Lovoom Pet Monitoring Camera Review

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We can’t always keep an eye on our pets – especially when we’re out of the house. Checking on their well-being, ensuring they’re not up to trouble, or just saying hi now and then would be a great advantage.

If this sounds like you, the Lovoom Pet Monitoring Camera may be an ideal purchase. It provides a full HD video stream of your pet, where you can view their habits, speak to them, or even dispense a treat.

lovoom pet monitoring camera

As a bonus, it’s effortless to set up, simple to use on your phone, and may help particularly anxious dogs.

With that said, not all users have fallen in love with this camera. Some found it incompatible with certain treats, while others had multiple problems with the app. A

few testers also disliked the camera’s expensive nature.

Nevertheless, before you make your final decision, let’s take a more in-depth look at the Lovoom Pet Monitoring Camera.

Lovoom Pet Monitoring Camera: The Details

Camera Specs

The Lovoom Pet Monitoring Camera gives you a 720p HD feed, so you can easily and clearly view your pet throughout the day.

Should you want to record a funny moment or snap a cute picture, just click the appropriate options through your app and save a moment forever – in equally clear HD.

Two-Way Audio

This camera also includes a two-way audio feature. As such, you can not only speak to your pet, reprimanding or encouraging them as needed, but you can hear them as well.

So, if they are barking or scratching somewhere in the house, outside of the camera’s viewing angle, you can still be made aware.

Additionally, if there is a suspicious, out-of-place noise, you can see what’s going on and take action accordingly.

Treat Dispensing

For greater interactions with your pet, this Lovoom camera also features a treat dispenser.

If your pet is being well-behaved, responded correctly to a command through the two-way audio, or you’re just in a giving mood, you can click the dispenser button on your app.

lovoom camera review

As a result, a treat will be thrown to reward them; not just plopped out in front of the device but tossed a short distance.

In addition to helping your pet stay active, it also helps safeguard against an eager dog knocking over the camera.


All the features of this camera can be accessed through the smartphone app, which is easily downloaded from the Apple or Android stores.

Once you have it installed and synced with the camera, it will allow you to watch your pet, give them treats, hear and speak with them, and take pictures or videos.

Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

While Lovoom doesn’t list a specific Wi-Fi speed that’s necessary for this camera to work optimally, it can connect to the app via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

This leaves you to choose the easiest and most convenient option for you.

While most cameras of this nature are exclusively Wi-Fi compatible, the Lovoom gives you additional options, so you’re not left with a bad connection due to low Wi-Fi speed.

This is especially helpful if your Wi-Fi is prone to downtimes or lagging.

Lovoom Pet Monitoring Camera Review

The Positives

Easy to Set Up

It could not be easier to set up the Lovoom Pet Monitoring Camera. First, you’ll download the app on your phone – either for Apple or Android.

The app will help you create an account and log in. Next, you should power on the Lovoom camera, waiting between one to three minutes as it boots up.

Touch the “next” button and you’ll be led to connect your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The app will then lead you through the rest of the set-up process, which includes naming the camera.

After this, you’re all set! Your phone and the camera are synced, leaving you to watch your pup, give them snacks, and talk to them from anywhere at any time.

lovoom pet monitoring camera

Easy to Use

Testers noted how easy the Lovoom camera is to use. Since you control everything on the app, you need only press an icon or two.

Just like that, you can view your pet’s activities, reward them with a treat for good behavior, or reprimand them for chewing on your shoes.

This is especially convenient to help reinforce training or to discourage a curious dog or cat from playing where they’re not allowed.

This camera is made to give you a little more convenience when it comes to pet-owning, and its easy to use design ensures just that.

Helps with Anxious Dogs

Some testers noted their dogs became less anxious after this camera was implemented.

Since owners can check in on their pets, talk to them, and even reward them, they seemed much less anxious and got into far less trouble.

A lonely pet is often a destructive pet, so while you may not be able to come home every hour to remind them they’re loved, this pet camera allows you the digital equivalent.

Reducing pet anxiety isn’t an advertised benefit of the Lovoom, but it does appear to be a happy byproduct.

Clear Picture

Users enjoyed the HD quality of this camera. It wasn’t blurry or grainy, allowing them a clear view of their pet’s habits.

Want to a savor a moment? The device records and snaps pictures in 720p HD, ensuring captured moments are as clear as a live feed.

This way, you can send recorded pictures and videos to your friends and family, and easily keep them up to date with your pet.

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Customer Service

A product backed by a warranty is always more relieving than not. Thankfully, Lovoom includes a one-year warranty protecting customers against any damages caused by manufacturing.

Should you find that there’s something wrong with your camera, simply contact Lovoom’s customer service where they promise to repair or replace your device.

What’s great is that Lovoom is known for their great customer service. Customers have noted that Lovoom’s customer service department is attentive and responsive, so you’ll be in good hands.

Whether you need some advice on installation or need to contact them about a problem, they’re known for lending a helping hand.

Modern Design

No matter where you decide to place your Lovoom Pet Monitoring Camera, it won’t be an eyesore. It’s modern and minimalistic in design so it can easily blend into a variety of decors.

You’ll have a choice between a classic black, or trendy rose gold trim, and it comes in a compact size so it won’t be a hassle to put in a small space or on a shelf.

Weighing in at just two pounds, you can easily move this whenever you need to. But since it has the ability to move from side to side, there won’t be much need.

It sits sturdily which is important when it comes to a product designed for pets.

lovoom camera review

The Negatives

Specific Treat Size

Some users found larger treats did not fit inside the Lovoom.

While this isn’t a huge issue, you may need to buy different, smaller treats, or risk them getting stuck.

If your pet is particular to one snack, some pet owners may not like having to switch it up to suit this specific device.

App Issues

The Lovoom app tends to glitch. Some cases included the app shutting down repeatedly or not registering commands. Since the app is the only way to operate the camera, this is unfortunate.

Numerous testers noted that the app needs major updating and, hopefully, Lovoom will take that to heart.

Kind of Expensive

Considering its range of features, the price of around $200 isn’t unbelievably expensive for this camera. However, it’s still too much for some budgets.

Most other products on the market, which offer similar features to this one, are around the $150 mark.

That seems more reasonable, but for a high-quality live feed and two-way audio, it may be worth the extra expense for you.

No Night Vision

While the quality of this camera is great, it doesn’t have night vision functionality. Depending on your home, this can limit the places where you can place this device.

If you want to keep an eye on your dog when you’re away in the evening or night, best to leave this in a lit room.

Overall Verdict

After going through all the positives and negatives, we recommend the Lovoom Pet Monitoring Camera.

With its ability to check on your pet, the two-way audio, and the treat dispenser, this camera is a truly extraordinary piece of technology.

Whether you hope to reduce your pet’s anxiety, reinforce their training when you’re not home, or simply play with them remotely, this camera makes it possible.

With that said, problems with app and the high price tag may discourage some users. Updates could improve its major flaw, and a few resets on the app will serve you well in the meantime.

If pricing is of worry to you, it might be worth checking out other products on the market before making your final decision, as cheaper options may be available that offer the features you need.


A less costly purchase is appealing, yes, but this pet camera does offer durability and more options between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, as well as Apple and Android. Others are typically exclusive to one or the other.

As much as your pet misses you, you can miss them too. It’s nice to see what your best animal friend is up to, talking to them for a bit or throwing a snack for good measure.

While the Lovoom may not be the perfect camera for that, it does provide a quality service. If the price is in your ballpark, it could be well worth the cost.

Where to Buy the Lovoom Pet Monitoring Camera

Lovoom is a newcomer to the pet-tech world, but they’ve started off with a great product that assists a variety of pet owners.

Thanks to their attention to detail, Lovoom has the potential to be a very popular product, with most customers satisfied with their purchase.

That being said, it can still prove hard to find the Lovoom Pet Monitoring Camera in-store or online.

For now, you can find the Lovoom Pet Camera on Amazon.

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That’s a wrap on our Lovoom Camera review. Curious to give it a try?

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