PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed Review

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Every pet needs a comfy and warm place to sleep, just like you. Give them a peaceful night’s rest, and enjoy the fact that the quieter they are, the less drowsy you’ll be in the morning.

In the mission to keep them happy and keep your couch hair-free, we’re going to look at an option that combines comfort, care and relaxation.

The PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed and Lounge leaves out the cheap fillers and corner-cutting with shoddy materials, and instead, is carefully inspected for craftsmanship.

In this PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed Review, we look at the pros and cons – and whether the premium price is justified by an extra comfortable night’s sleep for your doggy companion.

Introducing the PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed

best bed for large dogs

Let’s be clear, this is not a cheap or ‘budget’ option.

The PetFusion Dog Bed is designed from the ground up for ultimate canine luxury – and that comes at a premium.

It doesn’t shrink when you clean it. And along with being easy to care for with a sticky pet roller, it looks nice and sleek tucked away in the corner of your living room.

The Specifications

  • Solid 6-inch foam base for superior overall comfort; reduced joint pain; and improved health, mobility, and energy
  • Recycled ‘green’ polyfill support bolsters are generously filled
  • Durable & comfortable polyester (65%) & cotton (35%)
  • Base & bolsters provide optimal support and comfort
  • Water resistant & tear resistant cover
  • Non-skid bottom
  • Blends in seamlessly
  • Replacement covers available separately
  • 50 x 40 x 13 inch
  • Loaded in a fabric cover; simply insert memory foam base and zip closed

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed Review

The Positives

First, let’s take a look at the good stuff.

Additional Cushioning

Believe it or not, while Fido might lounge just about anywhere, when it comes to their main sleeping spot, the kind of bed they rest their head on deeply affects their health.

The ring of cushioning around the top of the PetFusion dog bed is especially appealing, allowing your furry friend to rest their neck and head without creating sore spots.

Some beds might offer this same feature but this dog bed uses extra cushioning with rigid edges to ensure it’s comfy, yet durable.

Great for Large Dogs

It’s hard to find a large dog bed that isn’t all saggy fabric, resembling a giant blanket and feeling about as comfortable as one.

This bed gives you the firm structure that most smaller beds offer, but in the big scale your larger pets need – or your several smaller pets can enjoy at once.

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed review

Easy Disassembly

It’s as simple as unboxing it, letting the memory foam stretch to its full shape out of the package, placing the cover on and zipping it up, and then letting your dog loose.

Quick Cleaning

This bed is washing machine friendly and very welcoming to a lint-roller or pet-hair-roller.

When it comes to clean up, it’s as simple as a few minutes of your time.

No Shrinking

Remember what we said about the big floppy blanket problem?

Those styles of beds tend to shrink with the first wash, but after several bouts through the machine, this bed will still keep its original shape and size. It’s certainly durable.

Water Resistant

When an overzealous feeding time gets water spilled all over the fabric, or a walk delayed too long leads to an accident, it’s nice to know this bed can hold its own.

This reduces cleaning time and the amount of times you’ll have to throw it in the washer.

PetFusion bed

The Negatives


Considering some Queen-sized mattresses come at this cost (not easily, but they’re out there), it does make the price tag for this dog bed seem a bit much.

While we found the material to be very durable, even under a quick stress test (aka, a quick bout of unplanned tug-of-war), there have been some buyers complaining it broke down after a few weeks.

With that in mind, it’s worth a quick search for other beds of this quality and nature at a cheaper price.


When you first open the packaging, you’ll be hit with a rather strong industrial odour.

This isn’t unusual, even with human beds when they’re first unpacked.

The smell should leave within two to three days.

Not Great for Very Large Dogs

While the bed is designed to suit larger breeds (think the Golden Retriever), when it comes to any dog that’s bulky, not just long, this bed becomes a bit cramped.

If your furry friend likes to stay curled up tight, then there is more than enough room.

For those massive fluffy breeds who like to stretch, you’ll want to consider a bigger bed.

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Is The PetFusion Dog Bed Worth Buying?

The question always comes down to: how much are you willing to spend for your dog’s comfort, and will the bed last long enough to make it worthwhile?

This dog bed offers your pet a unique structure aimed at providing support and cushion for those older dogs who need the help, as well as easy clean up and assembly for you – because, let’s face it, no matter how much you love your dog, you don’t even like caring for your own bed that much.

The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed stands out as a high quality and pleasing option for most dog breeds – but the price is certainly on the higher end.

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