Petcube Bites WiFi Pet Camera Review


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There is nothing worse than leaving your house for work and knowing you will not get to see your pet until the day has come to an end – and your pet feels much the same way!

There is a way, though, for you to communicate and interact with your pets even when you’re not at home.

pet camera

The Petcube Bites WiFi Pet Camera will let you peek in on your companions over the course of the day, talk with them, and even throw any dogs in the house treats!

What could be better than that? This pet camera is ideal for folks at any stage of pet ownership, and it offers to bring a great deal of fun into the life of yourself and your pet.

Petcube Bites WiFi Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser: The Details

In a Nutshell

  • Weight: 4.4LB
  • Dimensions: 7.8 x 3.4 x 12.6 inches
  • Smart Assistant Compatible: Yes, compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • Treat Capacity: 2LB
  • Treats Included: Yes, Wellness Petite Dog Treats


1080p HD Video and Camera

The Petcube Bites WiFi Pet Camera allows you to view your pets in live 1080p HD video from your computer or your phone.

The Petcube offers up a 138-degree wide-angle view of your home along with night vision and the opportunity to enhance your image three times with digital zoom.

The images of your pet will be crystal clear, and you will be able to alter the view based on your whims and their moving about your home.

Two-Way Audio

After seeing your pet in action – and in case they’re doing something that they’re not supposed to – the Petcube allows you to talk to your pet, and hear any noise your pet makes in return.

The device comes with two-way audio as well as automatic sound-detection alerts that will let you know if, for example, your dog has spotted the mailman walking towards the door and wants to have a chat with him.

petcube bites pet camera review

You will be able to talk with your pet whenever you choose, thanks to the Petcube’s audio projection.

Treats and Long-Distance Interactive Care

The Petcube is also an ideal treat dispenser for dogs. Because the Petcube is compatible with Amazon Alexa, it can respond to your voice commands.

If you program it appropriately and take advantage of the Petcube’s two pounds of treat capacity, you can arrange it to dispense treats for your dog on your command.

By “dispense,” here, the Petcube, in fact, means “throw”. The treat will fly into the air, and you, through the Petcube’s delivered visual, can watch your pup happily chase after it.

Petcube Bites Pet Camera Review

Those are the Petcube’s specs, but is it the best camera and dispenser for you? Well…

The Positives

Easy to Assemble

The Petcube is delightfully straightforward to set-up and program.

Its compatibility with Amazon Alexa means that you will be able to operate it from your office or while you’re on vacation.

The easy-to-understand instruction manual will also make the initial set-up simple, so you can view and treat your pet all the sooner.

Here’s what the Petcube Bites Pet Camera looks like out of the box.

Reassuring and Fun

Using the Petcube over the course of the day also ensures that your pet gets exercise while you get the opportunity to interact with them, even if the communication isn’t in person.

The Petcube is proven to be reassuring to new pet owners as well as to pets themselves; hearing your voice and receiving treats for good behavior does wonderful things for moral.

You’ll find it does more than let you check on your pet; it offers stress relief and fun.

The Negatives

Some Audio Echo

The two-way audio offered by the Petcube isn’t always perfect, which could disrupt your interactive experience.

There may be an occasional echo of your own voice heard through the Petcube’s speakers, and it’s possible that this echo could confuse your pet more than comfort them.

pet camera

Number of Treats May Vary

The Petcube is ideal for delivering treats to dogs but unfortunately cannot offer the same opportunity for cats.

The number of treats distributed on command varies, as well – sometimes the Petcube will throw one treat across the room, while on other occasions, up to five treats can be thrown at once.

Your dog, of course, will be thrilled, but you may not be.

Overall Verdict

While the audio feedback and variety in treat distribution may be a little bit disappointing, the Petcube Bites WiFi Pet Camera is still a great and fun device that allows you to interact with your pets when you’re away.

Whether or not it’s right for you depends on the pet you have and just how you want to play with them.

Overall, the Petcube Bites WiFi Pet Camera is a stellar product that will bring an extra dose of fun into you and your pet’s day.

petcubes bites pet camera

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