PetPeek Fence Window for Pets Review


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PetPeek Fence Window for Pets offers a compromise for dog owners with excessively curious furry friends.

Now, you may think that a fence-window for your dog is a silly, over-indulgent thing to purchase. What’s the point of spending time and money to place an acrylic hole in your fence just so your dog can see beyond the confines of your backyard?

window for fence

Well, if you have a dog with a habit of jumping fences or excessive barking at the unknown, you just might understand the need to alleviate your pet’s curiosity.

But does putting a window in your fence actually work to stop this problem?

Let’s take a look, in this PetPeek Fence Window for Pets review, and see how it measures up.

PetPeek Fence Window for Pets Review


Dogs Love It

If your dog likes sticking its nose places both where it does and doesn’t belong, they’ll like this. If your dog jumps at every chance to see what is outside the window, they’ll love this.

As you install it yourself (or with the help of another), you can set it to be right at your dog’s height.

Dogs love this window to the point that if you have more than one dog, your biggest trouble may be in figuring out if maybe two windows are worth it – or if they may just fight over one anyways.

Even if it doesn’t do anything for you, your dog will love it.

Stays Clear

The biggest problem with any kind of clear material is the concern that it will yellow or be easily marked up. This goes doubly so if your dog’s nose, mouth, and paws are anywhere near the material in question.

The PetPeek Fence Window is UV- and scratch-resistant, and holds up to its claim, making it a decent investment rather than a purchase you know you’ll eventually have to replace.

However, though it’s resistant to your dog’s licks, bites, and claws, it’s not invulnerable. Make sure not to hit it with any of your yard equipment!

petpeek fence window review

Prevents Some Jumpers

While it may not prevent all reasons for your dog to take a leap over the fence to see what’s passing by on the other side, it may deter pets that are simply curious about what’s happening in the great yard-less beyond.

If they really like to follow passersby, purchase a couple so they can follow! This can keep them in your yard, safe and with their curiosity sated.

As a warning, if your dog is the type you have to hold back whenever a person walks by or when a car passes, it may not prevent jumping. For that, you need a bigger fence, not a window.


Home Project

Do you own a jigsaw? Drill or driver? Crescent wrench? Unless you build that fence yourself, can borrow some tools from work, or do projects on your own, you’ll need to find these tools somehow – or else pay someone to install the fence-window for you.

That being said, any fence window that doesn’t come with the fence included is going to have some installation that requires cutting through your fence – something that needs tools beyond just a screwdriver and a hammer.

Screws Too Long

Good news is that the product comes with the screws to attach the window to your fence. The bad news may be that, depending on the thickness of your fence’s material, the screws may be too long.

This can be a problem, as your dog’s head and neck will be very close to the rim of the window and may bump into the pointed ends of the screws.

Thankfully, you can go to any hardware store and find a screw that has the length you need, or get a couple extra washers to extend the cover of the screw.

May or May Not Stop Barking

Is your dog a curious fella that barks at any passing movement, whether they can see it or not? Are you buying this solely because you want to reduce barking?

Well, it may or may not do the trick, depending on your dog. Do they bark at anything that passes by because that’s how they are, or is it because their brains register what they can’t see as a possible threat or treat?

If it’s the former, this product isn’t going to help. In fact, it might cause more barking.

If it’s the latter, you may see some benefit on the barking front.

PetPeek Fence Window review

Final Verdict

It’s cute, it’s functional, and it stands the test of time, for anyone who wants to do a little something for their dog.

While there’s no way to know for sure if it prevents dogs from jumping or barking, just because they can now see what’s on the other side, it’s still fun for your dogs. You get the added bonus if the aforementioned benefits do happen!

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