PetAmi Premium Waterproof Pet Blanket Review


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Do you need a blanket for your dog’s carrier or crate that’ll survive an emergency? Something to act as a barrier between your dog and your furniture?

Well, the PetAmi Premium Waterproof Pet Blanket may be the right product for keeping your dog warm and your area clean.

pet ami pet blanket review

What makes these blankets so uniquely waterproof, while maintaining comfort, is the layers of fabric, including flannel, a waterproof membrane, premium microfiber polyester, and cozy, warm Sherpa.

This blanket is designed to make the best out of both worlds, but does it operate the way you need it to? Well, if it was the perfect blanket, there wouldn’t be a need for a complete review.

In this PetAmi pet blanket review, you can evaluate all the details and make a judgment for yourself; is it an excellent buy or should you keep shopping?

PetAmi Premium Waterproof Pet Blanket Review


Waterproof – AKA Urine-Proof

The most important question of all: is it urine-proof? Never fear.

Thanks to its microfiber polyester, as well as its waterproof membrane, this blanket is adept in repelling liquid while also resisting odor.

So yes, this blanket is urine-proof – and mostly smell-proof.

No Pilling

Most dogs have the urge to dig or claw, and that urge gets taken out on well-meaning blankets. For cats, you can’t expect them not to make muffins as they get comfortable on the blanket.

However, there’s no need to worry about the multiple layers bunching up or having gaps. The PetAmi blanket is soft and durable, which ensures it stays as evenly layered as day-one.

It won’t wrinkle or pill from use, so you don’t have to worry about general maintenance.

Put it Anywhere

The bed, the sofa, your car’s back seat, the floor, or even toss it on the ground outdoors if you want! It works everywhere!

It is quite literally waterproof, so the only location it will retain marks or stains from is an area with dirt or grass.

If you have no problem with it getting a little dirty from time to time, you can throw this blanket absolutely anywhere you choose.

Reasonably Priced

For a customized blanket such as this, usually, a heavy price tag is attached.

However, these PetAmi waterproof blankets are reasonably priced for the advantages they deliver, allowing you to invest in multiple should you own several pets.

waterproof pet blanket

Not Only Waterproof

It’s also warm! This is perhaps the main purpose of a blanket aside from general comfort, but waterproof products have the reputation of having stiff, unyielding fabric – not unlike that of a raincoat or a windbreaker.

Sure, the aforementioned items are waterproof, but unless you have something under it to actually keep you warm, just remaining dry isn’t enough.

This means the PetAmi blanket will be a great addition to your camping supplies if you take your dog into the great outdoors. No need to worry about your dog getting cold, and forget about possible clean-up in the tent.


No Extra Large

Big dogs get the short end of the stick, and this is no exception. This blanket won’t cover the entire resting surface of a dog larger than 45 inches, measured from snout to butt.

However, if you’re alright with your dog’s paws or head on the floor instead of on the blanket, then you don’t have much to worry about. Sometimes the waterproofing and added comfort to specific areas are just enough.

Extra Fluffy Friends Beware

Just because it’s a waterproof pet blanket, doesn’t mean it’s static-proof. For extra fluffy cats or dogs, you’re likely to run into the issue of fur sticking to the blanket.

Generally, a lint roller should fix this problem, but if you aren’t too keen on that kind of maintenance, maybe skip over the idea of a blanket and go straight to a mat.

Okay for Machine Washing

While you can machine wash this blanket, don’t take that as an invitation to treat it roughly.

The waterproof membrane can be worn down pretty quickly if set to the wrong conditions, leading to a shorter lifespan in this product.

PetAmi Premium Waterproof Pet Blanket

Final Verdict

The PetAmi Premium Waterproof Pet Blanket does a fantastic job at being a moisture barrier between your dog and your furniture, carpet, or car.

For people concerned about cleaning up your dog’s mess, whether they’re young and untrained, or old with poor control over themselves, this should help make clean-up a little easier.

For dog owners unconcerned about urine, this is still a great purchase. Use it when you’re going to the lake and back, to keep your car from getting soaked with that wet dog smell. It’s also great when your dog comes in from doing their business in the dewy morning backyard.

pet ami blanket review

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