iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher Review

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What’s not to love about dogs? They’re loving, loyal and they have boundless energy that seems to never end – even when your arms are getting tired!

For pet owners with aching shoulders, there’s now a convenient solution for keeping your high-energy pup entertained for hours on end – and it’s called the iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher.

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This playful invention is operated almost entirely by your dog, letting them play even when you’re not feeling up to the task.

They can even amuse themselves while you’re busy working, giving your pet endless fun until they’re ready to crash on the couch.

With so many new brain exercises for dogs arriving on the market, we’ve put together a helpful iFetch review to help you decide if this toy is the perfect match!

What is the iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher?

The iFetch is an interactive ball launcher that works similarly to a tennis ball machine. It’s designed as a small dome with a wide opening on one side where you can deposit miniature tennis balls.

With a flick of a switch, you decide the range of the toss – from ten feet all the way up to thirty feet – and then watch as the machine automatically fires for your eager pup!

The innovative design is perfectly suited to train dogs to reload the machine themselves and, with a bit of simple training, you’ll have a toy that will keep them entertained for the whole afternoon.

How Do I Teach My Dog to Use the iFetch?

It’s simple! Your dog only needs to pick up on three simple commands in order to operate the iFetch.

  • Drop!: The most important step! Encourage your dog to drop the tennis ball into the wide-mouthed opening on one end of the iFetch. Treats make for great motivation on this step.
  • Fetch!: This one should be a no-brainer! You may need to try a few balls before your dog understands how the machine works, but soon enough they should be launching themselves after the bright blue balls and happily bringing them back.
  • Repeat!: As soon as your pup comes back, treat them to another snack and lots of praise! Remind them where to drop the ball and in no time they should be completing the process on their own!

ifetch ball launcher

iFetch Ball Launcher Pros

Stimulating Play

This ball launcher for dogs not only entertains your pet but also encourages them to think on their own and problem-solve.

Encouraging your pet to learn new ways to play will keep them fresh and able to critically approach other tasks, as well as give you something to show off to your friends!

Award Winning Design

The iFetch has been recognized by multiple news outlets including the New York Times, Buzz Feed, and the Today Show for its impressive performance.

It was even dubbed “Best in Show” at the pet industry’s largest trade show, SuperZoo. With so much praise, there’s no doubt your dog will enjoy this toy!

Long Lasting

With a durable outer shell that resists scratching claws and a powerful motor that can be powered by batteries or plugged into any wall outlet, this toy is designed to entertain your dog for countless play sessions!

The only upkeep you’ll need to worry about is the occasional wipe down if your pet gets a little slobbery during their playtime.

Other Great Perks

  • Available in two sizes for small and large breeds.
  • Backed by a one-year warranty.
  • Easy access to personalized customer care.

ifetch interactive ball launcher review

iFetch Ball Launcher Cons

Choking Hazard

The small tennis balls that come with the smaller version of the iFetch may be dangerous for larger dog breeds or small children.

You’ll want to be careful where you leave them lying around, and consider buying the larger version of the machine if you have a medium- or larger-sized dog.

Requires Supervision

To avoid balls being destroyed – which can be a pricey replacement at $10 for three balls – you’ll want to keep an eye on your pup while they play.

A few pet owners report worrying about how easily the balls have been chewed apart and recommend using Kong balls as a replacement.

However, the problem can be avoided altogether by keeping watch while your pet plays.


Given its price-tag, this ball launcher may be a bit pricey for people working on a small budget.

While its longevity makes up for the steep price, pet owners looking for a simpler toy may find another product that better suits their needs.

Here’s a video showing what the iFetch ball launcher looks like out of the box and in action.

The Verdict

The iFetch is one of the best long-lasting exercise games for dogs on the market in terms of ease of use and durability.

It can be a fantastic way to bond with your pet and to encourage them to learn new tricks, all while enjoying the classic game of fetch.

We highly recommend this product as a fun new way to bring you and your pet closer together, and hope that this in-depth iFetch ball launcher review has helped you decide if it’s a good fit for you!

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