PATPET Dog Shock Collar Review

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Training a dog is easier said than done. They tend to go their own way. That’s where dog trainers and classes come in handy, but what if you can’t afford these options?

A shock collar can be the next best thing, if you choose the right brand. It should be humane, effective, and customizable, so you can ensure your furry friend receives the training that fits them best. To help you find the right choice, today, we’re evaluating the PATPET Dog Shock Collar. It’s easy to use, comes with different options to alert your dog to their behavior, and is adjustable to fit most small to medium-sized canines.

But no product is without flaw. You may find it too sensitive and, therefore, correcting your pet accidentally. Is that enough to outweigh the pros? Let’s take a closer look at the PATPET Dog Shock Collar and find out.

PATPET Dog Shock Collar: The Details


  • Size: Can be adjusted up to 27 inches in length.
  • Range: 1,000 feet.
  • Levels: Three different levels: static shock, vibration, and tone.
  • Battery Life Length: Five to six days.
  • Waterproof? Yes.



The range of the PATPET Dog Shock Collar is 1,000 feet. As such, even if your dog is somewhere else in the house or they run ahead of you on the path, you can still control them with the remote. They will feel the vibration, hear the tone, or feel the slight shock even when out of sight. This makes indoor and outdoor training very simple.


Some users have even reported the remote working at a range longer than 1000 feet, especially if the user had a clear line of sight to the dog. We wouldn’t recommend testing it much past the guaranteed range, but you can be sure that distance is not a problem with this collar and remote system.


The battery on this collar is very long-lasting. Once it’s charged to capacity, the receiver will last from five to six days. Meanwhile, the remote will work for ten to twelve days, depending on how often it’s used. If used infrequently, the receiver and remote can last up to 60 and 90 days, respectively.

To charge the receiver and the remote, simply plug them into any USB port for two hours. You can also use a charging block and plug them into any standard wall plug.

Training Modes

The PATPET Dog Shock Collar includes three different training modes. The first is a customized static shock mode, which features sixteen different levels of intensity. Simply hold the “½” button for five seconds to activate the shock mode.

Next is the vibration mode, with eight different levels of intensity. This is a great alternative if your dog requires light training, is especially sensitive, or if you dislike the concept of shocking your pet.

PATPET Dog Shock Collar review

Finally, there is the tone mode, which emits a sound to help train your dog. This is ideal for reinforcement training, once your pet has already learned their lesson and simply needs a refresher.


The design of this collar is safe and intuitive. The buttons are clearly labeled and present on both the collar and the remote, so you can adjust them at any time. As a plus, silicone prongs line the underside of the collar, so your dog’s coat and skin are never harmed by the static shock.


The remote control features an LCD screen and four, clearly labeled buttons, so you can easily navigate the training modes. Double checking the intensity and switching between the methods is very straightforward. The remote also has a dual channel, so you can control two collars at once.

The buttons are textured so you can learn to operate the remote without looking at it, which is a conscious design choice on the part of the PATPET company. They wanted dog owners to be able to focus on the dog while training, not focus on operating a remote control. As such, the buttons are textured with the graphic of what each button does, and there are raised plastic bumps between the buttons.

Once you are familiar with the order of the buttons (beep tone at the top, vibration second, shock third, channel change last) and can feel which button your finger is on, you won’t have to look away from your dog at all to use the remote – you’ll be able to feel the right button and issue the appropriate correction for your dog without taking attention away from the situation at hand.

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The charging cord for this device is split into two, so you can charge both the remote and the collar at the same time. Charging both at the same time means you can feel confident that both the remote and the collar will be ready together, and neither will run out of battery at an inopportune moment.

The cord can be plugged into the charging block, which is included, or it can be charged via any USB port, which is convenient.

Manual Activation

This collar is not bark activated. That means it will only beep, vibrate, or shock your dog if you, or whoever has the remote, pushes the appropriate button to make the collar do something. This means that it’s essentially foolproof.

Nearby dogs barking will no longer accidentally activate your dog’s collar, resulting in a correction that your dog did not need. Because you’ll be able to control the exact timing of a correction, you can hone in precisely on correcting the bad behaviors quickly and make sure that your pup knows exactly what you’re telling him to do.

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PATPET Dog Shock Collar Review

The Positives

Easy to Use

The PATPET Dog Shock Collar is very easy to use. First, charge the collar and the receiver to capacity for two hours. Next, test out the settings to determine which is right for your dog. Will the sound alert be enough? Or do they need a vibration? Does your particularly stubborn dog need a small jolt to get their attention?

It’s recommended to test out the different alerts on yourself before trying them on your pet, so you can be certain of the intensity.

Once you’ve chosen an appropriate mode, just attach the collar around their neck and activate the remote. At a distance of up to 1,000 feet, you can administer a correction. It’s that simple!


Despite having a simple purpose, this collar’s three modes and various intensities make it rather versatile. If you’re training out bad habits, the shock mode (or any mode at a higher intensity) may suit the job. If you’re teaching your dog new tricks and need their attention, the sound mode (or any mode at the lower intensities) can do the trick.

Best of all, since no dog will react in the same way to the exact same training, you can customize the range to suit their needs (and your teaching style). This makes it easy to personalize each session.


Of course, training should be a safe experience for your pet. The prongs that deliver the shock and vibration are covered in silicone, which dampens the contact and ensures the sensation is felt, but no damage is done. Additionally, the collar is 100% waterproof and able to survive rainy days or impromptu dives into the pool.

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Since the shock, vibration, and tone corrections are issued directly at your dog’s neck, there’s no risk of them missing the signal. As a plus, the remote control ensures your dog won’t learn that running away releases them from a training session. Even if they’re out of sight, they can still be corrected. This provides more effective training that garners better long-term results.


Whether it’s a collar, a dog bed, or a little outfit, products for animals are typically expensive. Luckily, that is not the case with the PATPET Dog Shock Collar. Instead of the usual $50 or more, this is currently less than $40 on Amazon.

The Negatives


PATPET offers a few precautions to ensure you’re using this collar correctly. First, avoid leaving the collar on for more than twelve hours a day. This is meant to be a training device, not a normal collar to be worn indefinitely.

Next, be sure to adjust the prongs every one to two hours, so it doesn’t rub against their skin and cause irritation.

Finally, if they start to develop a rash on their skin, you should stop using the collar immediately.

While these steps may be annoying, and some collars don’t require it, they do ensure your dog’s safety.

Too Sensitive

You may find the remote and the receiver too sensitive. Only light pressure is needed on the buttons to activate them, so if your finger slips, you may issue a correction by accident. This can mess up the training process entirely, so be sure to exercise caution and keep the remote in a safe place. Your back pocket, for example, may trigger all the buttons at once, confusing or upsetting your pet.

Overall Verdict

After going through all the positives and negatives, we cautiously recommend the PATPET Dog Shock Collar. It’s very easy to use, adjustable, and affordable, which are great assets for any training collar.

However, you should not leave the collar on your pet constantly, it will need adjusting on a routine basis, and you should be very careful with the buttons to avoid unnecessary corrections. If these cons are a problem for you, then don’t worry. There are many other training collars available on the market.


Training your dog requires precision, repetition, and a great deal of attention. A training collar like this makes it easy to administer corrections at a distance, at any time, and with a surprising degree of accuracy. Since you don’t have to chase after them or risk your dog missing the signal, you can spend more time teaching good habits or new tricks. So long as you do your research and test the settings, your dog should be following your lead in no time.

Where to Buy the PATPET Dog Shock Collar

The PATPET Dog Shock Collar can be found on a few different websites.

Entirely Pets ($26.99)

PatPet ($16)

And of course, the PATPET Dog Shock Collar is most easily found on Amazon.

So that’s it for our review of the PATPET Dog Shock Collar. Are you going to get one for your dog?

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