K-9 II Dog Grooming Dryer Review

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Drying your dog after a grooming session can take ages. Who wants to wait around for all of that fur to dry? Not you, and certainly not your dog.

The K-9 II Dog Grooming Dryer and its manufacturers understand that your time is valuable and that both you and your dog want the process to be as smooth as possible.

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That’s why this portable and powerful dryer is one of the best dog dryers on the market today. It’s ideal for use on dogs of all fur lengths and does a lot to ensure less stress with every use.

K-9 II Dog Grooming Dryer: The Details

Let’s start with the details. What is it, exactly, that makes the K-9 II Dog Grooming Dryer different from other at-home dryers?


  • Size: 21 in x 8 in x 13 in.
  • Weight: 26 lbs.


Dual Speed, Dual Motors

When you work with the K-9 II Dog Grooming Dryer, you get options.

It comes with your choice of two speeds and two temperatures at which you can dry your four-legged friend. This way, if you have a dog that is particularly sensitive to heat, or a dog that takes ages and ages to dry off after a bath, you can adjust the device accordingly.

These options come courtesy of the dryer’s tried and true motors. There are two of them in each of the K-9 II Dog Grooming units, allowing you a greater amount of control over your process.

Extra Accessories

Your K-9 II Dog Grooming Dryer is meant to ease your grooming process; as such, it includes a number of goodies designed to coax you through the drying of your dog’s fur.

The device’s ten-foot hose allows you to maneuver around dogs of all sizes without getting caught on legs or in between paws. It won’t matter if your pup is small or extra-large; this added hose will ensure that you dry off every inch of them.

Likewise, the including fur filter and blower tip will enable you not only to keep your device clean, but to perfectly complete your dog’s bath.

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This dog dryer is designed for your convenience and provides all the toys you need to make a grooming job simpler.

No Batteries Required

The K-9 II Dog Grooming Dryer runs at 2,000 watts to ensure your dog receives the most thorough dry possible, without worrying about running out of battery power.

This dryer’s cord enables you to make your way through long grooming sessions without stopping; you will be able to finish the job you’ve started without a problem.

There is a little difficulty that comes with a cord. The more you move around your dog, the more chance there is of tangling it.

However, better to be more careful while moving than having to stop, recharge your dryer’s batteries, and re-wrangle an energetic dog who thinks your work is done!

K-9 II Dog Grooming Dryer Review

Those are the features that make up the K-9 Dog Grooming Dryer – but what makes it the best dog dryer for you?

The Positives

Long Coat? No Problem

Have a dog with a particularly fluffy coat? Then you’ll be well used to the amount of time it takes to dry them off comfortably.

The K-9 Dog Grooming Dryer’s versatile temperatures and speeds, however, make it easier for you to reduce the time spent working water out of your dog’s fur.

Once you’ve ensured that your dog is comfortable, you can zip through their drying process and send them out to play so quickly, they won’t know what to do with themselves.

What could be better than a dryer that makes both your dog and yourself happier?

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For an at-home tool, the K-9 II Dog Grooming Dryer is rather portable.

You won’t have to worry about lugging around an overly-heavy product; instead, this dryer comes in at roughly 26 lbs. and will be simple to set up in your home.

If you’re interested in taking this dryer on the go, you won’t have to be concerned about throwing out your back, either. And there’s no need for an extra suitcase or bag!

This dryer is designed to make your grooming process easier, and its manufacturers have made that evident in its accessories as well as its design.

The Negatives

Be Mindful of Overheating

It’s wise to keep an eye on the temperature of your dryer while you’re wrapping up your dog’s grooming.

Though the K-9 Dog Grooming Dryer has two controllable temperatures, it has no separate thermostat, so you won’t be able to tell whether or not your localized environment is having an impact on the amount of heat reaching your dog.

Keeping your dog comfortable during the grooming process is essential, not only in terms of care and respect but also when considering how to enable a stress-free session.

The Verdict

The K-9 II Dog Grooming Dryer is an easy-to-use, time-saving tool that will make both dogs and owners happy with its power and efficiency.

Those who have pups with long or bushy hair will reap most of the benefits, and you can easily take it with you when going on vacation, or when leaving your furry ones at the sitter. What’s not to like?

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