Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed Review


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The Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam dog bed is made with the best intentions for your older dog, or for dogs with early onset joint and back problems.

It provides a firm base while allowing for pressure-bearing joints to sink in and be comfortably supported.

orthopedic dog bed

The bed is four inches thick, which is standard for orthopedic dog beds, in order to provide enough space for sinking in without compressing so much as to touch the ground through it.

This all sounds great, but are there any downsides? The trick to getting the right orthopedic bed for your dog is all about the details.

Luckily, we cover all that and more in our Milliard dog bed review, so read on to discover if it’s the perfect buy.

Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed Review


Doesn’t Overheat

In the summer, one of your biggest concerns is if a bed retains heat, as this will result in a great deal of discomfort and your dog will struggle to maintain a normal temperature while sleeping.

In some cases, dogs may choose the hard, cool floor instead, which isn’t good for their joints or muscles.

Thankfully, the Milliard Orthopedic dog bed is fairly breathable, thanks to its top layer separating your pooch from the plush but warmer pad below.


Name one piece of furniture you own that doesn’t get the occasional mess on it. A dog bed will be no different, so it’s important to find one that’s easy to clean.

The Milliard Orthopedic dog bed comes with a plastic-lined, waterproof cover for the memory foam pad, ensuring that the cover is your only concern when cleaning up any mess.

Just Right

Not too hard, not too soft, but just right! One of the main problems of an orthopedic memory foam dog bed is how they balance comfort with support.

Too soft of a bed will prevent the spine from aligning correctly, while placing pressure on joints as your dog uses it.

Too hard, and they may as well be sleeping on the floor. This dog bed seems to hit that sweet spot with enough memory foam to provide support, but too little to condense and act like a brick.

While the bed sizes expand as you go up in terms of length and width, the height remains static at four inches.

This makes for one of the best beds for large dogs, since their weight is dispersed onto their paws as they walk across and attempt to get comfortable.

Fits in Crates Easily!

If you put your dog in a crate at night or during car rides, it’s good to know this bed will fit inside easily!

The rectangle and squared-off shape of the mattress helps it slide into any space, whether it’s the corner of your room or their crate. For dogs with joint or back problems, this is a must!

Be warned that it will take up about four inches of height in the crate. Since it has some give, it’s not precisely four inches, but if you’re concerned about its taking too much room, check to see if your dog already has ample space in their crate before adding in the mattress for an extended period of time.

milliard dog bed review


Not Machine Washable

While they say the cover of this product is waterproof and machine washable, that isn’t entirely the case.

The slip-proof dots on the bottom of the cover have a large chance of falling off in the washing process, and the material may shrink if washed in hot water.

There have also been reports of the zipper falling off or becoming unusable after a few washes.

It would be advisable to forego machine washing in the case of an accident, in favor of using a garden hose and then hand washing.

Has Extra Large, Nothing More

Do you have a large German Shepherd? A Malamute? What about a Great Pyrenees? Well, the extra-large size on this mattress runs to 46 inches by 35 inches.

It wouldn’t hurt to take a measuring tape to your dog to double check if it will be a good fit before ordering, should you suspect your dog is larger than those specifications.

It’s not recommended you buy this in the hopes your dog likes to squish up when sleeping on it, as even dogs enjoy stretching out and finding their own comfortable position.

This goes doubly so if you’re ordering this to help with your dog’s back problems.

milliard dog bed review

Final Verdict

The Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam dog bed is perfect for older dogs, dogs with back or joint problems that have developed earlier than expected, and owners on a budget.

No need for high-priced, fancy dog beds when this one works just as well.

Some owners may wish to purchase a replacement cover ahead of time or just use the new one right away, as the cover doesn’t have a long lifespan in the washing machine. Other than that, this dog bed is a safe and recommended buy!

milliard orthopedic dog bed review

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