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Now, we all know that nothing compares to owning a real husky, but if there’s one thing that’s almost as cute and a lot easier to look after, it’s a husky stuffed animal.

Whether you’re buying one for a wannabe husky owner, a giant husky stuffed animal for your real life husky, or just another one to add to your husky-loving collection, there are plenty of products out there for you.

siberian husky stuffed animal

A husky stuffed toy is the ultimate present for the dog lover in your life.

If they’re well made, they will reflect the piercing blue eyes and unusual coat markings of a real life husky. Beautiful!

Plus, they won’t start whining or chewing up your furniture when you leave the house! 

We’ve compiled some of our favorite husky stuffed animals from across the web. We can’t comment on whether we got too excited and ordered a few for ourselves in the process…

What Makes a Good Husky Stuffed Animal?

Before you buy one of these super cute husky stuffed dogs, you want to be sure that you’re buying something high quality, safe and durable. Plus, it should be soft and cuddly!

So what makes a good husky stuffed toy?

We think you should look out for the following features:

  • Soft, plush material covering
  • Lock washer or embroidered eyes that won’t pop out and cause a choking hazard
  • Any beans are double bagged to ensure that they won’t spill out of the toy in the event of a tear
  • Beautiful markings and realistic eyes
  • Sturdy stitching and manufacturing process

Husky Stuffed Animal Toys

You’d be shocked at just how popular Siberian husky stuffed animal toys are — and thankfully there are more than a few options available to buy online.

Here are a few of our favorites that we think are perfect for any husky lover.

Gloveleya Realistic Husky Stuffed Dog

husky stuffed

OK, we’d be lying if we said this hadn’t made it into our Amazon basket…

This beautifully soft husky stuffed dog is only a tiny 7 inches tall and 5 inches wide but is the perfect mini toy for all your husky collector friends. We think it’s particularly suited to kids.

Made from soft plush and cotton, it’s hard to describe exactly how soft this gorgeous husky stuffed animal is. As an added bonus, despite the soft texture, it’s clearly well made and durable.

large stuffed husky toy

Shadow (Siberian Husky) 12″ Plush Dog

giant husky stuffed animal

The soft and floppy Shadow is one of the most popular and bestselling husky stuffed toys on the market right now.

We can only imagine that’s because of its piercing light blue eyes, and super soft and cuddly texture. Can you handle the cuteness?

At 12 inches wide, it’s a bit bigger than the mini husky above so you can really get in there for hugging — or even to use as a pillow!

It’s also been made to surpass high safety standards, with lock washer eyes and nose, and a double bean-bagged filling. Great for kids.

large stuffed husky toy

Toys R Us Plush 10 Inch Husky – Gray and White

husky stuffed dog

We love the deep and soulful eyes of this light gray and white colored husky stuffed animal. This bad boy is definitely one to balance on your shelves and capture the hearts of all who visit you.

It’s 10 inches tall and 16 inches long with a cute plastic nose and a fuzzy long tail.

Made from synthetic plush material, the fur is very soft and cuddly. It’s also very durable and can stand up against a little wear and tear easily.

large stuffed husky toy

Ty Slush – Husky

giant husky stuffed animal

Any former Beanie Baby collectors will immediately recognise the Ty tag on this adorable husky stuffed dog.

It’s a part of the Ty classic collection, so you can be assured of a highly quality and collectible toy.

13 inches tall with cute blue eyes, and a charcoal gray and white coat, Slush will become a part of your husky family really quickly.

large stuffed husky toy

Ty Beanie Boos Slush Dog

husky stuffed

We’ve got another Ty husky stuffed toy here — but it’s definitely not the classic version.

With huge blue eyes, a cute little smile and blue inner ears, this definitely isn’t the most realistic husky stuffed dog, but there’s no doubt that it’s cute.

This alternative Slush is part of the new Beanie Boos collection — and we’re sure that some husky lovers will want it on their shelves immediately.

It’s quite small, at just under 7 inches but super soft thanks to its polyester fiber construction.

large stuffed husky toy

Aurora World Miyoni Tots Siberian Husky Pup 9.5″ Plush

siberian husky stuffed animal

We’re back in the world of realistic husky stuffed animals now with this next beauty from Aurora.

Silky soft to the touch and 9.5 inches long, it’s very cuddly and sweet — we think kids will love it. And look at those gorgeous light blue eyes! <3

Another cute touch is the hang tag attached to the husky stuffed dog, telling the story of the husky breed. Now that’s an education we can get behind.

large stuffed husky toy

Nat and Jules Plush Toy, Husky
husky stuffed toy

This cute plush has a distinctly wolfy look to him — really harking back to the Siberian husky’s wolf ancestors!

It’s described as ‘large’ in the product description, but at 11.5 inches tall, we think this is a medium husky stuffed animal instead.

Super soft, squeezable and undeniably charming, husky lovers will not be able to resist cuddling with this toy.

large stuffed husky toy

FlipaZoo 2-in1 Husky to Polar Plush Toy by Jay at Play

siberian husky stuffed animal

This is something a little different for you now — a 2-in-1 husky stuffed toy/pillow that’s also a polar bear!

Er… what?

Yes, it’s a little confusing — we’re not sure how a polar bear complements a husky — but it’s definitely cute and cuddly.

Super soft and plush, these make fantastic bed companions, either as a cute looking pillow or just something to hug.

large stuffed husky toy

Wishpets 12″ Pint-Sized Pals, Husky with Baby

husky stuffed animal

We hope you’re ready for a cuteness overload.

This gorgeous little plush is actually two husky stuffed toys in one — the momma and the little baby! Baby hangs out in an equally soft pocket on the top of her mom’s back.

At 12 inches long, this toy is awesome for cuddling, as well as just looking plain cute wherever you put it. It’s undoubtedly a great gift for kids over 3 years.

large stuffed husky toy

Mush Husky Mini Flopsie 8″

husky stuffed dog

With a name like the ‘Flopsie’, you can be sure that this husky stuffed toy is super cuddly and soft to the touch.

It’s filled with beans which gives it that amazing plush, floppy feel, and there’s no doubt that kids will love its amazingly soft fur.

The surface is washable and it’s been made safely, with lock washer and embroidered eyes and nose.

large stuffed husky toy

Giant Husky Stuffed Animal Toys

Melissa & Doug Giant Siberian Husky – Lifelike Stuffed Animal Dog

giant husky stuffed animal

At over 2 foot tall, this giant husky stuffed animal is probably the closest you’re going to get to a real life husky.

Very plush to the touch with gorgeously unusual markings, floppy tongue and cute blue eyes, this is definitely a beautiful husky stuffed toy.

Hand crafted and made from a soft polyester fabric, this large stuffed husky toy will quickly become your cuddle companion of choice.

This is well made and durable by Melissa & Doug — a company operating for over 25 years in the realm of children’s toys.

large stuffed husky toy

Aurora World Super Flopsie Yukon Husky Dog Plush, 27″
husky stuffed

At 27 inches long, the beautiful Yukon is the large stuffed husky toy of your dreams.

With a super soft plush feel, you’ll want to have Yukon hanging out on your lap, sofa and even bed. We love those blue eyes, button nose, and light gray and white coat.

It’s also been made safely and promises to be durable: the poly bean filling has been double bagged so even your real husky shouldn’t be able to destroy it!

large stuffed husky toy

Hank the Husky | 3 Foot Tall Big Stuffed Animal Plush

husky stuffed dog

OK, when we say we’ve got a giant husky stuffed animal for you, we really mean it. The adorable Hank the Husky is a massive 3 foot tall — it could rival your real life husky for size!

A lot of care has been taken to ensure that Hank is well made and durable, sewn together with high quality polyester and acrylics, and posable protected wires to give Hank his upright posture.

It’s compliant with various toy safety standards and is free from nasty stuff like lead, BPA and phthalates.

But just like with a real husky, you shouldn’t leave this alone with small children — he weighs a whopping 5.4 pounds!

large stuffed husky toy

Bocchetta Plush Toys Husky Stuffed Animal Plush Toy

giant husky stuffed animal

This large husky stuffed toy measures 25 inches long and is a great bedside companion for all husky lovers.

Nicknamed Rocco, this toy is in a relaxed position with his tongue out and piercing blue eyes looking lovingly out at you.

Its soft fur is surface washable and made from polyester fibers. And weighing only 2 pounds, it’s a little easier to handle than the giant stuffed husky above!

The manufacturers still recommend that it for kids aged 3 and up.

large stuffed husky toy

Husky Stuffed Toys (For Your Husky!)

Douglas Blaze Husky

siberian husky stuffed animal

Gray and white with soulful silver eyes, this little dude is a real cutie.

He’s in a standing position with an upright tail and an alert look in his eye. If he was a real life husky, you’d assume he was getting ready to go on a long walk with his beloved owner.

One of the major bonuses of this husky stuffed toy is the fact that it’s machine washable. Great for your real husky to rough house around with!

Soft and cuddly, he’s also very durable. Ideal.

large stuffed husky toy

ZippyPaws Squeakie Pup 11-Squeaker No Stuffing Plush Dog Toy

husky stuffed

If you’ve got a dog that loves a good squeaker, this husky toy should be right up their alley.

It looks like a normal plush toy, but actually contains no stuffing and a whopping 11 squeakers. We always recommend that you monitor your dog while playing with toys like this — if they managed to chew through the plush material, the squeakers may present a choking hazard.

Cute and noisy, this toy measures 12 by 10 inches in size and is reportedly suitable for dogs of all sizes.

giant husky stuffed animal

Dog Squeaky Plush Toy Pet Training Biting Squeak Chew Toy
husky stuffed animal

Used by some owners as a training tool, this large husky-inspired toy is cute, soft and cuddly with a funny squeak that your pup will love.

It’s durable and great for chewers and teething dogs. This toy has a dual layer fabric structure with tight stitching, which is super tough and yet kind to your dog’s teeth. It’s also made from non-toxic materials, ensuring it’s super safe.

This husky stuffed dog also acts as a tug of war toy — your husky can chew on the end, while you battle with the top of the toy. Awesome!

giant husky stuffed animal

Now you’ve got the full rundown on all our husky stuffed animal top picks!

Which is your favorite husky stuffed dog?

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