Pop View Bark Collar Review


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Not to be confused with a shock collar, the Pop View Bark Collar is a completely humane dog training device.

Instead of electrical shocks, it uses sound and vibrations as a consequence to bad behavior and unjustified or unwanted barking.

pop view collar review

In order to avoid some confusion, this product also goes by names such as the DogBark Intelligent No Bark Dog Collar and the Yappy Dog Intelligent No Bark Dog Collar, but it will be called the Pop View Bark Collar in this review.

This dog training collar functions similarly to dog clickers, in which you can train your dog to associate the noise with a punishment or reward (which can be non-physical, such as praising or reprimanding).

This encourages them to respond appropriately when they hear the tone – generally by stopping their current action.

However, is there any benefit over using this collar as opposed to simply buying a clicker? Let’s find out in this review!

Pop View Bark Collar Review


Weather Resistant

Though it’s not a shock collar which needs the extra concern of being waterproof to protect your dog’s health, it is still an electrical device and needs to be weather and water resistant.

Thankfully, this collar fits that criterion. Giving credit where credit is due, it is not only resistant to rain and snow, but is heat resistant up to 450° F (232° C). It should hold up to anything the weather or unique circumstances throw at it.

Fits Range of Dogs

With an adjustable nylon strap, this collar can fit well on dogs from 11 pounds to 110 pounds (or 5 kg. to 50 kg., for those more familiar with the metric system).

So long as their neck size doesn’t exceed 21.6 inches (55cm.), it should fit your dog comfortably.

On the topic of the collar’s build, it anticipates and corrects the issue of chafing around the harder plastic of the buckle, using rounded edges to avoid abrasively irritating the surrounding fur and skin.

Automatic Function

No need to worry about inconsistent training while you’re away at work. Some collars won’t activate when your dog starts barking at the mailman or when your aunt comes to drop something off at your house and doesn’t have the remote.

However, this stop-barking collar does what it promises by automatically responding when your dog yelps.

small dog bark collar

For the first and second bark, it will use the beep tone. By the third tone, it beeps and vibrates until the dog stops barking.


May Need Some Training

Because this is a no shock dog training collar, you may need to put in extra effort when training your dog to associate punishment (reprimands or a spray bottle) with the tones that come from the collar.

While it may work right off the bat with some dogs, others can be more resistant to it, without knowing that the tone means something.

For dogs that are extremely resistant to a no-shock collar, using other methods may be required to further solve the problem.

Inconsistent Vibration Modes

Some users have reported that the product barely works, while some report that the product was able to scare their German Shepherd on the lowest setting.

This may lead to some trouble, as the collar does automatically go to the vibration setting upon the third bark and could go off while you’re not there to correct the problem.

Prongs Meant for Thick Fur

The last thing anyone wants is to buy a collar and find out it can’t reach the skin because of the thick fur.

Well, on that point, it does well, but for dogs without that thick coat of fur, it can hang awkwardly or dig in with the prongs. This is not recommended as a small dog bark collar because of this reason.

dog training collar

Final Verdict

If you’re on a budget and want a no-shock collar, this would be a good option to consider. For everyone else, it may be wise to consider other training collars, even though they’ll be a little pricier.

The cheap materials work to offset the price, but may not be suited for a long-term investment or a training program to handle problematic barking behavior.

Long-term excessive barkers, especially those that are older with more set-in behaviors, may not be feasible to train with this collar.

But if you’re looking for an affordable dog-barking collar, especially if you have a dog with a thick coat, you’ll want to give the Pop View Bark Collar a try.

dog training collar

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