Husky Howling: A Siberian-Sized Temper Tantrum (Video)


The Siberian Husky is famous for his piercing howl.

He is not known for barking.

Nor is he likely to yelp, or make much noise at all. This is thanks to his uniquely non-territorial ‘Wolf-like’ heritage.

The husky’s wild dog ancestors had far less reason to bark. They preferred to roam, free of any territory to protect. It’s a trait that has been passed down through generations, and is reflected today by the Siberian Husky’s reputation as a ‘quiet dog’.


When a husky decides to make himself heard, you are going to know about it.

Especially if he decides that the time and place to throw a temper tantrum is in a small bath tub just before walkies.

The Siberian Husky Howling Tantrum (Video)

Want to hear what a husky howling temper tantrum sounds like?

A real thing of distressing beauty.

Clearly not a dog to feed cheese before bedtime…

What do you think of the husky howl? Gorgeous pine, or ear-grating whine?

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