Petmate Calmz Anxiety Relief System for Dogs Review


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Just like people, dogs can experience the restless worry of separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety in dogs can lead to a long list of behavioral problems, including chewing, needless over-grooming, and accidental puddles.

In order to keep your pet happy and healthy, there are thankfully a number of useful solutions on the market. The Petmate Calmz Anxiety Relief System is just one of those options and may be the perfect one for you.

dogs with separation anxiety

Whether you’re running to the grocery store or taking a weekend away from home, it’s important to make sure your furry friend has something to help ease their fears.

There’s a lot to consider when shopping for anxiety relief for your pup, especially with most products costing as much or more than their human counterparts.

To help spare your wallet (and your own stress levels!), check out this Petmate Calmz review.

What is the Petmate Calmz Anxiety Relief System?

A two-piece set that’s remarkably simple but incredibly effective, this anxiety relief system comes in the form of a snug black vest.

Available in a variety of sizes to suit most breeds of dog, this vest is comfort-fitted to provide a secure sensation around your dog’s chest.

When activated, the vest provides gentle vibrations along your dog’s spine, targeting precise acupressure points that have been clinically proven to induce calmness and encourage normal behavior.

Soft music accompanies these vibrations to further soothe your worried pup.

Why Should You Invest In Helping Your Dog’s Anxiety?

Separation anxiety is just as difficult for your dog to cope with as any of the nervous humans you may know.

It can cause a build-up of restless energy that, over time, can cause your furry friend’s health to diminish and their behavior to become more and more erratic – even when you’re at home!

Separation anxiety in dogs can develop a whole array of unpleasant behavior including inappropriate vocalizations, chewing, digging, inappropriate body language (like pinned ears or shown teeth), panting and urinating indoors.

If keeping your pup emotionally happy isn’t a big enough motivator, keeping a dog with separation anxiety – and neglecting to help them with it – is an immediate threat to everything else you buy!

It’s worth investing money in a good, long-term solution for your dog anxiety, both to give them a long and happy life, as well as to avoid losing one piece of furniture after another to anxious gnawing.

separation anxiety in dogs

Petmate Calmz Pros

Developed By Professionals

This product has been extensively researched and developed using NeuroSync technology.

By directly stimulating acupressure points along your dog’s spine, it has been clinically proven to elicit feelings of calmness and reduce frantic behavior. There’s no guesswork here!

Quiet But Effective

The quiet classical music emitted by the vest is just loud enough for your dog to hear without forcing the whole house to listen to the same instrumental piece on repeat.

The soothing sounds help to coax your dog down from their separation anxiety and give them something to focus on rather than restlessly pacing the house.

Available in Many Sizes

Dogs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the Petmate Calmz Anxiety Relief System has created a vest to suit every single one.

A useful sizing chart is available to help you determine which size is going to work best for your dog.

Remember, you’re aiming for a fit that is snug, but still comfortable.

Completely Drug-Free

This two-piece set works miracles without ever forcing you to introduce unknown substances into your dog’s diet.

Both pharmaceutical drugs and natural remedies may have unpleasant side effects, but with the Petmate Calmz Anxiety Relief System, you won’t have to worry about your beloved pet encountering any unwelcome symptoms.

petmate calmz anxiety relief system

Petmate Calmz Cons

On the Pricey Side

Given its price tag, this dog anxiety solution may be a bit of a budget stretch for buyers with limited spending money.

However, with its impressive performance in clinical trials, it does live up to the price.

It may save you from wasting even more money on experimental products, which could amount to hundreds of dollars before you’ve finally found the right one.


Although the vest is well-supported by its front-facing straps, the secondary waist straps may easily come loose while your dog is wearing their vest.

This can be mitigated by regularly re-tightening the straps or attaching a small square of tacky velcro to them.

That being said, it can impact the function of the vest and become bothersome if your dog is wearing their vest for a long period of time.

Batteries Not Included

That tricky little subtext that’s so often overlooked! The system requires three AAA batteries that are not included.

They reportedly last a very long time before needing to be replaced, which is the upside to purchasing those separately.

The video below shows what the Petmate Calmz Anxiety Relief System looks like out of the box and on an anxious pup.

Petmate Calmz Verdict

The Petmate Calmz Anxiety Relief System is an incredibly strong contender for resolving your nervous pup’s separation anxiety.

As long as you’re willing to invest a little money and take the time to fit this incredible vest to your dog’s needs, you’re all but guaranteed to see an improvement in their behavior!

We highly recommend this product to anyone struggling with the trials of dog anxiety, and we’re sure your furry friend will be just as happy for it as you are.

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