in and out of it and sleeping in it during the day.

 PetTech Professional Dog Grooming Kit reviewPrecision Pet Petmate log cabin review

The legs on the dog house are adjustable, so it can sit fittingly on any surface you decide to place it on. This is especially great when placing it in a yard with unleveled rocks or bricks.

Nice Looking

While this is more of a personal preference than a positive feature, this dog house does look very nice. It’s designed to mirror a tiny log cabin for your dog and it will look great in any kind of landscape you have outside – even enhancing it!

Since it’s not made out of plastic like some other dog houses are, it will appear as a cute hideaway in your yard rather than an eye-sore.

Some dog house and beds use outdated designs and features that can take away from a well-designed home or landscape. This dog house, however, only adds to your curb appeal.

Different Sizes

Luckily, this dog house does not arrive as “one size fits all.” You can view the sizing chart on Amazon or on other websites where this product is sold, and it will explain which size is best for you depending on how big your dog is. No need to do any guesswork.

This is great news since your dog can have a dog house that’s suited to them with enough room and space to be comfortable.

The Precision Petmate Log Cabin Dog House comes in sizes small to extra-large for your convenience. Despite the sizes, this dog house remains relatively light, making it easy to move it when needed.


The Petmate Log Cabin Dog House is also great for your budget. At under $100 on Amazon, you can get a great, solid-wood dog house and still have money to buy your pooch a few snacks and toys afterward.

A product like this one can easily be over $100, but you’re paying much less for a sturdy product that your dog will enjoy.


With this purchase, you get a one-year limited warranty, which covers any repairs or replacement part needed as long as it is due to the materials or the workmanship being defective.

The warranty doesn’t cover any damage inflicted by your dog, or any misuse or abuse done to the dog house by you. After one year, you have to deal with any repairs or replacement parts on your own.

Companies with a warranty show their customers that they care about them and stand behind their product. No one wants to deal with any problems found in a product on their own.

Precision Pet Petmate log cabin review

Not Just for Dogs

A lot of customers who purchased this dog house actually purchased it for their other furry friends – their cats!

Cat owners found the size, weather-proofing and the fact that the floor was raised off the ground to be perfect for their feline pals to retreat to when outside.

Most sizes can easily fit more than one kitty too, making this dog house the perfect home for multiple feral cats.

The Negatives

Falling Pieces

Unfortunately, quite a few users had a piece of the dog house come apart. They either had a wall fall off or the floor fall through. Sadly, this wasn’t exactly an uncommon occurrence.

This may be a case of “you get what you pay for,” because while this is on the cheaper side for a dog house this big, there were a lot of customers that talked about having issues with the product staying intact in the long run.

If the price and features are perfect for you though, thankfully there’s a warranty to assist you if pieces from this product come undone.

Thin Floor and/or Walls

We mentioned it before, but it’s worth bringing up again. A number of testers also noted how thin the walls and the floor are in this dog house.

If you have a heavier dog, even if you get the extra-large option, this may be a problem. No one wants their dog to be enjoying their little house only to have the floor fall out from under them.

While quite a few users noted this Precision Petmate dog house as being sturdy, just as many noted that it seemed rather flimsy.

If you’re looking to keep this for long time use, or your dog is on the extra-large side, it may be disappointing to you both.

Not for Rough Dogs

A couple of testers also mentioned that if you have a rough dog or one that likes to chew on things, this is not the product for you.

It is easy to scratch and, if given a minute or two, a dog could easily break off pieces; you obviously don’t want your dog ingesting wood.

This should have been thought of ahead of time, because of how potentially dangerous it can be. It’s clear this dog house needs to be better made to deal with rowdier pups.


A few testers also mentioned the roof leaking when it was raining exceptionally hard outside, and others stated that because the wood is so thin, it is prone to warping when it gets wet.

It seems like the makers of this house need to go back to the drawing board on some features. They specifically say that this house is weather-proof, but according to a couple of users, that does not seem to be the case.

Precision Pet Petmate log cabin review

Overall Verdict

After going over all the positives and negatives, we recommend the Precision Petmate Log Cabin Dog House.

This dog house may not suit some buyers, but it’s perfectly acceptable for others – namely, those who have lightweight dogs, who live in areas where it rains very infrequently, and whose dogs are not prone to chewing.

If you were to purchase this for a small terrier or the like, it will be a cost-effective and adorable house for them. However, for larger dogs, for rainy areas, and for pooches who like to nibble, this dog house may quickly fall apart and render itself useless.

As a result, be sure to consider your pet, your budget, and your needs before investing. The company behind this dog house certainly needs to make upgrades to the product, but in the meantime, for some, it very well may be a perfect fit.

Where to Buy the Precision Petmate Log Cabin Dog House

Petmate has proven that they’re a go-to brand for pet products given their line of accessible and affordable pet care items.

With an emphasis on cat and dogs, Petmate has an array of items ranging from bedding to toys.

Their affordable products have made them a popular brand with retailers carrying their products around the globe. It won’t be a hard task to find items including the Precision Petmate Log Cabin Dog House both in-store and online.

It’s usually best to check pet, home department, or specialty store, but you can kick-start your search with the following online retailers.

And of course, you can also find this dog house on Amazon.

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That’s the end of our Precision Pet Petmate Log Cabin review. Curious to give it a try?

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