FitPAWS Peanut Canine Stability Ball Review


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What is the FitPaws Peanut Canine Stability Ball? Strictly put, it’s a therapeutic exercise device similar to the blow-up balls you use at the gym or as a replacement chair for work.

It also does roughly the same job for your dog. This product aims to promote core strength, good form, and to improve joint health.

fitpaws review

Unlike the ball you’ll use for a work chair replacement, it’s elongated with a dip in the middle, giving it the peanut shape characteristic it’s named for.

In this FitPaws Stability Ball review, we’ll break down all the good and the bad, so you can decide if it’s an ideal buy for you!

FitPAWS Peanut Canine Stability Ball Review


Thick Material

When it comes to an inflatable device you want your dog standing on, it’s fairly intuitive for it to be made of a thick, durable material that can withstand your dog’s weight and their nails.

The last thing anyone wants it to be helping their dog’s physical health when it suddenly pops. Just imagine as time slows down, leaving you to watch your dog collapse to the floor while the busted plastic flies your way.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about it with this canine stability ball. It lives up to its name – as stable!

For Dogs With and Without Health Concerns

Different activities work different muscles, so while something may not be a cardio-based workout, you still might feel tired by the end of it.

The same goes for dogs. While most people buying a stability ball for dogs may be doing so to rehabilitate their pet after surgery or to give them low-impact exercise, healthy dogs can still benefit from stability balls.

That means you can still use up your dog’s excess energy without leaving your apartment, whether it’s because you’re sick, it’s too hot or cold outdoors, or it’s too late in the day to take a safe walk in the city.

pet stability ball

For dogs with health concerns, either from age or from recent surgery, this is a great alternative to taking walks or runs with your dog to exercise them.

The Fitpaws stability ball has just the right amount of give to help pets with joint problems, as well as being firm enough to stand on and build their core strength, teaching them to balance properly.

Helps Performance

While this benefit might not be of interest to all dog owners, the balance aspect of the stability ball can contribute to the performance of competition or show dogs. It helps them practice their balance and bodily awareness.

The best part is that, when used properly, it utilizes all of the muscles involved in this balancing act, meaning the back or front legs aren’t getting disproportionate amounts of use or exercise.

For owners that don’t take their dog out to competitions, the agility and bodily awareness benefits are helpful if you have a larger dog that has a tendency to run and knock into everything at your home.

Too many glass cups and ceramic mugs have been lost to clumsy dogs.


Not a Passive Activity

While walking may not seem like a passive activity – because, hey, you’re walking here! – you don’t need to think too much or know more than the route you’re walking in order to take your dog on a walk.

fitpaws stability ball review

Using the FitPaws Stability Ball requires a little bit more research and know-how to make the best use of it. That being said, it does come with an instructional DVD.

Additionally, enough people have used them in the past and continue to use them that you’ll be able to find help online with videos on different exercise routines on YouTube.

Supervision Required

As you’ll be working with your dog on a rounded device that takes them a few feet off the ground, you’ll need to be there the entire way, so as to ensure their safety.

However, that’s not too different from helping a child learn to ride a bike without the training wheels, if that child was a dog and the dog would eventually find a way with their four grounded paws to climb onto an elongated sphere on their own without knocking it all around the house.

However, there are other exercises than the balancing act where the dog stands with all four paws on the ball, so you may be able to find a couple of activities that your dog could do with relatively little supervision.

Here’s a video of the FitPaws Peanut Canine Stability Ball in action.

Final Verdict

The product itself comes with very little to be uncertain or hesitant about. The biggest warning is in how you use it, but that is entirely up to you.

The FitPaws Peanut Canine Stability Ball is a safe product for exercising your dog, regardless of their health, and for rehabilitation after surgery or minor injuries.

It’s versatile, good for large dogs, and holds up well to use. So long as you know you want it and know you can keep up with using it, you won’t be disappointed by this product.

Where to Buy the FitPAWS Peanut Canine Stability Ball

FitPAWS has a number of devices and stability equipment for dogs, and this pet stability ball is just one example.

Their products are known on the market, so finding the FitPAWS Peanut Canine Stability Ball won’t be hard to find in-store and online.

It’s usually best to check pet and specialty stores, but you can kick-start your search with the following online retailers.

And of course, you can also find this dog stability ball on Amazon.

fitpaws stability ball review

That’s the end of our FitPaws stability ball review. Tempted to give it a try?

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