PetSafe ScatMat Review

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The PetSafe ScatMat Indoor Pet Training Mat is a clear plastic mat, which comes in a variety of shapes and sizes – from the typical medium and large, to sizes like strip, curved, and sofa!

It’s battery powered, making it easy to clean when you remove the battery, and flexible so you can roll it up and store it away when needed.


The ScatMat delivers a small, medium, or large shock when stepped on for more than three seconds in order to deter pets from walking on certain surfaces or in certain areas.

The question is, does it work? In this PetSafe ScatMat review, you’ll see if this product is right for you.

PetSafe Scat Mat: Review


If It Works, It Works

When you get to the cons on this review, you’ll see that not all pets will respond to the ScatMat. But for those that do, it doesn’t work halfway.

For most, just the initial shock is enough to deter them from popping up on the counter or the couch in the future.

This pet training mat can help you train unwanted behavior out of your pets or deter them from peeing inside.

Prevents Accidents

You can buy several of these mats to cover every surface you don’t want your pet to touch which can be an easy way to conduct your dog’s toilet training.

If you know your dog likes to pee in one particular place, either when they’re nervous or they’re too impatient to wait for you to take them out, you can set this mat in those spots.

Invisible Closed Door

This mat doesn’t just need to be used to keep your pets off of surfaces; it can also be used to keep pets out of certain rooms!

This can be especially useful if you just want to keep your pet out of the kitchen entirely, or when placed at the front or back door, it will keep them from running out when people are passing through.

Granted, if your dog is big enough to simply step over the ScatMat, you’ll need to use two to cover more surface area.

Easy to Setup and Use

The PetSafe Scat Mat is supposed to make pet training easier, not harder. Fortunately, this device is easy to both setup and use so you won’t be fumbling with both a new product and a fussy pet.

It doesn’t leave a sticky residue when you want to move it, making it less of a hassle when you want to take this with you to a friend’s place, hotel, or cottage.

dog toilet training


Short Battery Life

Maybe think about investing in some rechargeable batteries, because this thing eats up energy fast.

It only runs on one battery and, depending on the setting you place it at, will use up a significant amount with each shock, not to mention the energy used when in idle mode.

This can be a costly solution if you have multiple mats. That being said, if you’re already spending that money getting your couch professionally cleaned, maybe it’s still the cheaper option.

Check for Knock-Offs

For some reason, buying this product from third-party sellers sometimes results in receiving an off-brand and typically defective model.

If this happens to you, ask for an exchange and it should work out. This is likely a problem with suppliers, but is still a bit of a hassle.

You can easily check to see which is the knock-off by looking for the PetSafe logo. The knock-off will only have the name “Pet Training Mat” and is much smaller than the original.

Not for Big Dogs or Tricky Cats

Just like how big dogs might be able to shake off the higher settings for training collars, they also might not feel the effects of this mat.

This product works by sending a shock when two or more wires are stepped on for at least three seconds.

For those smart, nimble feline friends, they might be able to step between the wires and avoid the shock altogether, taunting you for your failed attempt to train them.

Try Not Shock Yourself

Because it’s transparent, and you’ll likely place it in areas you use (which is why you want your pet off of that surface), it can be easy to shock yourself by accident.

If it’s not turned off when you’re interacting with the spot, you’re in for a surprise. However, should you have it on a low setting because that’s all your pet needed, the little shock will just remind you to turn it off.

If you have it turned up really high to train larger or more stubborn pets, the shock might train you not to use that space too.

PetSafe ScatMat review

Final Verdict

Whether you’re dog training or cat training, the PetSafe Scat Mat might be your answer.

Training needs to be done consistently, and unless you lock up your pets every time you leave the house, everything you do with them in person will be undone – since they’ll know as soon as you leave, the house returns to being their playground.

So long as you remember to turn it off or roll it away when that area is needed by humans, this can be a lifesaver for keeping areas of your home pet-free.

pet safe scat mat review

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