Merry Products Wood Pet Home Review


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This Wood Pet Home by Merry Products showcases a cute design for your small dog.

It comes with a balcony rather than a pointed roof, a latticework fence for said balcony, and a small set of stairs to help your dog up to the top. This house can work indoors or outdoors, for the most part.

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But is it perfect for your needs? Let’s dive into the details and find out.

Merry Products Wood Pet Home: The Details

  • Total Exterior:5” x 21.8” x 24.5”.
  • Interior:3” x 17.3” x 15.4”.
  • Door:3” x 11.3”.
  • Lattice Attachment Height: 25″.
  • House Height: 18″.
  • Balcony: 20” x 20”.
  • House Width Without Steps: 75″.
  • Stairs Width: 5″.
  • Weight: 62 lbs.

Merry Products Wood Pet Home Review


Cute Design

The lattice work for the balcony is simply adorable, and provides a bit of extra security if your dog decides to nap on the balcony – no worries about them slipping off!

Even without the lattice, the size and shape of the house lends to its own aesthetic. However, this might be a little more for you than your dog.

Simple Assembly

There is some assembly required when you purchase the Merry Products Wood Pet Home, but it should be easier and much faster to assemble than those shelves you bought at IKEA.

At most, it should take you half an hour to put it together. Merry Products include all the items required to put it together, minus the tools itself, so look for a hammer and drill (or screwdriver) if you don’t already have your own.

Natural Materials

While the materials used are not your “wood” wood, it is made from a kiln-dried cedar pulp, which can be re-stained if you want a different color, or painted with non-toxic paint, perhaps to match existing furniture inside or outside.

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That being said, cedar does not do great outdoors, so either keep it indoors or place it under some cover.

There should be no harmful components in the core materials of this product, so there should also be no worries if your dog takes to chewing on the wood.

Easy to Clean

The latticework, balcony-roof, and floor panel of the dog house can be removed for easy access cleaning.

As these parts can be dismantled, if you decide you don’t want the lattice fence on the top, you’re not going to have to break out the toolkit to take off one part.


Not Weather Proof

Though designed to be also used outside, this dog house is mainly built to withstand the sun – not water or strong winds. So, should you have a rainstorm, you can expect this purchase to backfire.

You can always invest in some sealant in order to make it weatherproof, however, but this is a hassle.

While the house has a raised floor panel to keep pups from lying on wet or cold ground, or sitting in a pool of water, after a bit too much rain has fallen, it will not protect them from the rain or cold itself.

Expect leaking if you live in a wet climate, and consider using this as an indoor dog house only.

Stair Construction

In an effort to keep the stairs from sticking out past the house, they become too steep and the materials are cut too thin to hold the weight of a dog after constant and consistent use.

The stairs can be removed and replaced with something of your own construction, however, such as a small, textured ramp.

The width of the stairs is also much thinner than the opening of the house, which feels like an oversight by the designer.

Padding Not Included

Despite some of the promotional material for the dog house, it does not come with padding for the interior or a cushion for the top.

This isn’t a point against the product itself, but, still, keep that in mind when purchasing that if you want cushions, you’ll have to buy them yourself.

Merry Products Wood Pet Home review

Final Verdict

This should only be bought for small dogs, both in size and weight, to get the most out of it. You’ll likely only be wasting your time and money trying to make it work for a medium dog or even a small dog that’s considered on the larger end of the scale.

Despite being called a possible outdoor dog house, it doesn’t quite measure up. As a result, it should not be used as an actual dog house for your dog to sleep in overnight outdoors.

Nonetheless, the Merry Products Wood Pet Home does make for a very cute indoor dog house, akin to the nice things cat owners can buy. This will give your dog a comfortable space just for them.

You can add cushions to both the balcony and the inside of the house itself, decorate the latticework fence, or set it up next to a window so your dog isn’t always on the top of your couch to look outside.

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