Link AKC Smart Dog Collar Review: The Ultimate Dog Collar?

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The Link AKC Smart Dog Collar is the new and hotly talked about accessory for your dog.

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The product marks the progression of collar and pet technology, ensuring that man can always find and keep track of his best friend.

So what makes it so smart?

We think that it’s possibly the best dog collar ever, boasting four on board wireless technologies: GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cell phone technology, bringing ‘walkies’ into the technology era.

It’s finally available for purchase and we’re so excited to review it today.

So, it’s lighting up the dog owning world, but is it actually worth the hype?

Let’s find out…

What is the Link AKC Smart Dog Collar?

Endorsed by the American Kennel Club and winner of the CES Innovation Award, the Link Smart Dog Collar combines its four wireless technologies with a mobile app.

It is compatible with both Android and iOS, putting your dog’s needs at your fingertips regardless of what type of phone you have.

Unless you’ve got an old 80s brick…

Here’s a cool video introduction to this amazing GPS tracking collar for dogs:

So what do you get for your money?

link skc smart dog collar review

The product comes with the smooth latigo leather collar itself, alongside the tracking unit with a separate collar carrier which attaches onto the collar to hold the tracker, a base station charger and the smartphone app.

However, if you prefer, the tracking unit and carrier can also fit onto a standard collar as well.

The tracking unit can hold its charge for up to three days, and the charger also has a USB port ensuring that you could plug the unit into your phone for extra convenience

This collar was made with your dog’s comfort in mind: the curve of the Link AKC unit is sits more comfortably and is less likely to get caught on branches or foliage.

There are three main areas in which the collar can aid you and your dog: Locating, Wellness and Adventures.


With nationwide coverage, there isn’t a space your dog could hide in this collar without your knowing.

This is because the collar utilizes AT&T’s cellular network in combination with GPS technology to cover the entire US.

Moreover, the collar allows you to create digital ‘safe zones’. Let’s say you’re visiting friends or going to pick up some groceries, you can create a temporary virtual fence that alerts you if your canine companion wanders too far. This makes it perfect for off leash runs in the park too!

best smart dog collar

There is also an app-activated sound to further help the locating of your dog or if it’s dark, the LED light on the collar will help you find your way!


The Smart Collar allows the owner to closely monitor your dog’s health, by both informing and guiding you in your choices when it comes to your dog.

It has precise activity tracking, which uses a 3-axis accelerometer to accurately identify any moderate or intense movement your canine companion may be undertaking whilst wearing the collar.

Plus, the collar takes into account breed, age, behavior and size to suggest activity level recommendations to ensure your dog is the healthiest they can be.

You can also log vet records on the system as well as receive temperature alerts to make sure your dog is neither too hot nor too cold.

Pretty cool.


The cutest feature of the tracking collar allows you to record and collect memories from special walks and adventures with your dog.

With a virtual scrapbook that includes a map with a distance and time stamp alongside your photos, the smart collar ensures that not a moment with your dog will be forgotten. These can be personally cherished or even shared with your friends and other dog lovers!

It’s easy to use and as it’s a digital album there isn’t a limit to what you can record and save.


link akc smart dog collar

Link AKC Smart Collar Review

So, now that you know what the Link AKC Smart Collar does, is it actually any good?

Here’s what we love — and aren’t so keen on — with this product.

The Positives

Excellent for Tracking

If you’ve got a dog that’s a bit of an escape artist (*cough* huskies *cough*) then you will love the quality of the tracing on this collar.

It’s incredibly accurate and allows you to find your lost pup within minutes. This is especially great if you like to let your dog off the leash at all.

Compared to other pet trackers we’ve used — like Whistle, for instance — the Link Smart Collar is far and away more sophisticated and superior.

Really impressive — and a must-have for escapee dogs!

Beautiful and Durable Collar

Some of the smart tracking collars on the market are heavy, bulky and look more like anti-bark collars.

The Link, on the other hand, is gorgeous looking: sophisticated and comfortable round your dog’s neck. It also feels durable and sturdy, without being weighed down by a bulky tracker.

best smart dog collar

Remote Light

You can turn the light on your dog’s collar on remotely, just via the app. This is super handy if your dog wanders off at night, or you have a big garden and can’t spot them immediately.

Medical Data Storage

We also love how you can store all your dog’s medical records directly onto the app.

For those of us that resent carrying around the bundles of papers that usually make up your dog’s vaccination records, this is a major bonus.

It makes those impromptu vet visits when you’re out of town much easier to handle and just generally gives you a feeling of security, knowing that all your dog’s important information is stored right there on your phone.

Can Link up to 10 Dogs!

You can sync the Link app up to 10 different collars — ideal for big dog families and those of us who can’t say ‘no’ to a rescue post on Facebook.

It makes owning multiple dogs much more streamlined and, like we mentioned above, makes it so much easier to store and carry their medical records around.

Temperature Alerts

One feature that dog owners living in particularly hot climates will appreciate is the temperature setting.

You’ll need to set the parameters for the optimum temperature for your dog and the app will let you know if their environment becomes too hot or too cold.

This is an absolute must-have if you ever leave your dog in the car (not recommended!) or if you live anywhere that gets particularly hot or cold.

The Negatives

Activity Tracking is not so Good

We haven’t been the only buyers who found the activity tracking and syncing on the Link Smart Collar to be inaccurate — we found it underestimated our huskies’ exercise by a fair amount.

For us, this wasn’t a deal breaker — the main reason we bought it was to use the GPS tracking, which is really excellent. Any activity tracking was meant to be a bonus.

If you want a collar that will primarily track your dog’s exercise habits before anything else, we wouldn’t recommend the Link.

link akc smart dog collar

It’s Pretty Expensive

As you might expect with all its many features, the Link AKC Smart Collar doesn’t come cheap. We think it’s reasonably priced considering its quality and how it compares to its competitors, but it’s certainly an investment.

In addition to the cost price of the collar, you also have to pay a small monthly fee (from $6.95) for the AT&T cell data service — you can think of the collar as operating on a phone network.

We found these reasonable costs for being able to easily locate our escape artist huskies. Owners with less demanding dogs may find that the cost isn’t worth it.

best tracking collar for dogs

Overall Verdict

If you’ve got a dog that likes to run and is prone to wandering off by themselves from time to time, the Link AKC Smart Collar is perfect for you.

The GPS tracking is excellent, accurate and fast and miles ahead of its competitors. There’s also a really handy remote light feature — great for nighttime.

It’s not perfect, however — the activity tracking leaves a little to be desired — and it is reasonably expensive, so think hard about whether it’s right for your pup before you buy.

Have you tried the Link AKC Smart Collar for your dog yet?

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