Petmate Dogloo Review

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Does your dog spend most of their time outside and need some protection from the elements? Or perhaps you need an item your dog can comfortably rest in while they sit outside with you?

In either case, the Petmate Dogloo (with Microban) may be just the product to impress your best friend.

It’s sturdy, antimicrobial, and requires almost no assembly.

With that said, not every pet owner had a good experience with this doghouse. Some testers found it much smaller than described, while others found it too expensive for the features offered.

Are these deal-breakers or just acceptable downsides? Let’s take a closer look in our full Petmate Dogloo Review.

Introducing the Petmate Dogloo with Microban

Dog’s love nesting in their own private spaces. If your pup spends a lot of time outdoors, you can provide the perfect little doghouse sanctuary with the Petmate Dogloo.

This is cheaper than a conventional doghouse, and while it isn’t as comfy as a premium dog bed, it does provide a very popular nook for your dog to rest outdoors.

PetMate Dogloo review


The Petmate Dogloo is composed almost entirely of stiff, structural foam and plastic.

Both materials keep the weather and elements away from your dog, while also making it heavy enough to resist decent wind speeds.

More importantly, the foam ensures the house stays warm enough for your dog to comfortably enjoy.


While Amazon only offers two different sizes (the 25-50 lbs. and the 90-125 lbs.), Petmate itself does offer more than those sizes:

  • 15-25 lbs.

Size: 18.5 x 25.3 x 26 inches

Item Weight: 15 lbs.

  • 25-50 lbs.

Size: 25.5  x 33 x 33.8 inches

Item Weight: 23 lbs.

  • 50-90 lbs.

Size: 30.5 x 39 x 39.5 inches

Item Weight: 40 lbs.

  • 90-150 lbs.

Size: 37 x 47 x 48.5 inches

Item Weight: 82 lbs.

What Size Dog Is It Suitable For?

Depending on the size you choose, the Petmate Dogloo can fit a canine ranging anywhere from 25 to 150 lbs.

But don’t skip the dimensions! That will tell you more specifically how big the house is and whether your pup will adequately fit inside.

Is It Weatherproof?

Petmate states that the Dogloo is weather resistant. Unfortunately, in our experience, weather resistant does not mean weatherproof.

Instead, this indicates the structure can stand up to hot and cold temperatures, as well as rain, without being damaged.

It does not mean the Dogloo will stand up to all weather. A rainy, snowy, or windy day will be fine – but you should bring the Dogloo indoors if there is going to be a storm.


There is almost no assembly required on the Petmate Dogloo with Microban. It will come in three pieces. You need only snap the dome to the base and then snap the vent cover onto the top.

That’s it!

You don’t need any tools whatsoever. Your dog can be laying inside within a couple of minutes.

The Company Behind Petmate

Founded in 1962 in Arlington, Texas, Petmate started off as a dog kennel brand. However, they now design and manufacture a range of pet products.

This includes everything from small and large crates, to outdoor shelters like the Dogloo, to toys, to feeding and watering systems.

Beyond canines, they develop products for all kinds of animals, including cats, birds, and chickens. Their stated mission is to provide “fun, trusted, quality products to enhance the lives of pets and their families.”

They are now an international company who sells their products to stores all over the world.

The Petmate Dogloo

Petmate Dogloo Review

The Positives

It’s Sturdy

It’s impressive how sturdy and durable the Dogloo is.

When your dog is outside and it starts to rain or snow, you want them to have a sturdy place to hide away from the elements in. Occasionally, bringing them indoors isn’t an option.

That is what you’ll find with the Dogloo. The shape keeps the wind from tipping it over, while also allowing the rain, snow, and leaves to run off it.

The foam covering weighs it down enough to keep it upright and stable. There is even a vent on the top to allow proper air circulation. This makes the space breathable, but also helps the structure avoid blowing away.

The structure isn’t bite-proof, but it is strong enough to resist most gnawing. It would take your dog a long time to puncture the material!

Sturdy products are especially important when it comes to your pets. You want something that can withstand both the elements and your pup’s bitey habits and the Dogloo fits the bill.

Easy to Set Up

There is almost no set up for the Petmate Dogloo. Once you’ve unboxed the item, you can just snap all the piece together.

You don’t need any tools at all. The dome snaps onto the floor and then the vent snaps onto the top. That’s it!

Even if you’re not handy, you will have this up and ready in no time. After this, only a few blankets or some of your canine’s toys will be necessary to make them feel at home.

This opens up the Dogloo to both busy and new pet owners since it doesn’t require a ton of knowledge to set-up. Your pup will be cozy and protected in no time.

Stays Clean

With the addition of Microban, you can ensure that, no matter what blows into the structure or what your dog does inside, it won’t ruin the house.

The Microban makes the interior antimicrobial, meaning it fights off the growth of stains, bacteria, mold, and mildew. It also helps with any odors that may attempt to build up.

If your dog goes to the bathroom inside, you still have to clean it out, but it won’t do irreparable damage or smell as bad as it might without the Microban.

This is an important note when it comes to pets, as pet items are known to attract messes and germs. You’ll have less to worry about thanks to Petmate’s design.

This makes dog house maintenance super easy as well, so you can spend more time with your pup and less time cleaning up unwanted messes.

Protects Against the Elements

As mentioned, this Dogloo is designed to be weather resistant, helping pets stay warm, comfortable and dry if the weather happens to be less than ideal outside, or if your dog just needs a break from the sun.

Testers have confirmed that this dog house does protect pups against weather conditions like snow, wind, and rain without much problem.

Thanks to its sturdy design, it stays stable when winds push against it, and thanks to its dome-like construction, its easy for snow and other things to slide right off.

While it’s not advertised as waterproof or weatherproof, it still does a great job at keeping the elements at bay. You can even add a heating pad to help your pet stay comfortable and warm – a number of testers did this with little issue.

Ventilated and Comfortable

Speaking of comfort, a number of users noted that their dogs had no problem relaxing in their new dog house.

When dogs were measured correctly, most had more than enough room around them, making it easy for pups to stretch out and really maximize their Dogloo. Some owners even managed to fit two of their pets in the dog house!

The dog house is ventilated at the top, so while a plastic construction can help trap heat, this helps keep the air in the dog house regulated, keeping your pet comfortable. The rooftop circulation design provides continuous airflow with no stress from you.

This way, there’s no chance of your dog overheating, and less chance of your pet neglecting the dog house altogether.

The Negatives

Smaller Than Described

The only design issue testers experienced with the Dogloo was its overall size. When they received it, they expected a larger build but found it rather tiny – especially when compared to the product description.

As such, make sure you not only check the weight limits for each house size, but also the dimensions.

The weight does not always tell you whether your dog will properly fit inside. The dimensions are a better tell. If you still have a problem, you can always exchange it for a larger design.


Beyond its design, a few testers were displeased with the Dogloo’s price. On Amazon, the 25-50 lb. size will cost you around a couple of hundred dollars, while the 90-125 lb. size will cost you almost double. That is quite a premium for a doghouse.

If you’re on a budget, the price of the Dogloo may be disappointing and deterring altogether. Even with the durability and the Microban, this price seems extraordinarily high for an animal’s outdoor living space.

If you can afford it, this may be a great item to provide your dog with added protection in the yard. Otherwise, there is a range of more affordable options to choose from.

Overall Verdict

The Petmate Dogloo is a durable solution for any dog that spends a lot of time outdoors.

It’s composed of sturdy material, can hold up to most weather, and requires almost no assembly whatsoever.

As long as you pay attention to the dimensions and don’t mind the price, you and your dog should be very happy with their new house.

Where to Buy the Petmate Dogloo with Microban

petmate dogloo review

Petmate has a wide variety of quality pet supplies and accessories available from toys to dog beds. The Dogloo is just one example of their dedication to our furry friends.

Customers have been saying great things about this brand, allowing them to rise in popularity. As such, you won’t have too much of a problem finding the Petmate Dogloo with Microban both in-store and online.

While it’s usually best to check pet and home department stores, you can kick-start your search with Wayfair or via the Petmate website directly.

And of course, you can also find some great prices on Amazon.

That’s the end of Petmate Dogloo review. Tempted to give this dog house a try?

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