KONG Extreme Review

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KONG is one of the best dog toy manufacturers in the world.

Our favorite of the KONG toys? It’s got to be the KONG Extreme.


Particularly loved by power-chewing pooches (and their owners!), the Extreme product line has a number of ultra-tough and durable chew toys that even the most powerful gnashers can’t destroy.

We’ve rounded up our favorite products to bring you this in-depth KONG Extreme review.

Let’s take it away…

What is KONG Extreme?

The original ‘indestructible’ dog toy brand, KONG toys have been around since the 1970s and they have really stood the test of time.

KONG founder, Joe Markham, conceived the company as he was growing frustrated with the lack of toys available for his dog Fritz — a trained police dog.

Fritz’ teeth were being worn down by chewing on hard items like rocks, and he wasn’t getting enough mental and physical stimulation from the dog toys on the market at that time.

And so KONG was born!

The original KONG toys were already designed to be super tough when compared to regular chew toys, but the newer KONG Extreme range is even stronger and more durable — even when up against the most powerful chewers and large dogs.

Whether you’ve got a chew-manic Husky, a powerful Pitbull or any mutt that really likes to go to town on your furniture, we can guarantee that they’ll love the KONG Extreme toys.

Toys are incredibly important for dogs — they direct the dog’s energy into healthy play that keeps them physically fit and mentally stimulated — and canines go crazy for the KONG extreme range of high quality, virtually indestructible toys.

All the dog toys in the extreme range are made from a unique non-toxic heavy duty rubber, and they come in a choice of sizes and designs to suit your dog’s individual needs.

What Makes Them So Strong?

The KONG dog toys are made from a non-toxic hard rubber that has been specifically designed to be chewed by dogs.

The KONG Extreme dog toys are simply the most durable version of the toys, made from a black rubber compound that can stand up to the most powerful gnashers.

So incredible are these products that they’re used by elite dog teams all over the world — whether in K9 military, police or drug enforcement. They’ve also been used to help train the Schutzhund and AKC competition dogs.

There’s a fantastic variety of KONG extreme toys on offer, and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect plaything for even the most power-chewing pooch.

Not sure what’s the best choice for your dog? Here are our reviews of the best products in the KONG Extreme range to help you decide…

Best For...Non-Stop ChewersBone LoversBall ChasersFetch Champions
Can Be Stuffed With Treats?YesYesYesYes
Durability Score5*4*5*4*

kong extreme goodie bone large

KONG Extreme Dog Toy

kong extreme review

This is the quintessential KONG Extreme toy — if your dog loves to chew and chew and chew, then this is the one for you!

The KONG Extreme may look familiar to you as it has the exact same shape as the classic KONG (one of the most popular dog toys in the world), but it is made of an even tougher Ultra-Flex™ material that is black in color rather than red.

This is a super strong rubber that withstands the toughest of treatment — even the most persistent dogs with jaws of steel can spend hours biting down on it and playing with it, without damaging it.

It’s even used by police and military dog teams, whose dogs are seriously strong chewers!

Here’s a video of a power-chewing pitbull going to town on the KONG Extreme:

The shape of the KONG Extreme may seem a little strange, but there are some good reasons behind the design. Being made from Ultra-Flex™ rubber this is a toy that is super bouncy, and the irregular shape means that you never know which way this toy is going to bounce!

This is great news for dogs who love to chase their toys and play fetch or catch, as it will give them a really thorough mental and physical workout.

The KONG Extreme is also a toy that will keep your pooch entertained during quiet time or whilst you are out at work.

It’s hollow, which means treats can be stashed inside and your dog will love trying to work out how to get the treat from inside the toy. Alternatively it can be stuffed with pastes such as peanut butter or pâté which will keep your dog calm and occupied for hours.

For even longer lasting entertainment for your dog, we recommend freezing your stuffed KONG overnight — this makes getting to the filling even more challenging for your dog and can even help soothe puppies’ gums when they are teething.

The KONG Extreme is available in 5 different sizes — Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL — so you can choose the perfect fit for your doggy pal, no matter what their size.


  • Incredibly durable — even for the most powerful jaws
  • Great as a training incentive or a toy to cure separation anxiety
  • Particularly useful for crate training
  • Great interactive game play for you and your dog
  • Unpredictable bounce ensures a mental and physical workout
  • Dishwasher safe — easy to keep clean


  • It’s a little smelly when you first unpackage it

kong extreme dog toy large black

KONG Extreme Goodie Bone Large

kong extreme

Available in 2 sizes — medium (7 x 1.8 x 2.5 inches) and large (2.2 x 8.5 x 3.4 inches) — the KONG Extreme Goodie Bone is made from the same patented non-toxic, puncture-resistant, and super-strong rubber as the rest of the range.

The classic bone shape is easy for your pup to grab onto easily and gnaw on. And what dog can refuse such a tasty looking bone?!

Both owners and dogs alike love this design. Not only is it a fantastically long-lasting chew toy for enthusiastic chewers, it is also a great shape for dogs who like to carry toys around in their mouths, and for throwing when playing fetch.

It has good bounce too, which makes it fun for dogs to chase.

But there’s more to the KONG Extreme Goodie Bone than meets the eye.

The design has the added bonus of small spaces called ‘Goodie Grippers’ at each end of the bone where you can stuff the toy with treats.

These grippers make it much more difficult for your dog to successfully retrieve the food, which will entice him to spend hours chewing away to get every last tasty morsel — so instead of pining or being bored when you’re busy, your dog will be busy and happy too!

According to many satisfied customers, no matter how hard they throw the Extreme Goodie Bone or how aggressively the dogs try to get at the treats inside, the toy remains undamaged.


  • Tough and durable
  • Bone shape is easy for dogs to grab and to carry in their mouths
  • Helps with separation anxiety
  • Goodie Grippers are great for stuffing with treats
  • Useful training aid
  • Fun for playing fetch


  • Less tough than the KONG Extreme — not as good for continuous chewing

kong extreme dog toy large black

KONG Rubber Ball Extreme

kong extreme XL

If your dog has eaten his way through umpteen tennis balls but still loves a traditional ball shaped toy, the KONG Rubber Ball Extreme may be the answer.

As with the other chew toys in this range it is bouncy, puncture resistant and seriously tough. This heavy duty toy comes in two sizes — small (2.5 inches in diameter), and medium/large (3 inches in diameter).

Needless to say this is a great toy for interactive playtime with your pet, and unlike a classic tennis ball it can stand up to rough play.

Bounce it and throw it as much as you like, it’s not going to disintegrate. The rubber is strong and fairly hard, but not so hard that it is uncomfortable for your dog to hold in his mouth.

This is a toy that holds up exceptionally well to aggressive biting and chewing.

It’s actually quite tricky for dogs to get a grip on, which makes it all the more challenging for your furry pal when trying to get to any treats that may be stuffed inside the ball’s central hole – perfect for increasing his cognitive skills.

The KONG Rubber Ball Extreme receives enormously favourable reviews, with the majority of customers being very satisfied with the design and durability.


  • Very bouncy, great for interactive play
  • High quality, very durable
  • Puncture resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be stuffed with treats
  • Practical for outside play
  • Popular shape that dogs love


  • Ball is a little heavy for some dogs who like to catch
  • Treats often fall out of the hole — peanut butter works best!

kong extreme dog toy large black

KONG Tires Extreme Dog Toy

kong extreme

Last in our KONG extreme review is the KONG Tires TRAXX Extreme Dog Toy.

It comes with the usual heavyweight, bouncy KONG Extreme construction, and has a unique tire — or donut — design that’s easy to grip and will appeal to many dogs, particularly those who like to carry their toys around in their mouths.

What’s more, the rim of this KONG extreme dog toy can be crammed with your pup’s favorite treats, meaning he’ll get maximum entertainment and stimulation out of this toy even when you’re not around to play.

Here’s a handy video explaining how to stuff the KONG Tires TRAXX:

This design features a tread design just like a real tire, which has a satisfying, slightly squidgy feel.

The KONG Tires Extreme is an excellent chew toy for any dog who loves to chew which should last for quite some time.

It comes in two sizes to suit your pooch — small (3.5 x 1.3 x 5.8 inches) and medium/large (4.5 x 1.5 x 6.8 inches).


  • Soft on the mouth
  • Super tough and durable
  • Easy for your dog to carry around in their mouth
  • Great for general chewing and fetch games
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean
  • Ideal for relieving separation anxiety
  • Can be stuffed with treats


  • It’s less durable as a chew toy than the original KONG Extreme
  • It can be a bit of a challenge for larger dogs to retrieve hidden treats

kong extreme dog toy large black

Now that’s our round-up of all the products in the KONG Extreme line!

Which is your favorite KONG Extreme dog toy?

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