Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder Review


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It’s no secret that today’s average person has a schedule that’s filled to the brim.

Between work, school, social events, and family care, it can be difficult to find the time to manage a healthy feeding schedule for your pet (or yourself, but that’s a different matter entirely!).

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Trying to keep up with the healthy portioning of wet food, dry food, and pet medications can be difficult to do. Thankfully there’s an innovative new product that’s looking to change that and it’s called the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder.

This amazing invention may be the final solution to managing your pet’s diet, and the best part is that it can be accessed remotely through your smartphone, letting you serve up your furry friend’s lunch even while miles away!

Check out this Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder review to see if it’s right for you.

What is the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder?

A one-of-a-kind product, the Feed and Go 2018 model is a free-standing automatic pet feeder.

Its smooth white exterior houses a tray with six individual compartments, which you can load up with wet food, dry food, treats, or medications as needed.

Using your home’s Wi-Fi connection, the smart feeder then connects to a partnering app on your smartphone.

There you can set up limitless feeding schedules, from daily routines to special occasions, and even pull up a live feed of your pet by utilizing the feeder’s built-in webcam.

Not only can you make sure your pet is fed on time; you can check on them at any time of the day!

Feed and Go Smart Feeder 2018 Pros

High Customization

With six different eight-ounce compartments and a virtually unlimited scheduling app, there’s no end to how you can use this automatic dog feeder.

Whether you’re working on creating a steady feeding routine for your pet, managing temporary medications, alternating between multiple pet feedings, or just looking to give your pet something to snack on while you’re away from home, this adaptable product can easily be made to suit your needs.

The enclosed space can even store wet food for a full twenty-four hours without worry of spoiling!

Built-In Webcam

Worried about your pet while you’re away? The Feed and Go can help alleviate your worries.

A dog feeder with a webcam installed right in front of its tray, this product allows you to tune in directly from your smartphone anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection.

The quality is perfect for checking in and making sure your pet is doing okay at any time of the day.

Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder 2018

Built-In Wi-Fi

While the Feed and Go utilizes your home Wi-Fi for its initial set-up, you won’t have to worry about blackouts interrupting your pet’s routine.

The automatic feeder actually stores your set feeding schedules, allowing it to continue to serve up your pup’s lunch even if your Wi-Fi goes down. Talk about reliable.

Clever Design

With its sleek shell and deeply set tray, this smart feeder has been designed to keep curious paws from getting to their next meal too soon.

It’s a perfect feeder for even the most ingenious cats and dogs, letting you control their portions without worry of leaving them unsupervised.

Other Great Perks

  • Easily to set-up on your home Wi-Fi.
  • Covered by a full twelve-month warranty.
  • No batteries required.

Feed and Go Smart Feeder 2018 Cons


This automatic feeder isn’t the cheapest. While its performance definitely lives up to the price tag, it may sit outside the budget of people looking for a simpler alternative.

However, cheaper products may fail to meet the same standard as the Feed and Go, and you may find yourself spending more money in the long run by regularly replacing inexpensive models.

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A few customers report having trouble replacing the tray after they clean it.

The Feed and Go does come with clear instructions on how to replace the tray to ensure it doesn’t get stuck, but an accidental misalignment may lead to meals being missed throughout the day.

Make sure to follow the directions carefully to keep your product working as intended!

The Verdict

With so many innovative elements, the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder 2018 is an amazing solution for the pet owner on the go.

Clever engineering meets with stylish design in this easy-to-use automatic dog feeder, and the addition of the webcam makes it outshine most of its competitors.

Its adaptable scheduling feature is the perfect solution for managing your pet’s changing diet needs, and the app is incredibly simple to use no matter if you’re just setting up your pet’s lunch or just hopping onto the live feed to make sure everything’s okay at home.

So long as you don’t mind investing a bit of money and time to take good care of your new feeder, this product is sure to last you and your pet for a long time.

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