Karen Pryor’s Clicker Training For Dogs Review


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The Karen Pryor Clicker Training program is famous all over the USA for being the leading educator in all things clicker training, as well as clicker gear and training kits.

Clicker training is a great way to make learning fun for your dog while teaching them that they’ve done something right. It’s a method based on behavioral psychology using a clicker, and it happens to be one of the most effective ways to train your hound.

As clicker training works well with all breeds, many dog owners are getting in on the clicker action with a little help from Karen Pryor.

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What is Clicker Training?

Clicker training is an animal training method that uses a plastic device to make a click sound. Basically, you click the device when you want to reward and reinforce your dog’s good behavior.

Instead of using your voice to say, “yes” or “good boy”, the clicker is a neutral sound that your dog will quickly learn to associate with certain behaviors. Using your voice for training can easily confuse dogs and puppies as you use it in so many other scenarios and environments other than training.

Clicker training, on the other hand, is a much clearer form of communication than merely using your voice. By providing your dog with the same signal, he or she always receives the same information to earn a reward or try again until you approve of their behavior.

This sort of training produces quick results and is a positive way of making learning fun and rewarding for both you and your dog.

Best of all, clicker training is a safe and humane way to train your dog using positive reinforcement. When you don’t rely on force, punishment, sprays or emotionally loaded words of approval and disapproval, you’re much more likely to achieve desired results.

As well as training puppies, clicker training can also be used for rectifying bad habits and behaviors like barking, jumping up and down, and even destructive chewing.

What is Karen Pryor Clicker Training?

Karen Pryor clicker training is the leading educator in clicker training your pets.

Her dog training and management program is designed to help teach your dog how you want them to behave. From puppy training and house training to obedience training and learning to manage your dog’s aggressive behavior, all the programs are designed to help improve the way you train your animal.

You can find a trainer in your area and arrange private in-home training sessions or sign up for group classes.

Alternatively, you can purchase dog training kits from Karen Pryor’s online store, which contain everything you need to train your dog using the clicker training method.

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If you choose to train your dog with a Karen Pryor clicker and kit, you also have the option of downloading video lessons from the website. Videos content includes Teaching Retrieve and Playing Fetch, Puppy Start Right, and Teaching Sit, as well as many other popular downloadable training courses. Furthermore, you can shop a wide selection of training gear, toys and treats at the online shop.

Karen Pryor Clicker Training was founded in 2001, and Pryor herself is a leading animal trainer and a recognized world leader in the science and application of marker-based positive reinforcement (clicker training).

For more information on the Karen Pryor clicker courses and success stories, it is worth checking out the library which also happens to be the largest online resource for clicker training.

Review: Is Karen Pryor the Best Clicker Training for Dogs?

Without a doubt, the Karen Pryor clicker website is the most comprehensive resource for clicker training out there.

As well as a host of free ‘beginner’ articles to get you acquainted with clicker training, there are a huge number of programs, videos, kits and library materials to help you become the best possible trainer for your dog.

With so much information at your disposal, it’s hard to go wrong with Karen Pryor. And if you don’t fancy the challenge of tackling clicker training on your own, you can use the website to find a trainer near you for private and group classes. Trainers are dotted all over the US and the Southwest of Canada so you should be able to find someone appropriate quickly and easily (although we notice that the Dakotas are without trainers!).

If we had to nitpick, the one negative we would find about the Karen Pryor dog training is that there is so much information and opinion available on the website, that it’s easy to quickly feel overwhelmed by the subject.

After catching yourself up with the basics and buying a training kit, we’d recommend you dive headlong into training and save any extra reading for when you’re more comfortable and confident in it. There’s a temptation otherwise to keep reading instead of to actually start the training!

Must Buy Products

Karen Pryor Clicker Academy

As well as teaching you how to train your pet, you can learn how to become a professional trainer. The Karen Pryor Clicker Academy is designed for aspiring and experienced dog trainers who want to learn more about positive reinforcement animal training.

From entry level to professional trainers looking to expand their skills and knowledge in clicker training, there is a course suitable for every type of trainer. The Karen Pryor Clicker Academy also offers courses for animal shelter staff and veterinary care teams who want to enhance their experience when caring for animals.

You can also sign up for the ClickerExpo which offers professionals and training enthusiasts the chance to improve their skills and learn the latest clicker training and positive reinforcement techniques. With some of the best trainers and the largest collection of speakers, ClickerExpo is the perfect place for the everyday pet owner and die-hard clicker trainers to find inspiration and education.


We would highly recommend Karen Pryor dog training as both a foolproof training program for your dog and an incredible online resource for all things clicker.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the beginner articles, we suggest you head straight over to the store to kit yourself out with some beginner supplies. Your dog is going to love it!

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