PetChatz HD Review


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The PetChatz HD Camera is a multi-functional pet camera that is designed to work for both you and your dog.

While it is one of the more expensive pet cameras on the market, it has functions and features for days.

petchatz hd review

It may be worth putting up the extra cash to see your dog more often, help alleviate its separation anxiety, or to see who really knocked over your lamp while you were at work.

Is it right for you? Let’s take a look at the details.

PetChatz HD: The Details


The PetChatz HD Camera contains functions such as a sound and motion detector to let you know when your pet is near the camera. Similar to other pet cameras, it contains a treat-release and a speaker.

Unlike more standard pet cameras, it has a scent release using specific essential oils, an LCD display, and a low-light HD camera for viewing your pet in non-optimal lighting.

PetChatz HD Pros

Designed for Walls

You can certainly tell the designers had the intention of creating a pet camera which resists being knocked around by your dog. It plugs into the wall, eliminating the need for cords and keeping it in one place.

The last thing you want to do is spend big bucks on a device that will be pushed off its stand if your dog accidentally swats it with their tail. The PetChatz HD camera plugs into the wall and there it will stay.

The curved edges make it harder for your dog to accidentally brush up against it, knock it out of the wall socket, chew on the corners, or hit their heads on the edges.

Smart Video Recording

With the help of that little sound and motion detector mentioned earlier, the camera is also set up to record those interactions when you’re unable to view them in real time.

This way, you’ll never miss out on your pet’s silly stunts, cute naps, or wacky misadventures.

You can edit the sensitivity of the detection feature, as it may also start to record if someone rings your doorbell or your dog licks the camera. But maybe you like that!

Web and App Support

One really good thing about the PetChatz camera is that it has support for both your phone and your computer.

For people that don’t have the exact type of smartphone that’s compatible with the mobile app (simply called “PetChatz” on the mobile market), then so long as you have access to a computer (any computer!) you can reach your pet.

dog camera

Your Pet Calls You

One unique feature provided by PetChatz (though not included when purchasing only the camera, as it is an additional accessory for separate purchase) is the accessory and support that allows for your pet to call you.

This will require some training to ensure that your dog knows how to use it, but for pet owners that want a two-way street for communication, this is truly a one of a kind function.

PetChatz HD Cons

PetChatz Only Resupplies

Unlike other pet-based home cameras, the PetChatz camera will only work with authorized PetChatz food. If your dog has a specific diet they need to adhere to, you may want to look into other cameras.

That being said, it’s also wise to stick to the official aromatherapy essential oils that PetChatz makes specifically for being used in this camera. Dogs are particularly sensitive to smells, and using the wrong kind can do more harm than good.

Essential oils are distilled to be extremely potent and, even in small amounts, can be overwhelming for your furry friend’s ultra-sensitive sniffer.

Camera for your Dog

While your dog can recognize your voice through technology, they can’t recognize that the moving image on the screen is actually you.

It makes the feature pointless, as your dog actually won’t get anything out of it and it makes the device more expensive. In some cases, it can cause distress for the dog.

That isn’t to say that dogs can’t see the screen or understand the screen; they just might not get as much out of it as you do.

petchatz hd review

Final Verdict

This product feels like it has a few too many functions that, while some may enjoy the versatility of it, drive up the price and don’t do as much for the purchaser in the long-run.

However, the entirety of the camera is well made and well designed to interact with dogs of all sizes, so the PetChatz HD Camera should last you longer than cheaper products.

The malfunctions are minimal and the benefits are high.

Overall, it’s a quality camera that you’ll get a lot of use out of, should you decide it’s worth it to have all the functions this particular pet camera delivers. If that’s the case, this will be the best dog camera for you.

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