Why Is My Dog Obsessed With His Penis?

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As much as we love our canine companions, there will be behaviors that are, shall we say… embarrassing.

If you’ve found yourself wondering:

  • “Why does my dog have an erection?!”
  • “Are dog boners normal?”
  • “Why does my dog have a red rocket?”
  • “Why is my dog obsessed with his penis?”

There’s no need to worry. It’s perfectly normal doggy behavior!

Commonly known as a dog’s ‘red lipstick’ or a ‘red rocket dog,’ the dog penis is both an embarrassment and a mystery when it makes an appearance in public.

We’ve put together some information on what causes dog erections, and some basic need-to-knows on the dog penis.

All About The Dog Penis

Why Is My Dog Obsessed With His Penis?

There’s rarely much talk surrounding a dog’s penis, and most people would rather not think about it in general. Perfectly understandable!

The majority of conversation surrounding a dog’s red rocket is mostly confined to memes and jokes. However, a responsible pet owner knows that a dog’s reproductive organ is an important part of a dog’s health, and something that should be given an adequate degree of attention.

Understanding what’s going on in your dog’s reproductive organs will help you keep your dog healthy, happy, and safe.

The first thing to keep in mind, when talking about a dog’s penis, is that it is commonly hidden under skin tissue called a prepuce; this is what people often mistake to be the dog’s penis instead.

Inside this prepuce, the canine penis is coated in a mucous membrane. This membrane gives color to a dog’s discharge; healthy dog penis discharge is often yellowish-white or tinged green.

Any other discharge is cause for concern, especially when a dog discharges blood. Bloody discharge is often due to infections, and can also result from blood clotting disorders or even tumors.

Why Do Dogs Get Erections?

While the dog penis is often hidden in the prepuce, there are often embarrassing instances when it comes out.


According to scientists, the reason for a dog erection boils down to arousal. This does not mean sexual arousal, as we may be led to believe. Arousal is simply a term used to describe any form of excitement.

This excitement can be as guileless as seeing its owner or being in a new environment. This is why your dog can still get erections even if they are neutered.

Stress and excitement can also lead to humping behaviors, and excessive licking.

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Humping behaviors can be a learned trait to alleviate high levels of emotion. Like with arousal, humping isn’t inherently sexual. Often, humping is a behavior used to invite dogs to play, and sexually immature dogs will display this to other dogs.

Dog erections

Erections are a common and normal occurrence in dogs, and while they’re often nothing to worry about, anything that happens too often is a cause for concern. If an erection happens too often and for too long, you may want to rule out any problems with your dog and contact a vet.

Common problems include erectile dysfunction, as well as anatomical problems such as hair or abnormal growth.

Aside from physical problems, persistent erections may also be caused by behavioral issues. As with any unwanted behavior, this can be discouraged through training.

Not giving your dog attention is a proven way to discourage the behavior, ensuring they don’t associate it with displays of attention.

Barring medical concerns, it would be a good idea to contact a behaviorist if the issue persists.

Why Does My Dog Lick My Other Dog’s Private Parts?

Dog owners, especially those who keep multiple dogs, may find themselves asking, “Why does my dog lick my other dog’s privates?

Just as the sexual behavior of dogs can elude us, dogs licking other dogs is a habit that can stump us entirely!

Just like butt sniffing, a dog can glean a lot of information by licking another dog’s privates. Scientists are unsure how the process occurs, exactly, but they are positive that this information is gleaned through pheromones present in the organ.

Information such as sexual maturity, health, age, gender, and even mood can be gained. As the reason behind this behavior is driven by pheromones, neutering the dog being licked may help avoid this behavior in the future.

While licking other dogs is a normal canine behavior, too much of it can be harmful to both. It would be a good idea to keep an eye on both pets to see how they react.

Dog with boner!

Too much licking can lead to a fight, which harms both dogs. When it seems the dog being licked is getting irked, it may be best to interfere. Even the most patient of dogs can snap, and it would be best to stop the behavior if it persists for more than a few seconds.

Too much licking can also be a sign of a behavioral disorder, and it may be necessary to contact a vet or behaviorist.

If your dog is constantly being licked by other dogs, this may be a sign of a wound or infection. It is best to look for abnormal drainage, broken skin, and irritated skin. If the problem doesn’t go away on its own, you may need to call a vet.

Anything else you want to know about the infamous dog erection!?

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