Mothca Dog Training Collar Review


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Are you looking for the best dog training collar out there?

Training collars can be useful for older, stubborn, or trouble-making pets, but when looking for a shock collar for dogs, one of the biggest concerns you, as a dog owner, may have is if it’ll hurt your pet.

Thankfully, Mothca has thought of that with their Mothca Dog Training Collar, giving you a wide selection of settings to choose from, and also reducing the skin to shock contact with a semi-conductive rubber prong to go over the conductive metal.

mothca collar review

Let’s go over all the details in this Mothca Dog Training Collar review, so you can make the call on if it’s right for you.

Mothca Dog Training Collar Specifications

  • Total collars: 2.
  • Total remotes: 1.
  • Remote range: 1,800 ft.
  • Remote range through walls: 980 ft.
  • Waterproof: Yes.
  • Modes: Beep, vibration, electric shock.
  • Size: Adjustable, 3.93 in. to 19.29 in.
  • Warranty: Five years.
  • Accessories: Charging adapter, charging cable, static shock test light, 4 pairs of metal prongs, 4 pairs of rubber conductive anti-injury prongs, and a user’s manual.

Mothca Dog Training Collar Review



The Mothca Dog Training Collar is adjustable, going as small as 3.93 inches in radius to as big as 19.29 inches, so this will fit most dogs.

While this collar does have a shock function, it is not considered a shock collar only due to its 0-100 levels of custom static stimulation and vibration.

It also has a standard tone beep and three different types of stimulation from which to choose. Maybe you only have a few concerns about your dog’s behavior that don’t require a shock response, such as begging – you can factor that into the device’s intensity!

That being said, maybe you have a bigger, thicker-skinned dog with some rather abrasive behaviors that require a heavier hand in terms of discipline. The collar also accommodates this!


It’s no surprise that offering different kinds of responses for the collar can help you train your dog in a variety of different behaviors.

You can use the warning “beep” function before the shock setting you’ve set, in order to warn your dog away from certain behavior down the road later, rather than using the shock function each time.

This provides a warning they can learn from. For some dogs who may become desensitized if shocks are overused, this can help avoid making the collar obsolete.

If you find your dog has “graduated” from the collar and is behaving well, you could probably go out and find a clicker that produces a similar beeping tone for you to hold and use if they’re edging back into misbehaving.

Mothca Dog Training Collar review


As mentioned, Mothca’s dog training collar places a semi-conductive rubber over the conductive metal in order to prevent injury.

Any skin-to-metal contact in shock collars can result in burns, especially if the levels are too high, so be sure to replace the rubber if you take it off for any reason.

Since it’s safe for your dog, it’s absolutely safe for you to test personally – should you decide you need to get a feel for how intense the level is.

Lower levels on the electric shock function should feel akin to a tickle or an annoying buzzing feeling, while the higher levels will feel more like a proper shock.


Remote Battery and Connectedness

The remote seems to lose its charge fast and needs daily recharging. If you plan to go camping or otherwise lack regular access to a power outlet, this may be a troublesome facet of the product.

While the warranty covers the shock collar for up to five years, it may still be annoying to request a replacement if the remote fails to sync with your dog’s collar.

It may confuse your dog during training if one day they get a shock for barking and the next day they do not.

This can throw a wrench into the process, especially if your dog is especially resistant to following commands or learning simple behaviors.

Mothca dog training collar review

Final Verdict

Counting in the price, the customizability, and the level of pet safety, this is one of the Mothca Dog Training Collar is one of the best training collars for dogs on the market.

There are few problems that can’t be absolved using the warranty, since most of the issues, such as a poorly working remote or the collar suddenly not shocking, are typically manufacturing issues rather than problems with the product.

You’ll be hard pressed to find any kind of electronic device that is free from even a small margin of faulty creations.

As a final note, be sure to start small when getting your dog used to the collar, rather than going for the higher settings right away.

This will help you find the right level that works for training, while also helping to avoid stressing your dog or inducing panic that can turn into fearing the collar right away.

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