Furbo Dog Camera Review

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Do you have a dog that is misbehaving when you’re not home? Or perhaps your dog is overly stressed by your absence during the day? The solution to both problems may be the Furbo Dog Camera.

It allows you to watch, talk, and throw treats to your dog throughout the day – all from an app on your smartphone. It is easy to use, easy to set up, and comes in a very sleek design.

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With all that said, not everyone has been happy with this camera. Some users found that the treats jammed in the dispenser, the app lacked a mute function, and there were issues with recording your dog in the act of doing something bad.

Nonetheless, before you make your final decision, let’s take a closer look at the Furbo Dog Camera.

Furbo Dog Camera: The Details

Camera Specs:

The Furbo Dog Camera is 5.9 x 4.7 x 8.9 inches.

The camera is located near the top of the unit and has both a speaker and a microphone. The resolution on the camera is 720 pixels so that you can clearly view your dog and their environment.

Furthermore, the lens has a wide, 120-degree view, as well as a 4x digital zoom, so your viewing range has fewer limitations.

Night Vision

The Furbo Dog Camera does come with night vision; more specifically, infrared LED night vision that ensures you can see your pet after hours or in badly lit areas.

Treat Dispensing

The treat dispenser is an interesting perk of the Furbo Dog Camera, allowing you to reward your pooch at your leisure.

To enable this, simply go into the app on your phone and click the option to throw a treat to your pet. Just make sure to fill the unit with their favorite snacks before you leave the house!

You can also play a game of catch with the treats if you’d like.


The Furbo Dog app is completely free, easy to use, and is available for both Android and Apple phones. The home screen displays the video feed, along with four different buttons to tap.

One is the camera icon, which allows you to take a photo or record a video; one is the microphone icon that allows you to speak to your dog; another is the gear icon that ensures you have access to the settings; and finally, there is a toss icon that allows you to throw your pet a treat or two.

Furthermore, the app notifies you via an alert if your dog is barking. After this, you can look at the live feed to see if there is anything wrong in the house or with your dog. You can also talk through the speaker to calm them down.

furbo dog camera review

Wi-Fi or Bluetooth:

You will need a stable internet connection and a Wi-Fi signal to get the best performance out of this camera.

As a perk, you can use your Bluetooth connection to automatically shut off the camera when your phone is within its Bluetooth range.

This ensures that no one you’ve shared your account with can peek in when you’re home (even if it’s just your mom).

It’s also not mandatory to use your phone since the app works on the Apple Watch as well.

Furbo Dog Camera Review

The Positives

Easy to Set Up

Most users of the Furbo Dog Camera liked the effortless set-up process, which can be broken into three steps.

It begins as you plug the device into an outlet using the included USB cord. Next, you’ll download the Furbo app on your smartphone.

The app will lead you through prompts to complete the remaining set-up process, connecting the camera to your home Wi-Fi. Then you’re done!

The app is easy and pretty straight forward to download. Even if you’re not that tech-savvy, you’ll be able to have your Furbo up and running in no time, so you can make use of its handy features sooner!

Easy to Use

Users also enjoyed how easy the Furbo Dog Camera is to operate. Once it’s all set up, it’s controlled from your phone with four simple button options.

Whether you want to check in on your dog’s activities throughout the day, throw them a treat, or talk to them, the Furbo app handles this in one simple location.

The alerts will also pop up in your notifications center, so if your dog is barking, you can be made aware and take action to check on them.

The app itself is easy to navigate and most users had no trouble at all getting used to the functions on their Furbo Dog Camera.


A device such as this makes it effortless to care for your dog while you’re away. There’s no worry of returning home to a dog that has made a mess.

Furbo dog camera review

You can watch them at your leisure, reprimand or encourage them through the audio feature, and reward good behavior with a treat.

The Furbo Dog Camera takes away a lot of the worry that comes with going on outings as a dog owner without your furry friend in tow. You can identify if there is a problem without rushing home.

You won’t even have to check if your dog has been alarmed since the barking sensor will notify you right away.

New, busy, or pet owners who simply want to add a bit more convenience to their life will find the Furbo Dog Camera to be a great helping hand.

Sleek Design

Many users noted the great design of this camera. It is sleek with a glossy white finish and a bamboo-style top.

There is an LED light to notify you when it’s connected to your Wi-Fi, and the included foam tape helps to keep it stable (which is very important when you have playful dogs).

Leaving the Furbo Camera out won’t be an eyesore or clash with your decor like many other pet items, and instead will add a touch of modern simplicity to your home.

Video Quality

Furbo didn’t just settle for a mediocre camera. They’ve gone above and beyond and used current camera technology into their device.

By integrating 1080 HD into the Furbo Dog Camera, they’ve ensured that you’ll get clear picture so you can see just what your furry friends have been up to.

They’ve also included night vision that works great so you won’t miss moments even when lighting is less than ideal. The camera also offers a wide angle view so pet owners can get a full picture of the area that their dog is in.

As long as it’s connected to a strong WiFi signal, you won’t have to worry about blurry or unrecognizable footage.

furbo dog camera review


When it comes to pet products, durability is something to make sure of. Dogs can be clumsy, and you don’t want them damaging a product worth hundreds of dollars.

Furbo has taken that into account and has designed this device to not only be attractive but sturdy to withstand any knocks or tumbles it may receive.

Users have commented that they don’t have to worry if their dog happens to knock the Furbo over while they’re away. It’ll still keep doing its thing.

The Negatives

No Mute

Sadly, there is no way to turn off the audio when you launch the app. So, if you are at work or in a place with a great deal of noise, you have to mute the volume on your phone before opening the app.

If you remember to do this, there shouldn’t be an issue. If you don’t, this could startle your dog or cause them to ditch their activities to investigate the camera, making it difficult for you to confirm if they were up to trouble.

One Account

Many testers complained that Furbo only corresponds with one email account.

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So, if any other members of your family want to check on your pets, you will have to give them your email when they set up the app on their phone.

It is a problem that Furbo could easily fix. Hopefully, in later models, they will.

Treats Jam

There have also been problems with the treats jamming in the dispenser. While you may have a specific treat in mind, you’ll want to ensure it fits with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

When the camera arrives, the instructions will outline the diameter of treat you will need in order to avoid jamming. If you stick to that, you should be fine.

Recording Issues

Unfortunately, you can’t record videos unless you are watching the feed live. So, if you are unable to keep a constant eye on the video feed, you can’t review the footage later to ensure your dog behaved well.

It would be more useful if you could record as long as you needed, and if that was stored on a drive or a cloud-based platform.

Again, this is another upgrade we hope to see from this company in the future.

Here’s a video showing what the Furbo Dog Camera looks like out of the box.

Overall Verdict

After going over all the positives and negatives, we do recommend the Furbo Dog Camera. While Furbo could update a few things, the camera appears to fulfill its purpose well.


If your dog is antsy when you’re not home, tends to get into trouble, or could use some reinforcement training when you’re away, the Furbo Dog Camera can provide this and more.

By utilizing the treat function, you can reward good behavior and keep them in line while you’re away.

The barking alert helps to ensure your pooch is calm and orderly, so as to avoid irritating the neighbors or overstressing themselves.

And the camera function, as a whole, guarantees that you’re well informed about the activities of your home. Overall, it’s a worthy purchase.

Where to Buy the Furbo Dog Camera

The Furbo Dog Camera has received a ton of attention from both pet owners and tech enthusiasts.

Thanks to this brand’s popularity, the Furbo Dog Camera has been talked about worldwide. Even celebrities have it on their list of favorite things!

Even with a popular product, this brand still seems to be in a ‘start-up’ phase, with not many outlets offering this item. Furbo seems to be more of an online brand, selling their products through their website.

It would usually be best to check pet or technology stores, but you can kick-start your search by checking out their website.

And thankfully, you can also find the Furbo Dog Camera on Amazon.

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That’s all for our Furbo Dog Camera review. Tempted to give this device a try?

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