Pawbo Life WiFi Pet Camera Review


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Almost everyone misses their pets when they’re away from home, and the Pawbo Life Pet Camera is just one way to keep connected with your pet while you’re gone.

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Let’s get down to the details.

Pawbo Life WiFi Pet Camera Functions

The Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera is, simply put, a standing camera with pet specific functions, such as a treat dispenser and laser pointer.

The laser pointer can also be set to move without constant instructions – so you can take pictures of it, if you want.

You can connect to it via the Pawbo Life app on your phone to watch your pet, and utilize the speaker and microphone to speak to or hear your pet.

It has social media support functions to record videos, take pictures, and share them on whichever platform you decide.

Pawbo Life WiFi Pet Camera Review


No Extra Screen

This might seem like an odd one to put on a pros list, but research has already shown that, while dogs can recognize their owner’s voices through recordings, they can’t comprehend that the video of their owner is actually them.

This feature that is unnecessary for most dog owners usually runs up the overall cost of the product, so excluding this feature saves you money.

Pawbo Life App

The app is easy to use and works with multiple cameras at a time, if you chose to purchase more than one for other rooms in your home.

It also lets more than one person access the camera, so that if you’d prefer, your friends or family can enjoy it even if they aren’t swarmed around your phone.

Before buying, however, make sure you check the app market to verify that your phone supports this app. You wouldn’t want to waste your time with a product you can’t use!

Built-In Sounds

You can certainly get extra creative and find a way to train your dog to roll over or play dead using the speaker and treat dispenser.

However, the main way you can train your pet with this device is simply by encouraging them to come!

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Even if you don’t use the speaker function, the Pawbo Camera has tones built-in that you can use to alert your pet to come to the camera.

Maybe you want to check in on them and see they’re doing okay, or you just want to see their cute faces and feel a little better after a tough time at work. Both work!

There’s no downside to this function; in fact, you can even mimic the sounds with a whistle in the future to help enhance their training.


App Only

Unlike some other home cameras, such as security cameras, nanny cams, baby monitors, and so on, this does not have a computer-based interface. The only way to use it is to link with your phone via the Pawbo Life application.

While you can do a workaround by using an emulator that allows you to use mobile apps on your computer, this feels like an oversight from the company.


The biggest problem with this pet camera is that the laser gets stuck. The company does replace the device if you report a problem within the warranty, and they’ll give you a full refund if you chose to return it.

A way to avoid this problem is not to use the automatic laser function and to center the laser before closing out of the application.

However, this is still a problem with the product, and the purchaser shouldn’t be responsible for ensuring the product works as intended. You may want to consider if this is a function you really want to use often.

The second largest is that, for some reason, the camera won’t connect with the app unless you’re using the same Wi-Fi. However, some users found that uninstalling and reinstalling the app somehow fixes the problem.

Camera Only Toggles Sideways

Despite having a wall mount option, this camera doesn’t have the ability to point down as the laser does.

For larger pets, this shouldn’t be a worry, so long as you make sure the height is correct and is secure enough not to be knocked to the ground.

If you’re going to put it on a table or the floor, you might not be able to make the most out of the laser pointer function. The treat dropping may also cause your pet to run into the camera.

Considering that the device is not heavy enough to withstand even a cat knocking it around, this may not be the device for all users.

Pawbo life pet camera review

Final Verdict

For the price, the Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera could be considered one of the best pet cameras to buy now.

This product goes beyond simply providing you with a camera that’s tailored to the needs and desires of pet owners.

The price reflects the added functionality and support that goes into maintaining the mobile app, so if you don’t feel that you’ll use the treat dispenser, laser, or notifications, looking into a simpler camera may be your better option.

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