KONG Chew Resistant Heavy Duty Pillow Bed Review


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For all of us that own a power chewer, we know that finding a chew proof dog bed is hard work.

If a bed lasts a month with our huskies, we count ourselves lucky. But that’s ridiculous — not to mention throwing money down the drain!

kong dog bed review

So recently, we’ve been doing some research into investing a little more into some of the best dog beds on the market right now.

You want your dog to sleep comfortably and rest happily. So when it comes to choosing the right bed for them, what do you actually need? What’s fanfare and what’s useful?

Today, we’re compiling a detailed KONG Chew Resistant Dog Bed review, looking at the pros and cons as well as answering your major questions – is it the bed you’re looking for, and will it survive the test of time?

Let’s dive in…

KONG Chew-Resistant Heavy Duty Pillow Bed: Details

KONG Chew Resistant Heavy Duty Pillow Bed is a product created by the Barker Brands Inc., which creates dog beds that are for the biggest of your furry friends.

The KONG Dog Bed is one of the leading chew resistant dog beds on the market today. This is sure to give your biggest of furry friends a great place to lay down and relax with plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy a peaceful nap.

Many big dogs such as the Saint Bernard, English Mastiffs, Great Danes, Labrador Retrievers, and/or Golden Retrievers (just to name a few) will find this bed spacious and luxurious.

After all, your loving, loyal, furry friend deserves a comfortable place to take a nap while you relax in the evenings as well.


  • Size: 40″ x 30″ x 10″
  • Color: Solid brown
  • Zipper: Hidden in the bottom side
  • Handle: Quick grab handle on the top
  • Material: 100% polyester, water resistant
  • Care: Machine wash cover only on gentle cycle, air dry

best dog bed for power chewers

KONG Chew Resistant Dog Bed Review

The Positives

No Chewing

The first thing you’ll notice about the KONG dog bed is how incredibly thick and durable the material is.

So thick, in fact, that we were surprised our dogs even wanted to curl up on it — this is not the luxe plushness that many other dog beds boast of!

But they did. And — unlike those other dog beds — they didn’t chew it. At all. This is probably to do with the material being so thick — but even if your pup did fancy a good chew, we can’t imagine it finding the same satisfaction with this dog bed as it would with a plusher one.

Chew resistant? Definitely.

It’s Certainly Big

The KONG Dog Bed certainly lives up to its name – you could fit King Kong in the thing!

Measuring in it 40” x 30” x 10”, it will give your furry friend plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy a nap. Just make sure you’re aware how much space you’re committing to it: your bedroom or dining room might get a little (or a lot) cramped.

Easy to Clean, and Reversible Cover

This huge bed comes with a removable cover, allowing for an easy clean in the washer, so your furry friend can use it without worry for their health (or your living room aesthetics) for many years.

It’s also worth noting that the cover of the bed can be reversed and turn both right-side-in and inside-out as well. That provides two covers for the bed at the price of one: less cleaning, and more color options.

As an additional plus, the durable cover is also water resistant: great news for older and younger dogs that suffer from little accidents.

Hidden Zipper

What is shiny, chewable, and tasty? A zipper. And your dog knows it.

However, this dog bed has cleverly kept to the “out of sight, out of mind” philosophy.

The zipper is neatly hidden under the flap in the bed’s underside, so that it’s not obvious and the dog will not be prompted to eat the zipper as they would if it were exposed.

Hair-Hiding Color

The bed comes in a solid brown color, so it hides the fur that your pet may shed and reduces the number of times you need to lint-roll it to keep your home looking pristine.

Good for Traveling

The handle on the bed also makes it easy to grab and go. Need to move it to another room? Travel a lot with your dog?

No need to lug it around in your arms, getting hair all over yourself – just take the handle.

The Negatives

Chew Resistant – but Definitely Not Chew-Proof

These chew resistant dog beds are not completely chew-proof, as the dog can chew through the material if given long enough to do so.

They will resist some chewing, but if Fido has enough time on their hands and will in their jaws, the bed might eventually go the way of all those cheap beds that came before it.

Even KONG admit that you’ll need to monitor your pup while they’re chewing on it.

When you first get the bed, be sure to train your dog to break them out of this habit, but be aware – considering how costly this bed is, it’s not quite as tough as its price tag suggests.

Value for Money

While the KONG Chew Resistant heavy duty pillow bed certainly delivers a strong, sturdy bed, we’re not sure that it offers enough to justify the price tag. It’s not completely chew proof, and it doesn’t have any orthopedic or comfort benefits either.

If you’re looking to spend some serious money on a dog bed, we’d recommend that you take a look first at the Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed or the Pet Support Systems Ultimate Luxury Orthopedic Dog Bed instead.

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Overall Verdict

While the KONG Heavy Duty Pillow Bed is certainly sturdy and chew resistant, it’s not our number one choice for the best dog bed.

It’s not truly chew proof and you will need to monitor your pup if they’re powering down with their jaws on the corners. Plus, we feel like the high price tag is mostly due to the KONG brand name, rather than it offering anything particularly revolutionary here.

Having said that, it is very durable and if you are careful to stop your dog from chewing it for too long, it should last a long time.

Has your pup tried the KONG Chew Resistant bed yet?

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